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Different Types of Kids You’ll Find in a Nigerian Class

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A peek into a classroom in any given children school in Nigeria will reveal different kinds of kids and interesting things they are known for. Most adults today can admit that they fell into some of these categories while growing up. Take a look:

Chief of Rough Play

This is the hyperactive kid who always wants to try out stunts learned from wrestling matches on TV.

The Sniffer

This kid always has a running nose and is constantly wiping it down, most times with the back of his or palms.

The Regular Latecomer

Never gets to school before assembly time. Always has to serve out one punishment or the other from cutting grass to sweeping classes for coming to school late.

The Bookworm

 This kid is known for always sitting in front of the class and reading ahead of his or her peers. The bookworm has all the textbooks first and is always the one whose homework is copied, hence, is in everyone’s good books.

The Always Untidy Kid

This is that member of the class that always looks untidy. Even if he comes in the morning looking spick and span, by the end of the day, he or she is a total mess. Sometimes, the chief of rough play and the always untidy kid is the same child!

The ‘Radio Without Battery’

Always ready to call the class teacher’s attention to whatever is going on. Likes to know everyone’s dirty little secrets and volunteers to write the names of noisemakers.

The Class Clown

He makes all the funny jokes, never shies away from giving the hottest ‘yabs’ at fellow classmates. Even teachers are not left out as he or she makes comments at them while they teach so that others can laugh.

One thing is for sure when you put children with different characters in a classroom, germs will be free for all as they constantly come in contact with one another. If you have kids of your own whose protection is of utmost importance to you, it is necessary to get them to wash and bathe regularly with an antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy, uniquely formulated with Active Silver, to stay protected from stronger germs.

Which kind of student were you during your early school days? Share with us in the comment section.
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