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Watch BBC’s The Secret Lives of Kenya’s Drag Queens on BN



Watch BBC's The Secret Lives of Kenya's Drag Queens on BN | BellaNaija

The BBC visited Kenya where they spoke to gay men who enjoy cross-dressing.

The men discussed the discrimination they face and their battle for self-expression in a country where homosexuality is illegal.

Watch them share their story below:


  1. didi

    August 13, 2018 at 2:49 am

    U don’t have to struggle with any sexual spirits, JESUS can save you now. Yes because you have those thoughts, then the feelings follow, you then believe you are born gay, my love its alie from the devil. If you know that life is not what you want, then accept JESUS CHRIST as your saviour with YOUR MOUTH, believe he has forgiven you all your sins and that he died for you. Then get a bible to read, this is your major weapon, go to the new testament like colosians 2:10, 2corinthians 5:17, put your name in place of we or us and say it audibly to your hearing at least twice a day if possible, do this in front of a mirror, its like a medicine you have to keep taking until you are totally delivered from this. Secondly pray, ask any evil spirit to leave you because you are now born again and they no longer have power over you, then ask God to uphold you daily. Thirdly attend a good church where you would be taught the word of God especially on who you are in christ jesus. My suggestion would be christ embassy or winner’s chapel by oyedepo. Get the books of these men specifically on the topic of who we are in jesus, or yournew identity in christ. I assure you of a testi o y in jesus name, you were not born gay, you are not gay dont believe that like because your body say so. Remain blessed.

    • Ekoatheist

      August 14, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      Why can’t you mind your f*cking business Didi. Did any of them beg you for your stupid prayer. Pray for your homophobic self and for your family. And I have taken it upon myself to pray that your child be GAY in Jesus name!

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