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Every Child deserves to be WANTED! Use Lydia IUD to save the Stories

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Lydia IUD

In secondary school, I had a vivacious friend named Bisola. She was my go-to person for mature novels especially romance stories because she had a lot of older siblings who bought these books for her. During one visiting day, Bisola’s family visited and I observed that her parents were quite elderly and her immediate elder brother looked older than Bisola’s by not a few years. When they left, I asked Bisola why her siblings obviously gave her wide age gaps.

‘I am a mistake o.’ She exclaimed.

‘Hian Bisola! Which one is ‘I am a mistake.’ I retorted.

‘That is what my mummy said o. She said that she and my daddy did not plan for me. My brother was supposed to be the last born but they forgot to use contraception and so I came.’ She explained.

Her explanation sounded Greek to me at the time especially after she used one big grammar ‘contraception’.

Years later as an adult, I finally understood Bisola’s story. Her parents probably had unprotected sex and forgot to use a contraceptive to avoid an unwanted pregnancy that resulted in my friend, Bisola. In retrospect, I wonder why any child should grow up with the mindset that he/she is a sexual ‘mistake’ born from the carelessness of adults who should know better. It is unfair to place such a knowledge burden on any child’s shoulders. Ideally, I believe that ALL parents should only have children that they truly desire.

Yes! Let every Child be wanted.

That should be the belief or attitude of any responsible parent.  Many parents have told similar stories to their last-born children; calling them ‘mistakes’ like Bisola. Parents who have made up their mind to stop having children should proactively do something that aligns with their desire to stop having more kids. They should adopt family planning and use contraceptives like Lydia IUDs. Lydia IUD is a small piece of plastic placed in the womb by a trained doctor to prevent pregnancy. It works by slowing down the movement and speed of sperm so that they do not fertilize the egg.

So, If you have unprotected sex like my friend’s parents, don’t wait until you have a beautiful daughter or son to tell them that they are ‘mistakes’ because you failed to do what you ought to do. Before any ‘mistake’ happens, you can use Lydia IUD as an emergency contraceptive, if inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex. Lydia IUDs do not contain any hormones, they are very affordable, last up to 10 years, fit for a wide range of women and one can easily get pregnant once it’s removed.

Avoid lifetime ‘mistakes’. Get your contraception today! Choose Lydia IUD.

To learn more, click here Please visit or ask a question through SMS by sending RHS space Your Question to 38350, toll-free. Be Lydia Smart.

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