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Guinness Nigeria excites Staff with #ShakushakuForNaija as Football Season Kicks Off



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L-R- Bola Olajomi-Otubu, (Human Resource Director – GNPlc); Peter Ndegwa (Managing Director, GNPlc); Mr Real (Musician); Viola Graham -Douglas (Corporate Relations Director, GNPlc); and Olaitan Aremu Oke (Commercial Finance Director, GNPlc

On Thursday, June 14th at its Oba Akran Headquarters, Guinness Nigeria treated its staff to an internal engagement session geared towards garnering support for the nation’s number one passion, football during this football season.

For its flagship brand, Guinness, football is a key component of its consumer engagement. This stems from a profound knowledge of the passion and energy that unites Nigerians regardless of social background when it comes to football. In celebration of this phenomenon, over 500 Guinness Nigeria staff decked in Guinness jerseys gathered as Mr. Real mingled with staff and management. Some lucky members of staff also walked away with the distinctive Nigerian jersey.

See photos from the event;

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Managing Director Peter Ndegwa and Mr Real

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Speaking at the internal engagement exercise, Managing Director Guinness Nigeria Peter Ndegwa said:

The warmth Guinness has enjoyed over the years in Nigeria is simply overwhelming. This is why we have continued to find new ways to celebrate an extraordinary people at the heart of an extraordinary sport with tremendous unification power. Through #ShakuShakuForNaija, we celebrate the passion for football amongst ourselves as we bring more people together in support of our boys on the global stage this football season.”

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C:\Users\User\Desktop\2018\ShakuShakuforNaija\15 Images\IMG_6690.jpg

The campaign draws from a deep similarity of character between Nigerians and Guinness; both share a DNA that speaks to boldness, courage and a flair for the extraordinary.  

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    June 15, 2018 at 2:47 pm

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