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Here’s Why Kunle Afolayan says Nollywood misrepresents Traditional Religions



Renowned filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan has stated that Nollywood has grossly misrepresented African traditional religions.

The filmmaker made this claim in an interview on SKY 452’s “For the Record” with UK-based Nigerian, DJ Abass.

“There’s a lot of misrepresentation through our films,” Kunle Afolayan explained in the interview.

The “October 1” producer added that most of the traditional values in Nigerian films have been misinterpreted.

“Some of the chants and the use of it are often misused. When you see a proper babalawo, they say ‘oh come on, you don’t do this’. The way the shrines is presented; the way the babalawos are presented is misrepresented.”

Afolayan said the perception of traditionalists by most Nigerians has been influenced by what they watch from the movies.

However, the filmmaker said he is keen on getting most of the basics of most of the religions are presented and he tried to “understand the different religion so I can strike a balance.”

Kunle Afolayan noted that traditional religions were not the only misrepresented religions.

“The same way you have misrepresentation in Christianity, you have in Islam and that’s the same in traditional religion.”

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  1. Aare

    February 7, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    Some Babalawo’s are also guilty succumbing to the greed of many people. They are supposed to be native doctors and African ‘philosophers’ and help keep balance in a community.

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