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Ghanaians React to Video of Woman in Labor carried across a river to a Hospital



Ghanaians are currently calling out its government on Twitter after a video  of a pregnant woman in labor being carried across a river in order to get her to a hospital surfaced online.

In the viral video shared by JoyNews , the pregnant lady from Nangruma community is filmed as some young men carry her across the river on a chair. A bike was first carried across the river to help continue the journey.

The report further revealed that the medium of transportation was the only alternative as the community had no healthcare center and continually suffer the risk of taking on long distance trips to get emergency healthcare service coupled with the fact that there are no bridges. Sadly, the woman’s child died.

Watch video:

Ghanaians who have taken to Twitter are calling out the government for not providing adequate healthcare facilities or the means to reach the available facilities.

See Twitter reactions:


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