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#MothersDay: A Roundup of Your Fave Celebs Celebrating their Mothers



Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and we at BN have decided to do a round-up of some of the posts and messages your fave celebs wrote to their ever loving mothers, thanking them for being the superstars they are!


  • 2Baba

  • Dolapo Oni Sijuwade

  • Olumide Oworu

Happy Mother’s Day

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  • Mocheddah

  • Praiz

My Superwoman ❤️!! I celebrate you today and always ☺️

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  • Anthony Joshua

  • Adebola Williams

My mother was a trader, She moved across continents buying and selling. Whilst pregnant with me, she must have visited at least 15 countries (that says a lot to you already no?) Now the night before I was born, at 39 weeks, she had arrived at the hospital to complain about some very unusual movements in the belly. She had been told I was lying basset meaning sideways therefore birth couldn’t be natural but they had hoped and prayed I would turn round. Statusquo was still the same they advised that night, coupled with this new movements, she panicked. She told the doctors she wasn’t comfortable entrusting my life to their knife and would like to be referred to a hospital abroad. The doctors refused, distraught she broke down cuddling her tummy in fear of what was to come. She was worried all her traveling might have caused this and feared even more how she would blame herself forever if anything happened to me. She was with the doctor still trying to convince him to let her go when he rose to deal with an emergency My mother took a look at the file cabinet and had an idea; quickly she rose, searched for her name and boom took her file, tied it in her wrapper and fled to the airport catching the next available flight to london. Her tummy was so huge at 39weeks no one was going to carry this pregnant woman who was about to pop (we still don’t know how she convinced them but I know well enough nothing stands in the way of a determined woman). By the evening of the next day I was born at the Great Portland Hospital in London. Before I was born, my mother had always taken risks and made sacrifices for me. Today I celebrate her and all the women who have gone through the needles eye that we may have water, that we may have life.

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  • Emma Nyra

  • Kaline

#mumday ❤️?❤️????????????????

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  • Elizabeth Elohor

  • Betty Irabor

One is 84 going on 85, the other is 60 going on 61. Both look fabulous. One had 5 children and lost one to sickle cell, and then there were 4, the other roamed in the Wilderness for 7 years until her morning broke. Both have known adversity and found the strength to triumph, Both remain unbroken and remain “intentionally Woman”. Both know that God is always in the storm! One is an ogbonge prayer warrior , the other is a baby prayer warrior. Both are bold and beautiful, faithlicious, determined, courageous, extraordinary, confident, prosperous, loving, gracious! Both are quintessentially iconic. Mother/ Daughter.. special bond. Blessed to be blessings to several generations… Authentic strong women. Labour precedes every birth.. first comes the pain, the labour and then the birthing. May all our labour birth great fruits to the Glory of His name. May we not groan and labour in vain. Happy Mother’s Day folks even if you’re still in God’s Waiting Room ???

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  • Skales

  • Tolu Eros

  • Temi Abudu

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! Funny thing is my Mum and I’s birthdays are a day apart. She went into labour on her birthday! I was born shortly after midnight. So I guess we are similar in many ways! I remember all these outfits and clothes she would buy for me. Ribbons to put in my hair. I was like a real like doll. LOL! But On Thursday I had the chance to follow you to 3 different events where you spoke on your journey to who you have become today and listening to you speak I was truly inspired by your passion and drive. Despite you being the Mo Abudu that everyone sees, you’ve always managed to be there for us, no matter what. On birthdays, graduations, special events you were there. Anything I asked for you gave me. I thank you for correcting me when I’m wrong, and for listening to me when I have a problem. Thank you for tolerating my flaws and letting me make my own mistakes. Thank you for allowing me to be me and I know I couldn’t be me without you. Thank you for being a role model. For showing me that I can achieve anything with the right focus and consistency. I know I’m strong headed and opinionated, they say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree ? but I’m learning to listen to you even when it’s hard hearing the truth. Thank you for the opportunities you have given me in my career, thank you for inspiring the beginning of what I know will be a great journey for myself. Thank you for encouraging me to go further. For challenging me to do better and deliver the best. Thank you for teaching me to not be afraid of failure, for turning it into something I can learn from. This woman right here is a star and I’m thankful that she’s my Mum. Love you lots mummy! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Mo Abudu

  • Falz

Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest mummy ❤️❤️❤️???

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  • Temi Otedola

  • DJ Cuppy

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