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iLLBliss denies being Harassed by SARS as he releases new single “It Is God” | Listen on BN



iLLBliss denies being Harassed by SARS as he releases new single "It Is God" | BellaNaijaRapper iLLBliss on Tuesday shared a tweet detailing harassment from SARS officers.

Last night SARS had guns to my head! Lying on the coal tar next to my manager/ what the fk is going on? Searching us for tramadol and…..,” he wrote.

Turns out the line is lyrics taken from his new song “It Is God.

iLLBliss shared on his Instagram that he was only painting a “vivid picture through the music.”

His new song, he shared, is a social commentary reflecting the “sadness, insecurity and turbulence going on in our country.”

Thank You all for the calls yesterday to check up on OGA BOSS. I Wrote and recorded “it is GOD” a few days back , a Social commentary reflecting on all the sadness, insecurity and turbulence going on in our country in recent times, From unjust harassment from SARS on our streets to armed Herdsmen and the massacre of innocent Christians and Muslims across Nigeria. Please Note that I was not arrested nor harrassed by SARS . I was painting a vivid picture through the music. As an artist it is only right you’re a voice for the people around you. To put yourself in the shoes and garments of the ones that directly or indirectly interact with your art to feel and speak their pain.
You watch the news and think it could’ve been you in Adamawa, Benue, Zamfara, you listen to your younger friend narrate his ordeal with police-SARS and you think that could’ve been you, you drive past the hungry kids on the street and feel what they feel…
We’re all connected in the struggle and feeling like we need the divine to achieve one primary goal, surviving the day

Listen to the track:


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