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Jane Nwokolo Spent Her NYSC Year Changing Lives For Good at Kwanar Farakwai



Every year since 1973, thousands of the Nigerian youth are called to serve the nation in the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The status quo is to go wherever you are posted, serve your compulsory one year, leave.

Jane Nwokolo is not the status quo. A graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, she served in Kaduna State, in a village called Kwanar Farakwai.

Inspired by the movie “Cindy’s Notes,” Jane decided to embark on several projects in her place of primary assignment to better the community.

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For the purpose of this #MT I'll do a rather brief introduction: I'm Nwokolo, Jane. A graduate of Biochemistry from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I recently served my fatherland in Kaduna State, one of the beautiful States in the Northern part of my country, Nigeria. Here… is the story of my sojourn: In my final year in the University, I stumbled upon this movie: "Cindy's diary". After which the memory stuck like a sweet obsession. I couldn't wait to serve, myself. So, I had me my visualizations on entering camp. Fantasies… you can rightly say. This fantasy was to be a 'Cindy' to the community I'll be found among, to do something major for them, to bring smiles to the faces of these people, that will linger for a long lasting time, that they'll never easily forget my being among them. In fact, to the rumours of NYSC being scrapped, I've always kept praying, at least that it not be in my time 😊, as I really looked forward to mine. At least the ban could come much later, to favour those who'd rather not smell the fore walls of a camp ground🤷🏻. I knew I could create a memory for myself despite all negations… having a prior knowledge of 'sniops' and 'see-saws'. I wasn't deterred, neither was I weary of anything. I only prayed God be on my side, and through it all, He was. (I'll write much later about these sniops and see-saws and share the link with you, so not worry) Lesson #1: Never rely on the negative pronouncements of people, instead see the brighter side of things, and utilize it for your own good. @nysc_9ja @nyscdiary @nysc_ng @naijacorpersconnect @nyscmoments @nysc_corpersforum @corpsconnect @dopecorper @diaryofanaijagirl @instablog9ja @corpsmeet @akinyelenysc @nyscfashion @nysc_diary @nysccamp @corperswee @nysconsultancy @naijacorpers @nigeriancorpers #Iinspire #lovingit #weinfluence #iamforinfluence

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She started with Intra-school competitions, including essay writing, spelling bee, and a debate. The difficult part was getting some of the students to first understand the English Language.

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The first project I introduced was an intra-school competition which involved essay writing, spelling and debate. To do this, one of course needed to have supplies of gifts to be won, every week. So as to give the students something to hope for. I had to draft out names of individuals, companies and firms and also search for their locations. In all I drafted out a total of not less than 400 letters, and started distributing these letters, both in hard and soft copies. I had to go from my community to the town everyday after my lessons, to make some submissions, and follow up. I had thought that at least before I could exhaust all the letters, I would have started receiving positive replies. But then I should have known better. My frustration… yes I was actually frustrated, and it began when after 8months, and I wasn't getting any positive reply. You can recall that service year lasts for only 11 months! Most firms will ask that I be back the next week, and on, the postponement went. The most heart wrecking part was that after all the postponement, I still met negative answers. But then I returned each day, hoping that the next will be better, and on the next day, I hoped the coming day will be better. I had one thing in mind: "Never to give up yet, as I might be doing so, just before my major breakthrough." The positive reply that I got and was duly fulfilled in a week, was from the manager of one of the leading filling stations in the nation. It was a donation of ten thousand Naira! Very little someone might say, compared to what I actually needed, but then, this was my first breakthrough. The gesture alone spurred my hopes, and brought back my waning strength. Lesson #6: Always render the help you can, no matter how small you think it is. You may never know the real effect of the little help you rendered. You may never really know the lives you might just be saving. #inspired #Janeinspires #loveforhumanity #humanitarian #Iinspire #Iamforprogress #Iamforinfluence #healtheworld

