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#ThisIsOurJourney: Wasiu shares how selling Nescafe changed his Status ‘from Pushcart Operator to Businessman’




Wasiu’s story begins when as a school leaver in search of a job, a friend and schoolmate introduced him to Nestlé.  With determination to make a good living, Wasiu started selling Nescafe out of a branded pushcart on the busy streets of Oshodi. Soon he was selling between 70 and 100 cups a day increasing his income enough to meet the needs of his young family.  

Today, 4 years later, Wasiu mentor’s other young people just starting out. He has his own accommodation and is able to pay for a good education for his daughter. He has also grown his business from a micro-enterprise. With determination and resolve, he continues to work towards expanding with Nestlé as a committed long-term partner.

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  1. BabyDee

    October 17, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Well done and keep the flag flying…

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