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Presidential Aspirant Kingsley Moghalu sits “On The Couch With Falz & Laila” | WATCH

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In the latest episode of On The Couch With Falz and Laila, hosts Falz and Laila Johnson-Salami speak to presidential aspirant Professor Kingsley Moghalu.

Here are some of the points he made:

  • He wants to be president to address the poverty situation in a country like Nigeria with so much potentials.
  • He’s tired of sitting on the fence, of living a good life for himself, of being a technocrat and being frustrated by the decisions of dumb, crooked politicians. He wants to be president to make a change.
  • He intends to achieve his goal by first studying what drives successful economies, which he says are: Property Rights, Innovation, and Capital.
  • He says the above three things can only come by having citizens with “productive knowledge,” which comes with 21st century relevant education.
  • He says state police is necessary. State police should come after restructuring.
  • Restructuring should not be based on states but on geopolitical zones.
  • SARS needs to be sanitised, re-trained, and also be increased. He says sometimes they cannot be different from armed robbers.
  • It is very possible to change the police force in a president’s first 4 years.
  • There’ll be four critical offices in the presidency if I become president. They will be: Office of National Strategy, National Office of Risk Management, Office of Performance Management, and Office of Human Capital Development.
  • These offices will be manned by professionals, not politicians.
  • His administration will target and achieve 50 – 50 appointment policy for men and women.
  • He’ll have a more sophisticated understanding of national security – what causes it? lack of education, unemployment, exposure to radicalism.
  • We might have to build a wall; Nigeria’s borders need to be secured.
  • To fight rape culture, it is the responsibility of the government to set up a re-education curriculum to change behaviour. Traditional rulers should also be brought on board.
  • When becomes president, his administration will set up a N1 trillion venture capital fund and the government will own a part of the recipient’s business.
  • Buhari-administration’s N500bn social investment fund is a pipeline of waste. It does not create wealth, but creates dependency.
  • To improve education, his government will retrain teachers, reform the curricula, change the way students learn, and reform educational infrastructure.
  • His administration will focus more on foreign direct investment in the educational sector.

Watch below:

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