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Myself and my Students: Among the intra-school competitions, we began first with the essay writing. Three winners were announced by the end of each week. I had the help of competent graduates, even from outside my community, in the marking of the scripts. However, a J. S. S. 2 boy surprised me, he was first in the entire school. Initially, he had refused writing this essay. Seeing that he is someone very eager to learn and always tries to communicate in English language, no matter how wrong he is, I urged him to write. Not for the competition, but for his own improvement. Little did I know that my dear Ibrahim had lots of yet-to-be-fanned potentials. Spot his essay in the pixes above. (No harsh comments please) ✌️. It was the Hakimi (Igwe) who presented the first gifts… Spot him in the above pictures with his Chiefs. He also, added some prize money to the prizes for the students. Rare isn't it? that's how very down to earth and concerned with education, the Village Head is. Now you can imagine for yourself the avalanche of submissions we got the next week. #Aim gradually being achieved 💪😀 Lesson #7: Never berate yourself, you can never know how good you are in something, until you venture. P. S: I may not be able to exhaust all the lessons in each day's story, so please write yours in the comments section. And tell what you think too. 😘 Be the Inspiration! #iamforinfluence #Janeinspires #Iinfluence #Iinspire #influencer #goals #Northernigeria #corper #nysc #tontolet #mynyscstory #nysc9ja #healtheworld #humanitarian #loveforhumanity #humanity #volunteer #volunteers #children #iamforinfluence #naijacorper #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe

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The Spelling Competitions were incorporated next, also every week. Getting the students to understand the word to spell first before spelling, was yet another challenge. However, we still crossed the hurdle, and the students were getting better by the day. Because of lack of a sizeable hall, we had to make use of the shade. Number of students in each class was nothing less than 100, and these classes span from A – F, and G in some cases. So the number was quite enormous. It was while on the spelling competitions that I got yet another call. I saw how this was really helping the students, and decided to expand the competition to the State, especially among schools in my part of the state. As I found out, much to my dismay, that the problem of English Language proficiency wasn't peculiar only to my school. Lol… Who send me job? Actually, I believed I wasn't meant just for the community. I came to serve my father land, and my father land shall I serve😀. Besides what's worth doing at all is worth doing well. Lesson #8: When you venture into something new, it's never always clear. It all starts making more sense only when you've began. More ideas also flow in along the line. So, never wait until you get a full clear picture of your venture. Begin NOW! with what you have. Please Share your own thoughts and experiences. 👇👇👇 Someone will definitely learn from that. #inspired #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #humanity #loveforhumanity #healtheworld #livingforothers #letsmaketheworldbeautiful #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #nigeriancorpers

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This is Ismail. Swipe 👉 Ismail is a fighter, and a very determined one at that. He is tenacious too. Ismail believed he can beat any opponent not withstanding whether it's a Private or Government School. (Watch all videos, *positive vibes only, please ✌️) . . I tell you, if there were three Ismails on that seat, they would have won their opponents with a hands-down win. However, despite being in a Government School, and looked down on, Ismail's school still came fourth among the forty secondary schools that participated, and they went home with their own prizes. I learnt from Ismail, do learn from him too. . . Other slides (Still in the preliminaries): Students doing what they know how to do best. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #letsmaketheworldbeautiful #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory

