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Together We Can Save Lives! #FightingDepressionWithSEF Campaign launches to combat Depression



Seraph Empowerment Foundation“Hi. I don’t understand what is going on with me. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve been trying my hands on different things but nothing is ever successful. It’s been one year, I’m hopeless.” 

“I tried five times but the ropes were not strong enough. There is no ceiling fan in my house and no trees as well. I am afraid someone might stop me if I go to the Chemist to get drugs. I need to die.” 

“My child is very ill. I was reckless when I was pregnant with her. Now she suffers every day and it is all my fault. I can’t look at her for so long. Her smile is not how it should be. She is ugly because of me. I hate myself. I hate what I have become.” 

“The pain started three years ago. A constant throbbing pain in my stomach. I scream at night cause of it and I do not get up to two hours of sleep. I am under a lot of pressure and stress. I can’t concentrate, and no one knows what is wrong.”

“I am not depressed, God forbid. I feel worthless, insecure, hurt, sad, I am easily irritable, no one understands me, I do not see the point of living. People would never listen, never. But I know deep down, that I am not depressed.”

“Please do not tell anyone you are depressed. That marriage would never come.”

“People equate my wealth with happiness. They don’t know I need to consume a large amount of alcohol to sleep at night.” 

“I have prayed and prayed and I am tired of praying. Something is wrong somewhere. Please help me.” 

“I can’t talk. My people would laugh. They would call me weak, or worse, mad.”

These are common but serious narratives we hear every single day. A lot of people bottle up negative emotions and are afraid of the shame that comes with being tagged as “depressed”.

The Seraph Empowerment Foundation (SEF) is a non-profit organization that is focused on social empowerment through sustainable development. It has three core areas of focus which are quality education, health and poverty eradication. Their strategy is a select adoption of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SEF recognizes the need to educate and inform people about this illness. The campaign on depression is geared towards helping people identify triggers, symptoms, self-help tips and understand what the illness is really about. Ultimately, the aim is to connect everyone who reaches out with a qualified mental health professional and ensure that they get the necessary help and support required for recovery. To make this campaign a success story, SEF has partnered with medical professionals, consultants and individuals who are passionate about this cause to offer expert medical knowledge and spread the word. Besides creating awareness, community building events and in-depth training sessions would be organized to empower the general public on all they need to know regarding the illness.

The first awareness day event would take place in May and further details would be shared in due time.

Watch Dr. Bolutife Oyatokun, a Senior Registrar at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital speak on depression:

If you are suffering from depression or know someone who might be, please reach out to us. For more information and to support the Seraph Empowerment Foundation, please send an email to [email protected] and visit any of the following pages:

Website –

Instagram – @sefoundation

Facebook– @thesefoundation

Twitter– @sefoundationng

Together, we can all save lives!

This content has been published for free as part of‘s commitment to youth, education, healthcare and community development as part of our corporate social responsibility programme.




  1. sigh

    March 12, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    I can relate so hard.

    Started having night mares now. No not things chasing me. Just that feeling of dread, panic, doom when sleeping. I feel i have failed being a woman. i feel a sense of shame being a woman. being female in nigeria seems to be a life of tests of shame of..of defending myself or struggling for..,,,life.
    They say its time for women, yet in popular or mainstream life i do not see me. A certain kind of woman carries the day and I am and my type (the majority) have never looked like that.

    I feel worthless. If people dont take the little i have, i give it out,,i keep giving and giving,,i receive abuse sometimes indifference, ppl expect more, My bank balance is a shame,

    I feel like a husk. i hear hurtful comments and take it all in. When they say “i look beautiful today”, I know they left out..”unlike how ugly I am”….my tommy is big, my bum is much bigger. back to tummy they say fibroids. When it was flat i was doing good girl now i dont know if i can even be pregnant cus i never went all out… never been in a position to get pregnant. The ladies who called themselves baddest and flaunted multiple relationships with men young and old are all married mothers. Here i am with fibroids and no money for surgery…if money for surgery falls down from heaven, i will be on the surgeons table all utterly alone.
    I feel I have shamed by mum by not having grown up kids by my age, just like she had all of us. Yes she reminds me every moment if i dare forget.
    naturally a romantic I do things for my bf he does things in his way..his answer to most things is twice a year 10k credit alert. I dont cheat but i can hardly bear long distance, he most likely does cheat and is perfectly ok with long distance and with being single,, non parents at our ages. He is a multimillionaire and good looking. Perfect in most ways. I dont know what he is doing with me, probably wants to use me like most ppl have done when they realise i am from one of those familys featured on blogs..not rich like blogs speculate..far far x200% from it.. but recognisable family…..he is probably planning on dumping me. Its ok M.Y.H, I expect the worst..What i didnt expect is you telling me we have been together 9years (i wasnt counting as..i dont understand long distance, i feel alone ALL THE TIME aLL.the.time) so dump if you want..i am worthless anyway. you say you feel trauma from your folks bad marriage and seem quite happy to eventually be mr 88yrs and chasing babes/babies?. cool. freeworld…I loved your quirky..not knowing it will be hours of me being on my own.

    I dont know where i stand. i used to think i probably had similar identities with lgbtQ.(in the no children dept) .until they started getting married and having i am just on my own now.

    I find it hard to point what my achievement is. I wear a face (functional x) to work and if stuff runs out to shop.. but i rather be under a duvet. I take as much days off as i can get away with.Taken up and dropped some bad habits along the way that still doesnot ease the pain, the emptiness.Please why do people console by saying others suffer worse. Am i to revel in the misery of others? i cant do that, not built that way. i give away things a lot. i dont have much to call my own..
    My family suspects but dont know how deep. how much i have wished to close my eyes, back to black, never to wake up.
    Today is my nameday, maybe i will be lucky..

    thanks blog owner for letting me express it

    • Ovine

      March 13, 2018 at 4:11 pm

      Hi babe…… Please contact the people that put up the post. You need help. You are not WORTHLESS.


      March 14, 2018 at 10:42 am

      Hello there!

      The first thing I would like you to know if that YOU ARE BOLD AND COURAGEOUS!

      A lot of people do not have the courage to do what you have just done. This is the first step! Please send us an .email on [email protected]. You are not alone.

      Lots of love,
      FOR: The Seraph Empowerment Foundation

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