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#BBNaija – Day 53: New Levels for BamTeddy, Mr. Misunderstood & More Highlights



#BBNaija - Day 53: New Levels for BamTeddy, Mr. Misunderstood & More Highlights

Did you watch day 53 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Long Night of Legend

The aim of the Task was to create awareness on the dangers and how to enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly.

Having divided themselves in groups of two; ‘The Judges’ and ‘the ‘Real Man’, the Housemates took turns answering how they might react to scenarios that involved drinking.

Like any setting involving alcohol, there’s bound to be others who emerge more intoxicated than the others. In this case, Miracle and Tobi were the culprits. This led to some of the Housemates, the ladies specifically, questioning the end results of the task which saw Rico Swavey winning.

Legendary Confessions

The sips on the Legend Stout beer got too much for some Housemates while others saw it as an opportunity to get to know their counterparts a bit more.

Rico Swavey’s questions on the game had more sting and mostly his questions were directed to Cee-C and Teddy A.

If you were asked to choose, jumping out of a three story building, continue life with your baby mama or start a life with BamBam which one would it be?” Rico asked to which Teddy A, after thinking about it for a bit, replied he’d start life with BamBam.

The reason I’d start a life with BamBam is because I’ve traveled the road with the mother of my child before, I know how it is. And also she’s married now’, Teddy A answered.

Meanwhile, when Cee-C was asked if she would be in another similar set-up where Tobi would also be participant, would she choose him or go for a random guy. Her answer was straight forward that she would go for a random guy as she’s dealt with Tobi and she feels she sees no future relations between them whatsoever.

Baby Sitting Much

Miracle seemed to have indulged more than others on the stout which led to him constantly going to bathroom to vomit. However, the whole process was easier for him because his sweetheart was there every step of the way, despite their differences the night before.

On the other side of the House, things didn’t quite go so well for Cee-C who tried to have a chit-chat with Tobi, who was also overly drunk. One could say it’s normal for her and Tobi to humour each other after two or three bottles. Well, not this time. Tobi told her where to get off and she immediately got the message and never bothered him again.

New Levels for BamBam & Teddy A

Some might find it bizarre that Teddy A spent almost an hour popping BamBam’s pimples in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoying it but there is actually a name for it – Ancephilia, also known as the “zit-fetish”.

True Intimacy

They say that true intimacy happens when nothing is perfect and today’s moment in the kitchen was a perfect example of that. BamBam and Teddy A have gone through many stages in their on-going relationship in the House but recent events show that they are only getting closer. First last night’s admittance from Teddy A that he would choose a new relationship with BamBam over a life with his baby mama and this morning’s affectionate pimple popping session are signs that emotions appear to be going from strength to strength.

Staying Strong through the Storm

It is no secret that things have been tense in the House this week, but through all the fighting, tears and awkward moments Teddy A and BamBam remain steadfast. During the Diary Sessions on Tuesday, many of the Housemates were vocal about their frustrations and general unhappiness at certain situations but Teddy A and BamBam were the polar opposite. BamBam was positively beaming during her Diary Session, smiling from ear to ear and emanating positive vibrations while Teddy A said he felt at peace and was happy with the fact that there were now less Housemates in the House.


The relationship between Teddy A and BamBam may be all sunshine and rainbows for them but for many of the other Housemates it has become a source of contention. For one, Teddy A has now become good friends with Cee-C who has been causing all sorts of drama in the House of late, especially with Nina. It is obvious that there is an unspoken wedge driven between the likes of BamBam and Cee-C, Nina and Alex. Tobi is also not the biggest fan of their relationship, he basically told BamBam to her face that he thinks she is fake and that her relationship with Teddy A is not real.

No matter what anyone may say, Teddy A and Bam certainly look the part of lovers and friends – What do you think of their union?

Unrequited Love (Again) for Rico

Rico has been making advances at Alex since Leo‘s departure from the House, however it is clear that the feelings are not mutual.

Lover Boy

Clearly Rico has a charming nature, he is a musician and obviously more in touch with his emotions than the average guy. First he openly expressed his feelings for Ahneeka who shot him down and now it appears that Alex is the new object of his desire. From constantly touching her and wanting to be in her space to consoling her at every chance he gets.

Rejection x 2

As much as Alex is a friendly and personable women, she is definitely not interested in Rico. So far she has been polite but it is clear in her body language that she is not interested in him at all. She even said, very candidly in her Diary Session that she wants to tell him to back off but she doesn’t want to offend him. This will be the second time that Rico Swavey will have to face blunt rejection from a fellow female Housemate.