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THE GRAND FINALE: The preliminaries lasted for a month and because the audience expected on the Grand finale was much more than that of the preliminaries. I had to find a more accommodating venue. I opted for the National Teacher's Institute HQ. Everyone thought it wasn't going to be possible. NTI being a federal establishment with lots of bureaucracy, would take me centuries before I'm able to use a hall in the establishment. If I'm able to boycott the process, then, I was to pay not less than a hundred thousand naira to secure the hall! However, because I've been to the hall and found it to have the perfect location and space for the Debate Grand Finale. I decided to try first, and hence hold on to the possibility of my gaining access to the hall. I wrote to the NTI, Kaduna Director, and kept following up, for two weeks. The date for the Grand finale fast approaching! After two weeks, I was able to get an appointment with the Director, after which the permission to use the hall was finally granted me. However, I still needed to come get an approval letter, this spanned through yet another week. After all these processes, I was finally able to secure the Almighty NTI Hall… Lol, much to the amazement of the judges. . . At the end of the tough preliminaries, I must say. The judges selected Government Secondary School (G.S.S.) and Armed Forces Command and Staff Secondary School (A.F.C.S.S.S), both in JAJI, Kaduna, were left to contend the trophy. A tough battle it was, but I'm glad that at the end of the day… The next post will tell which group won: Stay tuned 😀 Lesson#10: NEVER "CHICKEN OUT " BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE THINK YOU'LL NOT BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING. LET THEIR DOUBTS BE THE FUEL WHICH YOU'LL USE TO FAN YOUR DRIVE INTO HOT BLAZING FLAMES OF ACHIEVEMENT. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #inspire #humanitarian #passion #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #letsmaketheworldbeautiful #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory

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Hey Guys ☺️, not to worry, the celebration didn't pause our #TB Swipe👉 to view Happy Moments☺️ First clip: Yours truly, addressing the audience, and encouraging the little ones. In organizing this debate, I had the mind of helping these young ones learn to express themselves in the nation's Lingua Franca, and build their confidence too, no matter how bad they might believe their English language proficiency to be. However, along the line, many other successes were recorded. We saw this by the way the students answered impromptu questions, reasoning in split seconds and proffering solutions to different ills, seen in the society today. Great feat was however recorded as the students kept improving by each contest. I wished the competitions wasn't going to ever come to an end, because no matter the challenges and all, I still totally enjoyed every bit of the moment, watching these students. And I must say that I felt greatly fulfilled, having been able to impact in the lives of these young ones. Everyone present on the Grand finale was clamoring for the continuity of this exercise, but it wasn't totally up to me, as I was but in their midst for only one year. However, the team I worked with, which comprised teachers from various schools, promised not to let the dream die off. About my being glad? I couldn't really have asked for more at the time. This experience, the very one that stirred a deep part of me… isn't what I'll ever forget in a hurry. Lesson#12 Do it… Just do it! Please Share your own lessons in the comments section. 💞✌️ The finals… #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #letsmaketheworldbeautiful #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory

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After the intra-school competitions were concluded, Jane began noticing something in several of her students: there were too often ill.

She visited the health clinic in the community and discovered the most common illnesses were malaria, diarrhoea and typhoid.

With a little research, she discovered why: the environment was dirty and waste disposal was practically non-existent. Which led to her next project: Environmental management in the community.

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Swipe👉 to see me and my people in action☺️. . . I found out: 1. That the dirty environment, and lack of adequate drainage for the easy passage of flood or liquid wastes actually breed these vectors. Judging from the way these wastes and dirt are littered everywhere without anyone giving a thought on how to remedy the condition, it showed that, the community were almost, if not already used to such kind of environment. However, it's not my kind of thriving environment. So, I thought of many solutions, but decided to kick start with first introducing an environmental management exercise in the community. I requested an audience with the 'Hakimi' and Chiefs, and was granted audience to address them on the day of their meeting. Remember I wasn't a fluent Hausa speaker, and the very language used for communication is only Hausa, so I needed to employ the services of an interpreter…Lol You needed to see interpretation… My! Whereby I'll make five points, and only one gets to see the light of day😥. However, in all, I was glad to be able to send my message across. To my amazement, they all agreed to come out on the fixed date. Prior to this day, I had already gotten some materials and tools from the State Ministry of Environment. We were to construct mini drainage and clear up some areas, for a start. The said day saw the prominent men of the community, even the Hakimi(King), dressed up for action! On seeing these people, my heart went out to them. I saw people willing to adapt to positive change. Eager to support, and make life good for themselves. I saw humility at it's peak, on the part of the King and his Chiefs. This alone lifted my spirit. Lesson#13: Never conform to 'norms', if things have always been in a particular manner, but there's room for positive change. Allow the change to come through. Be adaptive. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #WHO #letlovelead #healtheworld @WHO #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory

