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BN Hot Topic: How Far Will You Go to Ensure Your Child is Admitted into the University of Your Dreams?

People find alternative methods to have their kids admitted into a prestigious university all the time. It doesn’t even have to be something major — people go to their pastors for help because a congregant works in a university and the pastor can put in a word or two.But how far is too far?



The college scam case ongoing in the US is too familiar that one might almost be tempted to ignore it.

The gist is that fifty people, including Hollywood celebrities, have been indicted for bribing their kids’ way into college.

These wealthy people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some even as high as millions, to get their kids into prestigious schools like Yale and Stanford and University of Southern California.

They pay to have people write their kids’ SATs for them (special centers, ya’know). In some cases, a fake profile will be created for the child to have them listed as an athlete. Proper scam. But it is a scam that we know all too well as Nigerians. Ours just comes in a different package. There are ‘mercenaries’ who will write the UTME exams for you for a fee – paid for by parents. There are also situations where if the parent is rich enough, an easy donation here or there will get them favour with the university authorities.

Then, there’s things known as ‘special centres’. Something of an ‘open secret’; you drive past an expressway and you see their posters on the dividers. Get 9 As in your WAEC and Neco.

We’re aware of the existence of something called a Dean’s List: a list of people who will get admitted to a faculty because they know someone who knows the dean.

They have leg.

Children of lecturers are admitted into departments whose cut-off marks they failed to meet. Easily.

People find alternative methods to have their kids admitted into a prestigious university all the time. It doesn’t even have to be something major — people go to their pastors for help because a congregant works in a university and the pastor can put in a word or two.

But how far is too far? How much under the table payment or legwork will you go to just to see your ward in a university of your dreams? How far did your parents go to get you into the university of your dreams, or their dreams? The Americans who have participated in this scam have been arrested and indicted. Do you think this is something we also need to adopt in Nigeria? Everyone who has been part of education scam in Nigeria, file to the left…


  1. Ajala & Foodie

    March 13, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    You see this issue, I assumed was not illegal. I remember when a vendor was trying to lobby my company and all of us involved were called into a meeting by the Senior VP to warn us about not taking meetings with any one from this company. The CEO of the vendor company had joined our SVP’s club and tried lobbying him on the golf course. That ticked him off so I asked if it was even legal to do that. That was when our director told me it happened every where including colleges and told a story of how the spouse of a particular senior executive (he refused to mention who) had contacted a school after the kid had not made the “cut off” and had pretty much told (in a roundabout way) the president that they will take not only their donations and influence the company to also take their contributions and recruitment somewhere else if her kid did not get in. Well,kid got in despite not passing enough. It was at that point I started praying to have that kind of influence. Yes, I want to teach my children hardworking and will never cheat for my child but I realized that who you know matters. I mean if people can get away with that in the US forget 9ja men. I mean, we average people have to compete with each others brains to get a seat in Ivy league schools and professional schools,now add another layer of fighting $$$$ and influence? This rich people still will act like it is laziness that is causing some to lose and not accept that it is the odds that we have constantly stacked against us. Yet, we defy the odds and they wonder why we make a big deal of defying said odds.

  2. mz_danielz

    March 14, 2019 at 9:26 am

    When we ask God for divine, unmerited favor, are we not asking him to use his long leg, his right arm of salvation which is a favor unto his people?

    It is what it is my dear, do your best to have influence, teach your children the right values but don’t act too surprised when you hear things like this.

    • xqsyou

      March 14, 2019 at 5:03 pm

      @mz_danielz WoW! What an analogy!
      Let’s be guided and watch what we teach our children, please.
      Paying money to get an unqualified candidate in is ILLEGAL and morally wrong!!!
      Having the connection to be picked as a QUALIFIED candidate amongst other QUALIFIED candidates for a spot… now THAT IS Influence or “Favour” as they say.

  3. whocares

    March 14, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    I read an interview about this issue, and the guy broke it down so well. The problem is rich people nowadays are not so blatant with their classism and privilege, they hide under the guise of donation or public good. A lot of the parents involved in this scam either donated one amount or the other to the school for this or that. The guy even pointed out that one of the parent’s involved in this has an NGO that supports poorer companies etc (in a bid to make society more equal right) but then he goes behind to pay an exorbitant amount of money to help his kid beat the same system he is “publicly” tying to equalize.
    what even makes this all the more laughable is that these parents are rich, so ordinarily the kids have a leg up. they have access to extra curricular etc that the average poorer kid wouldn’t have. So in helping their child cheat the system in this manner, they are saying even with the added advantage of wealth, their child is still too thick to achieve anything on their own merit. Trump no longer surprises me. This is why Trump is the american president.
    if there is anything i am grateful to my mother for, its the fact that even though there was all the opportunity in this world to give me an unfair advantage of this kind, especially in nigeria, she never did it. She never even looked at it or contemplated it and that meant it never even occurred to me to relent or think there was one mummy somewhere that would use one connection for one thing or the other.

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