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“I knew the songs were bad” – Jim Iyke on his Music Career

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"I knew the songs were bad" - Jim Iyke on his Music Career - BellaNaijaNollywood actor Jim Iyke has shared his reason for his brief foray into the music industry several years ago.

Iyke had in 2009 released “Who Am I” featuring 2Baba, and in 2010 followed up with “Born to Do This” featuring Puffy T.

In an interview with Punch, Iyke described his music career as “non-existent.”

He knew he had no talent in music, he said, but wanted to know how the industry worked. He said:

My music career is non-existent. My mentor in business once told me that the biggest investment you can ever have is yourself; don’t ever go into a venture that you don’t understand.

I was interested in music and like everything else that I have foresight for, I saw where the career was going. I knew I did not know how to sing but I wanted to invest in the business, so I decided to try my luck. I did it so that no one would ever tell me that I did not try or I do not know anything about music.

Jim Iyke went on to admit that he knew his songs were bad.

He went on to question the number of talents present in the industry at the moment. Most of the less talented ones are far ahead of the more talented ones, he said.

Of course, I knew the songs were bad; I am my greatest critic. I had to put some ‘swag’ into the songs that featured Tuface to sing one or two lines.

To be honest, how many true talents are in the industry at the moment? Most of the less talented ones are getting far ahead of the talented ones.

It is not about having talent but understanding the business and project what works for you. It is all about the way you ‘package’ it and sell it to the world; that is all. I can name a few terrible artistes but they are getting way ahead of the gifted ones. It is because they understand show business; I understand show business.

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