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Swipe 👉for full story . This is the King of my community. His name is Alj. Muhammad Yaro Farakwai. Now, don't think he's just the random kind of King, without portfolio. The man you see mudding his hands is a great force to reckon with, in Nigerian politics. He had been a two-time Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, and more feats to his name. Now, tell me, can you imagine your King doing this? 😀 You may ask, why do I choose to state this… Well, in the pictures above, we can see how engrossed he is, constructing a drainage for his community! Mind you, he can easily just stand there and only give orders, and not soil his hands, but he chose to do so by himself. He had told me that the first time I came to him with my proposed projects. He never believed I could actualize one, let alone all and more. Nevertheless, he never discouraged me, he still pledged his support, and this pledge he had kept to. I'm however pretty sure that he had masterminded the support I got from his subjects. He's so down to earth and kind hearted too. Did I tell you it was his house that served as the Corper's Lodge? Yes, he actually gave up his house to be used as the Corper's Lodge. That's how kind hearted he is. Lesson#14: NO MATTER YOUR LEVEL IN LIFE, LEARN FROM MY COMMUNITY HAKIMI, BE KIND TO PEOPLE, AND BE A SOURCE OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO THEM, EVEN STRANGERS. IT PAYS OFF, MORE THAN YOU CAN THINK. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #healtheworld #livingforothers #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #Globalwomen #thewomenwithstories #Globalconference

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After the completion of the drainages, Jane embarked on another project: Free malaria and HIV screening, and the provision of free Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) and anti-malarial drugs for the community members.

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Swipe👉 for full story . First Health Challenge Mission Tackled! 2nd: I embarked on the journey of Organizing free Malaria and HIV Screening, and also provision of free Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs), and free anti-malarial drugs for the community members. . . I wrote to several Health Agencies and Organizations in the State. However, it was only the State Ministry of Health and Kaduna State AIDS Control Agency that gave positive replies, after months of frequenting the offices.😓 . . I got bales of LLINs, anti-malarial drugs, and malaria test kits from the Ministry. KADSACA helped with HIV test kits, and all necessary requirements for the screening. They also provided us with trained personnel for the tests, and were also very generous to provide refreshments for the community members. . . The NYSC Local Government Inspector, my school Principal, together with some staff were all present. Also, the senior Secondary Students from my school and members of the Health $ Environmental, and Farakwai Society Against AIDS (FASAA) Clubs formed by yours truly, (details coming soon). The School's Clubs master, gave a brief presentation on Healthy Living. Initially, the turn up for the test was poor, however, when each tested individual returned home with not only a free LLINs but also free malt drink and snacks, the venue soon filled to the brim! My dear, this happened like magic☺️. . . The men who have initially refused showing up, on the grounds of cultural and religious beliefs, that both gender do not gather at same place at the same time, weren't left behind, as they were seen struggling for passage at the door😂. Please do not ask me what happened to the belief, because even I, cannot explain either…☺️ . Ah… I really love my community and their wonders😘😍☺️ . . #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #TWWSCon #Globalwomen

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Sequel to the Previous day's screening: . . In the early hours of the following day, as I came out to fetch some water to prepare for school. I was taken aback, by what I saw: Crowd of people who probably were not privileged to be present the previous day, or those who never saw the necessity initially, all clustered at my entrance. I could only hear "Mallama gida sauro!" (Aunty, Mosquito net!). 🙆 I quickly ran back to my room, for fear of being captured…lol☺️ Who wouldn't, with such crowd 😀. Coupled with the fact that I can neither understand what they were saying, nor can I effectively convey any message to them, remember I wasn't yet proficient in the native language. Inside, I had to immediately call for help from someone who would address the crowd, and let them know that the distribution was yet over… Guess what! I was told that the crowd believed I was hoarding some mosquito nets for myself 🙇☺️, whereas the Government had instructed me to distribute them to the people… Lol, I was besides myself with laughter 😁. It never bothered me the least because I knew perfectly well that it was only from their understanding. Now Listen Sweetheart, Lesson #15: When you decide to stick your head out for people, you also have to be ready to receive discouraging words from them. If you don't, that means you are yet to be ready. However, over look that, and smile, some don't even know the hurt they cause, and like I said earlier, those are the exceptions, and not the rule! #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #WHO #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @WHO @nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #Globalwomen #thewomenwithstories

