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Happy Valentine’s Day from Quickteller! ?Here’s how to Win N50,000 for your Kids this Valentine



It is primary school all over again and we are fighting in class to sit next to the ones we love (hypothetically), we are shaking each other and tickling the middle of our palms, helping each other take notes, buying them Jamil yoghurt and egg roll with our last lunch money and starving the rest of the day because their smile was enough to fill a hungry stomach… Some even say that buying Tampico and meat pie was the ultimate show of love. Fast forward a few years and we are picking our pens from the basket of love and the letters didn’t stop coming, you know yourselves!

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Thinking back on those days, one can’t help it but smile at the innocence that those moments carried. There is always love to go around and because little #ShadesOfLove makes a big difference, Quickteller is telling the story of love this #Valentine from the eyes of the children and parents have a chance to win big in the #ShadesOfLove Competition, this is how;

Got a smart talker at home, make a video of them answering the question;

–        What is Valentine’s day?

Share your videos on social media, follow Quickteller on our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tag us to your posts, and the exciting, most funny/witty videos will be rewarded with our love gifts this season; N50,000 to 5 winners! Yes, that’s how Quickteller says ‘I love you’ this Valentine ?… so let’s keep the entries coming, we can’t wait!

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