Aside from her issue with Rico, Alex really seems to be coming into her own since Leo has left the House. She is fierce, confident and not afraid to speak her truth. From boldly confronting Cee-C to maturely counselling Nina, we are seeing a very different side to the dancing Queen recently and it is definitely shaking things up.

What do you think of the situation between Rico and Alex?

Mr. Misunderstood

Lolu is probably one of the most strategic players in the game. He is often seen as a victim in the House, the other Housemates also think he is a big gossip and that he doesn’t have good skills with the ladies.


While many of the Housemates think that Lolu is a gossip in the House, this is something that plays into his advantage. He always makes sure that he finds out both sides to every story whenever there is an altercation in the House. Hi silent alliance with Cee-C is also about power, being able to diffuse all her situations gives him the upper hand when it comes to knowing all there is to know about the respective situations. His approach is very Machiavellian as they say, the strong may defeat the weak but only the wise can defeat the strong.

Ladies’ man

Another misconception about Lolu is that he is not good with women yet he manages to get all the ladies in the House to open up to him. His manner with Anto was that of a besotted schoolboy but when he would go into the Diary Room he would give a shout out to his “Valentine” outside the House. There is no denying that he definitely had some kind of feels for Anto and he does seem to be missing her a lot since she left, maybe it was all just a game for Lolu too.

Game Plan

This is a game after all and at many times it would appear that many of the other Housemates forget this. Lolu may appear to be low-key but in reality his intellect shines through on many occasions giving way to the fact that he may be fooling everyone.

What do you think of Lolu and his strategy in the House?

Housemates Soar to New Heights

Earlier Head of House Miracle had conducted a poll to identify three participants among his peers. Biggie had made it clear that a woman had to be one of the contestants, and so Teddy A was selected to be the Blower of balloons, BamBam was designated to be the Knot Maker of and Tobi the Decorator of the same inflatables. When the Ninja opened the Arena doors, Housemates were ready to give Biggie a run for his money. After all he had poked them that they had only secured one victory out of the four championship challenges so far, and he said they had some catching up to do.

One For All

At the sound of the buzzer, the three Housemates attuned to each other and perfectly nailed this challenge: Teddy A blew into twenty-nine balloons from the top of his lungs, handing them to BamBam who locked them between her teeth while using her hands to tie a rope around them before promptly handing the tightened balloon to Tobi. In turn, starting from the bottom, Tobi tied each one onto a pole.

All for One

Biggie was right when he said this challenge required air, dexterity and speed for regardless of his smoking habit, Teddy A blew all the air that was in every cell of his body into those balloons. Tobi played his part to the nines, although his height put him at an advantage. BamBam also proved the House right by putting her speed and focus into the team’s success. If anything, today was the demonstration of a perfect synchronicity in the House, and when Biggie validated the House score as higher than that of the Ninjas, one could not miss the feeling of satisfaction that etched on Housemates’ faces, lips and eyes.

The Truth or Dare Dice Game

Under Miracle second’s Head of House tenure, the House seem to have loosened up a bit more. As the one who initiated a first twist of stripping to what had been until then just a plain dice game, Miracle has since lost one round which earned him to be shamed and paraded around the House by his mates. The one common denominator to all of the dice parties is Alex, who won almost all of her high-bets odds.

A Piece of My Mind

While playing against the guys of the House – minus Teddy A and Rico – Alex had a blast during the strip dice. Yet none of the other girls ever joined her in the racy version of the game, hence she peppered it differently and made it a truth and dare dice.  With Nina still nursing bruises to her ego, Cee-C and BamBam lent themselves to the crispiest revelations we have heard so far, under Alex’s sharpened curiosity. For instance, Cee-C asked Bambam if she had ever been jealous of her and Tobi’s couple, which BamBam flatly denied. Alex also didn’t miss the chance to tell Cee-C now that they had reconciled that she judged her by her cover and nothing else, which caused Cee-C’s eyelashes to tense during a few flutters.

I’ll Worm Confessions Out of You

Earlier even Rico dipped his toes into this truth and dare dice game. He went as far as asking if Teddy would start a life with BamBam outside and his reply was a yes with a justification. He mentioned that he knows life with the mother of his child and the life he’s been exposed to in the House with Bambam he would like to explore on the outside. With Cee-C, Rico asked about Tobi and how she really felt about him to which she replied that she was done with the guy. She further added that both of them (she and Tobi)  didn’t really know what the problem between them was but she definitely didn’t see any type of relation between them after Big Brother.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 53 activities?

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