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Joy Eneghalu: 10 Tools You Can Use For Social Media Marketing



Doing business on social media is an important strategy that must be incorporated in your business. So many business owners have gotten on social media and are getting frustrated because they are not getting the necessary results that they want. For others, they are running away because of the overwhelming pressure that comes with being on social media.

To be able to achieve your set goals on social media, it is no longer a question of posting, but being engaging and studying the numbers. The metrics will reveal to you what’s working and what’s not working. Let’s look at social media tools you can use to increase your results.

Grammarly helps you spell check your social media posts. We have all been in that situation where you post something and you think it is perfect, only for someone to comment with corrections. Sometimes, it could be that you misspelt or you used the wrong verb. Well, that’s what Grammarly fixes. You don’t want bad grammar to be the reason your audiences are keeping quiet.

Surveys are really important for every business because it helps you know more about your customers. With Typeform, you can create surveys that are fun to fill and visually appealing. Other options will be google form and survey monkey.

This is a mobile app that creates images, video, captions, and moving text. It lets you easily create a lot of motion graphics. This app is available on android and ios

With this tool, you can turn your images into art. It is easy to use and has a lot of artistic filters. Using this app is a great way to add spice to your content.

If you always have to post on Instagram every day, you don’t have to now. With Hootsuite, you can easily schedule your posts and it will automatically be posted on Instagram.

Lightroom CC:
With brilliant phones now on the market, mobile photography has become a thing. Business owners now learn to use their mobile phones for product shoots. Lightroom CC is the perfect app for editing those photos and brightening them to appeal to your audience. Say bye bye to boring pictures.

Are you leveraging the amazing conversion of videos? If you are, you can make your videos better with the Inshot app. Inshot is a video editing app that it is easy to use. You can add smileys, texts and easily align the video to suit the platform you want.

I absolutely love Canva. But it won’t hurt a fly to try other apps right? Relaythat is a web app that allows you to design great graphics just like canva.

Most business owners find it hard to create content. In fact, coming with the content idea is a whole lot of work. Answerthepublic gives you ideas on possible questions that people are asking and if you can answer them, simply turn the answers to a post.

I saved this for the last because as a business owner, you must have a lead generation strategy and MailChimp is a small business friendly platform for that. You can send emails to your existing customers and inform them of new products and discount.

If you still feel overwhelmed because of social media or don’t have a clue what to post or maybe you sometimes have content block, I highly recommend this social media kit and then use the tools above to skyrocket your engagement.

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Joy Eneghalu is a digital media consultant and she works with thought leaders to build a personal brand to boost their brand visibility, increase their sphere of influence and make profit. Connect with me: IG/Twitter: @joyeneghalu Facebook: