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Here are Smart Ways You can Protect Your Business Legally



In recent years, there’s been a significant rise in entrepreneurial exploits. Many Nigerians are creating innovative solutions and in the excitement of starting and running a business, sometimes, you tend to overlook the legal formalities until you get into some big problems! 

Not to worry, Quicklaw limited has got you covered with a service that provides access to legal support services and free legal advice.

Here are some tips on how to legally protect your business as an SME in Nigeria – Law made easy!

  1. Register your business.

Err…this goes without saying right? Particularly speaking to small business owners, before you spend your money printing business cards and putting up your sign-board, you should check to ensure your business name is legally available. More so, if not registered, several clients, especially the corporate ones will not patronise your business. 

Registering your business will not only safeguard its identity but also, enable it to operate fully as a business entity within Nigeria. 

  1. Sign agreements.

Even if the person is your friend, make sure you sign an agreement! 

This is especially needed for service-based businesses and freelancers to protect their interests. Agreements ensure that all expectations are clearly laid out including all parties’ requirements and responsibilities. This way, if any problem arises, you can refer to the contract that was signed from the beginning. Examples of such agreements include Non-disclosure agreements, Independent contractor agreements, Partnership agreements, Employee agreements, Service agreements and much more.

With Quicklaw limited you can explore a wide range of agreements to protect your business. 

  1. Thinking Global? Trademark your brand.

Trademarking your brand gives legal protection to intellectual property and brand elements like your company name and logo. This will prevent other companies and people from using these.

  1. Patent your idea.

If you’re going through the pains to create something so unique, you should protect it. Patents enable you to protect your ideas from copycats and litigation.

Are you wondering if all these are necessary at your stage of business growth? Wondering what things to do first? Need to find out more about protecting your business? Please visit the website

About Quicklaw Limited

Quicklaw limited is an online legal support company aimed at addressing the challenges in acquiring legal services in Nigeria. This service allows users across various demographics connect to a network of highly qualified legal professionals online. The platform offers an extensive range of legal services including commercial services, property matters, personal injury matters and much more.

Quicklaw Limited enables individuals to efficiently handle their legal affairs while nurturing and promoting a legal-conscious Nigerian society.


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