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Despite having malaria as the Most frequently occurring illness in the community. It's sad that the community Health Care Center, still lacked anti-malarial drugs, as I found out. So, having completed the Health Screening, it was only appropriate we donate the remaining drugs for the Community Health Care Center. My Principal, his Vice, and some representatives from the community were present on this occasion. The Matron couldn't hide her joy, as she stated that the request they had made for a very long while was yet to be acted on. As glad as I was, to be of little help, I was still sad, sad that as delicate as the Human health is, it's still so much neglected in my community, to say the least. I'm however positive that the necessary authorities will see to this challenge. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #inspiration #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers @WHO #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #thewomenwithstories

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Jane noticed that the community’s only source of water was a well located in the mosque. She decided on her next project: Drilling a borehole for the community.

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Swipe👉 The corper's Lodge was just adjacent the 'Masalaci' (Mosque), and there's a well in this Masalaci that the community makes use of. This well water serves all purpose, and yes, even drinking. Personally, I couldn't use this water to cook because I couldn't bring myself to use it. As I'm also very much aware of what effect it can have on me. I had to resort to using sachet water for cooking. This water, I buy from town while coming back. *Remember I previously stated how I frequent the town almost every day* I was told that the community is already used to drinking this water already, and I couldn't stand just not doing anything to remedy this troubling situation. Personally, I found it hard fathoming the "used to" in this situation… Whereby in class, it's either I get "ba lafiya"(not well) response or I witness it first hand. The very first time I saw children drinking from this well, I was shocked myself, I had to reprimand them, but then the looks on their faces said it all: If I stop them from drinking from the only source of Water that they know of… Where then do I expect them to drink from? I was moved to tears really, forgive me, but I can be a cry baby sometimes.😟 As I write this now, I'm even 'cry-smiling'…🙇 I made a solemn promise to myself that I was going to take up this challenge. I took clips. I actually do, most of the time, because I saw my service year as an adventure. One to re-write many thought patterns, that could unleash the unexpected, in minds. Starting from mine. . . I embarked on the mission of writing to various agencies, individuals and parastatals that I believed would be moved by this very situation. . . As I submitted, I also followed up my applications. After months of expectation, *I realized most of these Ventures required my tenacity…* I got the one reply that I sought for. In my next post, I'll relate exactly the reply I got. Keep step with me. Please don't forget to share any thoughts or experiences, if any. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #letlovelead #healtheworld #livingforothers #womenwithstories

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Did I tell you I experienced some humiliations too…😓? Well, I'll share a brief one with you. . . One of the agencies I had written to was the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA), Kaduna. After some following ups, an appointment was fixed for me to meet with the Director. Something happened when I entered the Director's office, he gasped, for real. In his words "I was expecting a huge lady with huge voice to stump into my office! I didn't expect to see someone of this stature… So, you've been the one giving all of us restlessness!"… (Oh My😱) Well, I know I'm not small… I was just slim, and probably, engagements had made me much slimmer, but then I wasn't thin, ever… Lol. Need one be huge like… to make a difference? Well, we both know the perfect answer. He wasn't the first to insinuate something like this, but then he was the first that came up front. Well, what does it matter, so long as I get this one approval that I seek. For a second, just for a tingling second, I was almost shocked, at his bluntness. But then I just smiled and reverted my atmosphere back to normal😀. Well, after brief discussions relating to my projects with him, the Director immediately approved of my request, and assigned necessary hands to see to the successful execution of my proposed project. We actually became friends after this encounter. However, yet another two weeks went by, before the execution proper began. I realized that another challenging factor was the distance of my community from the city, and this has really made them to be almost neglected, if not completely. It took the drilling some pestering from me, even after the Director's approval, to begin the execution of the project, because the distance was around 90km, and believe me, most people never knew that humans even occupy this habitat. Rise up and Smile… #Janeinspires #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #healtheworld #livingforothers #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers

