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South African TV Host Luthando Shosha is expecting Twins!



We definitely agree with South African TV Host Luthando ‘Loot Love’ Shosha when she says this is a “phenomenal” time for her!

The popular media personality shocked her fans with the announcement of her pregnancy with a post shared on Instagram.

While sharing adorable photos of her huge bump, she expressed her surprise at finding out she was expecting twins, deciding to let people in on her vulnerability and why she has kept it a secret till now.

In her words:

It’s a phenomenal time to be me. God and my ancestors came together for me and blessed me with something so wonderful! I’m pregnant!?????‍♀️ I won’t lie! I’m shoooook! Haha! ?
I always thought I was cool ??…
and now to find out that I’m having twins makes me even cooler!
I am carrying Hip and Hop ?? This is the most beautiful time of my life. Most precious. The scariest and the most exciting. I’m completely vulnerable and sensitive. I’m excited! I’m nervous but all that goes away when I feel weird little “gas bubbles” which I now know are little kicks because I’m carrying life. A reminder of the miracle and wonder that is God. ❤️ As “personalities”/“celebrities”, we are selfishly required to share every moment in our lives and when we don’t, we have people around us that we think we can trust, who gladly do it for us wether it hurts/compromises us and those we love or not. We constantly have vultures flying above us ready to share our private lives in the most non-emotional manner ever.
You may forget but all I am is Human. Flesh and blood and nothing will ever change that and yes, my life is your entertainment, I get that, but try walk a mile in my shoes.
The most important thing for me has been protecting my family, my persons family, his beautiful children and respecting tradition. My silence has had everything to do with making sure that everyone who matters has their moment with this, that they feel everything, from shock to happiness to curiosity to excitement, ALL OF IT, Alone, Without the rest of the country pitching in, hounding them/adding commentary/calling or harassing them etc.
Its a beautiful time, it’s a sacred time, it’s OUR time.
I am BEAMING! Here’s to LOVE. Here’s to forever with the greatest gifts of them all.
P.S If you see me in the streets, please don’t touch my tummy… I will punch you in the throat! ?? K thanks byeeeee ❤️?


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  1. Onyinyechukwu

    October 8, 2018 at 7:19 am

    May you have a smooth pregnancy journey and deliver safely when the time comes.
    God Almighty, I pray to experience this amazing feeling of conceiving twins, a boy and a girl. Pls Lord, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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