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Beverly Naya shares her Self-Esteem Story and how it led to the Creation of her Inspiring “Skin” Documentary | Watch on BN TV



Actress Beverly Naya has spoken about the reason behind shooting her documentary, “Skin”. Naya said she drew from her personal experiences to make the documentary.

Click here if you missed the teaser.

She tells the presenters of Hello Nigeria on Wazobia Max TV how being bullied as a child because of her crooked teeth and eczema messed up her self-esteem. Naya said while she has not necessarily felt low self-esteem because of her skin colour, but she has seen that happen to other people.

On the show, Naya also discussed contemporary social issues such as colourism and how it has affected her career and that of others. The actress even cited an example of an actress she knew who did not get a movie role because of her darker skin tone.

“Skin” is using identity to explore the beauty in several shades of black. The documentary features Phyno, Bob Risky, Eku Edewor, and Dianna Yekinni.

The documentary is produced by Beverly Naya and directed by Etim Effiong.

Watch the interview below:


  1. Hmmmmm

    March 5, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Tell me who doesn’t have low self esteem issues, everyone does. It’s something you grow with more wisdom. I can’t wait for we black women to move beyond skin color and hair. We will simply embrace ourselves in the color and hair we come in. Don’t wait for society or Whites because it starts from us(individually).
    Let’s talk about very critical issues affecting black women around the world, from fibroids, child mortality rate which is very high in Nigeria, income gap pay, women in position etc

    • YLTT

      March 5, 2019 at 3:09 pm

      I totally agree with you! There are more pressing issues, women are suffering in IDP camps no food, no sustainable way of caring for themselves & their families etc, employment gaps in pay for women, women involvement in policy making etc, children and their education & well being, I’m done with this part now, we can move on now thank you! well put at hmmmmm

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