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Swipe👉 to have your fill☺️ . . Can you see that cute lady up there… That's yours truly, laying the foundation for the borehole drilling☺️. The little ones all gathered, wondering what was happening, I guess. Oh… of course they were in awe, seeing their 'Mallama' handling a digger. Well, I just did the first digging, and left the Engineers to do their job. To me, this day was the beginning of the rest of my happy days… Lesson #16: You see my dear, keep at that goal. It won't ever really come easy, but the heart with which you pursue that, matters: #Passion #Tenacity and #Resilience. . . #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queens #humanity #volunteers #loveforhumanity #healtheworld #livingforothers #inspiration #Iinspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #unicef #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mynyscstory #thewomenwithstories

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After an encounter with a 12-year-old student who was getting married, Jane realized it was necessary for her students to learn skills that’ll help them make a steady income. Which brought about her next project: Skill acquisition.

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THE SKILLS ACQUISITION #1. Swipe 👉 to see my students and I. _____________________ Some of my students came visiting on a very bright Saturday morning. One of them had brought an invitation letter for her Wedding Fatiyah. This girl in question is only 12 years old, and in Junior Secondary 2. However, I tried best I could to absorb this fact, that thus actually is the custom of the people. In our discuss, I enquired the job of the to-be husband. The girl kept mum, and was only smiling. The friends however bursted out excitedly: "Mallama… Kawo-Kaduna, Kawo-Kaduna…" in a bit to demonstrate the job. Blame this on the language barrier☺️. I understood however, that the husband is a bus conductor, plying the Kawo-Kaduna route. My heart went out to this little one. Probably she's only living what she's grown to meet. Her situation and of course that of other little ones I encountered also, propelled me into trying to find a way to out. Hence, on thinking of the need for this young females to have a stream of income, no matter how small, so as to be able to support their own families, I decided to embark on the skills acquisition training program. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queen @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #Globalwomen

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THE SKILLS ACQUISITION #2. Swipe 👉 _____________________ Getting personnel for the training to come down to the community for this purpose was not so easy, judging by the distance from the nearest city to the community. Also the personnel will have to frequent the community until the end of the program, which spanned for more than two weeks. So, in a bid to reduce cost, I decided to take them on the training myself. I can only make out time to take the interested ones in these courses: 1. Beads making. 2. Footwear production. 3. Hand bags. 4. Liquid soap and 5. Disinfectant production. I had my interpreter communicate to the community members this plan. Names were taken down, and the trainees were grouped according to their skills of interest. Age wasn't taken into consideration here, since 11 year olds could and take on same responsibilities of a 30-40 year old. The little girl seen beside me in the pictures above was the only person who could understand English language enough to interpret for the others, so she served as my interpreter. The drive I saw in the little ones amazed me more, as even in the evenings, they flood at my door, seeking to learn more. I was glad however, that I got the main thing I needed from them: "Eargerness to learn". #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queen #crown #humanity #nysc #nysc9ja #nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #Globalwomen #thewomenwithstories

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Jane also got a company to donate practical materials to her school, and another to donate computers.

