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4 Effective ways To Prevent Tooth Decay & Cavities With SilverCare



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Tooth decay is described as the destruction of the hard, outer layer of the tooth structure (Dentists call this part of your tooth the enamel.)

Tooth decay can be problematic for kids, teenagers and adults alike and it is caused chiefly by the bacteria population present in plaque (plaque is that whitish/yellowish sticky film that accumulates around the lower edges of your tooth, between the teeth and the gum).

These pesky bacteria population act on the sugars present in the food and drinks you eat, producing acids that in turn wear down the enamel of your tooth. This causes cavities to form and also irritates the gum leading to gum disease.

The following tips will help you prevent tooth decay and cavities as well as dramatically improve your oral hygiene.

1. Change Your Toothbrush Type – Use Antibacterial Toothbrush.

C:\Users\p agro\Desktop\spazzolificio.pngBelieve it or not, your toothbrush does 75% of the job of cleaning your tooth, removing food debris bacteria act on and eliminating that bacteria-laden plaque. But traditional toothbrushes have two major drawbacks.

For starters, they are often not packaged sterile and free of bacteria. Second, when you brush, you end up transferring all the bacteria in the mouth to the brush bristles and further add more bacteria from the surroundings where you store your toothbrush. The result is you introduce more cavity-forming bacteria (plus other dangerous organisms) into your mouth each and every time you brush.

So what do you do?

Get yourself the  Silvercare One Antibacterial toothbrush.

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The super premium silvercare one anti-bacterial toothbrush is designed with the goal of providing superior tooth cleaning and plaque elimination with its structured bristles as well as the total elimination of pesky, cavity forming bacteria population transferred from your mouth and surroundings to your toothbrush bristles (a very important requirement for cavity protection).

Bacteria elimination is accomplished with its silver coated brush head which on contact with saliva (present in your mouth as you brush) or water activates the formation of silver ions which initiates anti-bacterial action.  

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Shiny Silver Coating provides anti-bacterial action

This anti-bacterial action is continuous, ridding your toothbrush bristles of residual bacteria from your mouth and surroundings long after you have dropped the toothbrush, providing round the clock natural protection against the troublesome bacteria that cause cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

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These silver-coated brush heads are also replaceable, which means you don’t have to dispose of the brush handle when your toothbrush bristles wear out (which should take much longer to wear out as the silver action diminishes the bacteria load on your bristles), all you need do is replace the silver coated head.

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Now, to make sure each and every brush stroke you make is effective in removing bacteria-laden plaque, the Silvercare One Anti-bacterial Toothbrush is also designed with an ergonomic handle, having its centre of gravity shifted towards the bottom for absolute depth, control and precision when brushing with the right tooth brushing technique (this is very important).

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The result is an outstanding tooth brushing session that reduces your chances of tooth decay and cavities to almost zero, each and every time you brush.

Silvercare one antibacterial toothbrushes come in three variants below

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  • Silvercare one Whitening Antibacterial toothbrush for superior tooth whitening (Click here)
  • Silvercare one Sensitive Antibacterial toothbrush for people with sensitive tooth and gums (Click here)
  • Silvercare one Medium Antibacterial toothbrush for all-round oral care and improved oral hygiene. (Click here)

Each pack comes with extra refill brush head, which means you are getting two brushes for the price of one…(Nice!!!).

Other Silvercare antibacterial toothbrush range you should also consider include:

Silvercare H2O Antibacterial Toothbrush range for adults. These offer the superior tooth cleaning, plaque removing and anti-bacterial properties similar to the Silvercare One Antibacterial Toothbrush but without the super-premium niceties (and price tag) of the latter. It also comes with replaceable brush heads too.

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This range comes in soft, medium and hard bristles (Click here to see more). Just like the Silvercare One range, each pack comes with an extra refill brush head. This means you are getting two brush for the price of one.

And the Silvercare Antibacterial toothbrush for babies, kids, and teens.

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2. Clean In-between Your Teeth With An Interdental Brush

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While a good, anti-bacterial toothbrush will do a fantastic job of cleaning tooth surfaces and eliminating bacteria, no toothbrush can reach the tight interdental spaces (space between each tooth) where smaller food particles hide and plaque forming bacteria thrive. This is the job of the Inter-dental brush, and not just any inter-dental brush but the ISODENT Inter-dental brush (a Silvercare Product range).

                         C:\Users\IFEANYI\Desktop\Isodent interdental brush fine 1.jpg

The Isodent Inter-dental brush is crafted with sterile, microfine filaments that slides in between your teeth without irritating the gums at all. The result is a squeaky clean inter-dental space with no hiding place for plaque-forming bacteria.

Aim to clean your teeth with the ISODENT inter-dental brush at least once daily.

If you wear dental braces, the ISODENT inter-dental brush is especially a must for you. (Click here to see more)

3. Floss Regularly – But with a Different Type Of Floss

           F:\Bella naija post one\Silvercare flossing.jpg

Flossing regularly after meals with the Silvercare Anti-bacterial Floss which comes embedded with fluoride and silver nitrate not only ensures removal of food debris that lodge in between the teeth after meals, it also kills of the bacteria that hide in between the tooth and releases fluoride that help neutralize acid caused by accumulated plaque present at those tight tooth spaces.

                             C:\Users\IFEANYI\Desktop\floss 2.jpg

The net result is healthy dentition with little need for costly trips to fill up tooth cavity or get tooth extractions at the dentist.  (Click here to see more)

4. Clean Your Tongue – With An Antibacterial Tongue Brush

C:\Users\IFEANYI\Desktop\clean tongue.jpg

Cleaning your tongue is just as important as brushing your teeth in reducing the likelihood of tooth decay and cavities. This is because plaque-causing bacteria easily build up on your tongue and are protected by biofilm (another name for plaque deposits on the tongue).

These bacteria on tongue surfaces are hard to remove with a traditional toothbrush.

Your Solution? The Silvercare Antibacterial Tongue Brush.

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The extra soft bristles of the Silvercare Antibacterial Tongue brush efficiently removes the food particle deposit on the tongue and thoroughly cleans the grooves on the tongue without damaging or irritating tongue surface.

It also has a silver insert which activates on contact with saliva for the continuous antibacterial action necessary for eliminating cavity-forming bacteria (Click here to see more).

You want to know more about Silvercare range of products and how they care for your teeth, tongue and gums?

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  1. Ifeoma1010

    June 2, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Oh nice….. Very nice. Better than all this chinco tooth brush they sell upandan in this country

  2. Aanu

    June 3, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    But you dont need any silver brushes to care for your teeth.

    To take good care of your teeth, use

    * only SOFT brush ( not medium, not hard) – soft textured bristles helps for thorough cleansing through the teeth and you feel ease and you can brush longer without need to stop.

    Make sure to brush for at least 3 minutes. 2ce daily (morning and night – last thing before bed)

    * good toothpaste – most nigerian made toothpastes are VERY VERY good
    * floss at least 2ce daily . Use same soft brush to clean tongue 2ce daily.
    * drink lots of water and rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal if you can’t afford mouth wash.

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