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WIMBIZ & EbonyLife TV celebrated Unsung but Deserving Women at the 2017 Sisterhood Awards! Here’s What Went Down



Mo Abudu

Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ), hand in hand with EbonyLife TV held its annual Sisterhood Awards last night.

The award marked the closing of the 16 annual WIMBIZ conference themed ‘The Future is HERe!’. The aim of the conference was to examine the emerging business and economic trends across Africa highlighting the challenges that limit the economic participation and contribution of women whilst spotlighting the myriad trade & investment opportunities available within Nigeria and across Africa.

The EbonyLife TV Sisterhood Awards are a celebration of the deserving, but unsung women in the society; those not often celebrated or celebrated enough, but who are making significant impacts in their particular areas of influence. The criteria for recognizing awardees is based strictly on a demonstration of excellence, commitment, innovativeness, integrity, national impact; and most importantly women who demonstrated a substantive, yet largely unrecognized excellence in the area for which they were being considered.

See the photos below.



Awards Night

Photo Credit: Insigna Media


  1. Patty boo

    November 15, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Most of the peeps that need this can’t afford it. Bella naija you have carried this event on your head but didnt see fit to help one of your readers with the ticket, Arse nd the likes that carried it on their head helped o!
    May be you did it in private , if you did please leave us alone with the news

  2. Loool

    November 16, 2017 at 10:42 am

    So Bellanaija has deleted all the comments criticising it. Lmao!! You guys are on a DOWNWARD SPIRAL but putting your head in the sand like an ostrich. Compare your site just few years ago to what it is today, several multiple posts zero comments. Your user base has declined significantly. Errors litter your posts regularly. Shame on you.

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