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Chemistry teacher that cannot take the students in practical lessons and help them get acquainted to chemicals and equipment necessary for better understanding of the subject, is that one a chemistry teacher…?☺️ Yea, that was the summary of my reasons for getting these materials for the lab. Science isn't a subject to only theorize. The need for practicals can never be over emphasized, when it comes to Science subjects, especially Chemistry, because without those, the subject is no different from History. I had found that even the major chemicals which others could be derived from were also lacking. Common compounds as H2SO4, NaOH and the likes. I had to liaise with a chemical company in Kaduna city, to provide these little, yet major necessities for the school's science laboratory. I had told the School science master this plan. But he had received it with a wave of hand, judging from how long they've had to adjust to the inadequacy. The excitement he felt on seeing me with the science materials was amazing. He just kept lamenting on how he had already given up on anything concerning practicals. The principal and of course his Vice too, weren't left out in this exciting moment. Phew… Such a restored hope. How so very grateful I am. #Janeinspires #Janeinspires #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queen #crown #humanity #volunteer #nysc #nysc9ja @nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #Globalwomen #thewomenwithstories

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Donation of Computer Systems, ICT Materials and Training for Students [Swipe n Zoom👉👌] ☺️ ________________________ It had been a cause for concern for me, seeing that my school had no computer systems for their computer classes, I had kept imagining the lots they were missing out, in the tech world. However, on a particular day, Some of my students had met me, relating their fears in the upcoming JAMB examination which was going to be computer based. Whereas they have practically zero knowledge of computer studies. This then spurred me into action. I decided to seek for a way to be of help to them. On Enquiries, I found that the community had some computer systems. However, most of these computer systems had become malfunctioned. I had to replace the damaged ones and fix others, to be fit for use. I was also able to get the manuals for the computer courses, to aid the students in understanding. In the picture above are the replaced systems, donated materials, and yours truly presenting them to the community representatives. The joy of the representatives, was boundless, and they spared no effort in displaying that, that they even asked to join in the computer classes… ☺️. I strongly believe that @microsoft would love to be of more help to this children and the community. As more of these systems will go a long way in helping a great number of these young ones in being in line with the tech world. This, no doubt will further aid the development of the community. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queen #crown #humanity #volunteer #influence #love #healtheworld #unicef #WHO #Unaid @nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers #mystory #mysojourn #mynyscstory #Globalwomen #thewomenwithstories

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Swipe👉 to view the computer room set for use. The computer classes were held in the evenings, as that is the time the students come back from "Islamiya". (Religious Instructions). Since the lessons required much time, we had to keep on with them until my passing out. However, I had to specifically tutor the very brilliant ones who can easily catch up, and then in turn teach their fellow students. In the pictures above are my students and me in the computer room. #Janeinspires #janeinspiresme #Iinfluence #influencer #humanitarian #passion #Queen #crown #humanity #volunteer #influence #love #healtheworld #unicef #WHO #Unaid #livingforothers #inspiration #inspire #Kaduna #Nigeria #Africa #World #Universe #iamforinfluence #nysc @nysc9ja @nysc_9ja #nysc_ng @nysc_ng @nigeriancorpers #nigeriancorpers

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Discussing her experience during her service year, Jane said she’s unable to stand stagnation, and seeing the living conditions of the people of Kwanar Farakwai pushed her to contribute to the community. She said:

I can’t stand stagnation. I love to get things going, especially where I know I can effect some positive transformation. I’m also a very optimistic person. So, arriving at my PPA (Kwanar Farakwai, somewhere in Igabi Local Government of Kaduna State), I realized to my utmost dismay that the people of the community were way behind on development.

Let’s just about 5% of them could effectively communicate in the nation’s lingua franca. A foreigner in the land is unable to communicate effectively. The water consumed by the community also was chiefly well water, and the children had almost no enthusiasm toward education and learning.

These were things I really couldn’t fathom.

Prior to my deployment, I had decided to contribute something significant to any community I was deployed to. I had actually always looked forward to that. This was probably the reason I found myself in such a community, and surely it was reason I stayed, because it would have been understandable not to, being the only female among eighteen other corps members, and also a Christian in a homogeneous Muslim community.

However, when I looked at the young innocent ones who never had no choice in the community they’d been born into, I felt it was only humane that they be given access to the same opportunity their mates in other parts of the country had. From the interactions I had with them, prior to the commencement of my projects, I realized that they were oblivious to what they lacked. It was my own little way of effecting the change I would love to see.

In all, I would say it was the drive to help that prompted me amidst all things, and opportunity also met preparation.

I am Jane Ifeoma Nwokolo, and I love to influence societal development.

BellaNaija is so proud of her!


  1. Paul Johnson

    July 31, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Wow, Tireless and relentless energy shown here. SUch a passion to serve her country. I do hope she was rewarded for these.

  2. Mo

    July 31, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Well done Jane. You did well

  3. Ruhamah

    July 31, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    You really served your father land. it was not in vain too. Well done Jane

  4. kristin

    July 31, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    God bless you!!! There is yet hope for Nigeria

  5. Marix

    July 31, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    You have done well sister. God bless you big


    July 31, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Speaking closing to the NYSC anthem. Well done Jane, may your works continue to inspire others.

  7. See

    July 31, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    Wow! Super Jane!!! Go girl. May the fire that drives you never burn out.

  8. Ese

    July 31, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    i hope the govt can give genuine people like this awards and jobs and honours……Jane you did very well

  9. Hashva

    July 31, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Wow. Well done!!

  10. amara

    July 31, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Well done Jane.

  11. Lol

    July 31, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    So inspired. Jane for president 2019

  12. Lol

    July 31, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Can we start a #jane4president19 movement!

  13. Tayo

    July 31, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    Jane Nwokolo! Ah ha! Na only you waka come?! You deserve many accolades! May God bless you for the work you did. Your positive view to life and determination is highly inspiring an motivating. You have a heart of gold and God blessed you with the energy to carry out your dreams/visions. May you increase more and more. We need more Nigerians to think like you. Thinking about what we can do for our country rather than what the country can do for us. Thank you for imparting those young lives. You will not be forgotten.

  14. debby

    July 31, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    God bless you Jane. I am motivated.

  15. tunmi

    July 31, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    This is amazing!

    Thank you

  16. DD

    July 31, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    Well done, Great to see there is still hope for our beloved country. Let me know if you need work.

  17. tunmi

    July 31, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    I read the entire thing and I am still in awe!!!! Back to back to back work and improvement. Jane you will go far. And thank you for making sure your work continues by including the community and the school staff who were (rightfully) frustrated. Thank you for not having a savior complex and not judging them.

  18. Bowl

    July 31, 2018 at 8:04 pm

    Well Jane, just know you will stand before kings !

  19. Mrs chidukane

    July 31, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Phenomenal indeed! That’s the way to go. Well done!

  20. Joseph

    July 31, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    So inspiring this has actually shown that our youth and able to change our Country for better, imagine when give access to more fund, , together we can make a better Nigeria

  21. Tosin

    July 31, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    God bless you.

  22. T.M.

    August 1, 2018 at 5:26 am

    What an inspiring human being!

  23. T.Y

    August 1, 2018 at 10:33 am

    Wow! Exceptional work from a huge heart. Thank you. So proud of you.

  24. Ifesi

    August 3, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Jane, you’ve done so well. So proud of you!! This will surely pay. Keep it up

  25. Caleb prodigy

    August 3, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Wow! I’m inspired Jane! You’ve always been a good fellow, you deserve more awards! God bless you immensely! ??

  26. Camela

    August 3, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Wow Jane! I can say wow for as many times as possible. Your energy is inspiring. You have made us all proud. HOROCOL is proud of you. Nigerians are proud of you. Nne, may you continue to shine bright like a diamond.

  27. Br

    August 3, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Well done Jane that’s my classmate. You did us proud

  28. Uchenna

    August 3, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    Wow!!! Nice one.

  29. Joe

    August 4, 2018 at 1:45 am

    Nice one girl. God bless you abundantly!


    August 4, 2018 at 7:55 am

    Am highly motivated. You will surely dine with Kings

  31. Gozie Godwin

    August 6, 2018 at 12:27 am

    I m short of words to describe this young lady with such heart of love and compassion for her country. Your exploits are inspirational and motivating. I m proud of you nne. You are indeed a lioness.

  32. Manny

    August 6, 2018 at 2:07 am

    Wow I’m super impressed

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