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The Top 4 Talked it All Out on Friday’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reloaded | Here’s How it Went Down



The Top 4 Talked it All Out on Friday's #BBNaija Double Wahala Reloaded | Here's How it Went Down | bellaNaija

Friday night’s #BBNaija Double Wahala Reloaded show saw the final four housemates, with Miracle missing, talk about their final week in the house.

The housemates went right into it, talking about who they were surprised made it to the finals and who they thought would make it but didn’t.

Tobi said he was surprised Nina made it (no offense), and Nina said she knew would because she prayed about it. Alex said she didn’t believe anyone would vote for her, and Cee C said she wasn’t surprised she made it into the final week.

We saw the clip of Cee C returning to the house to see Alex, Nina, Tobi and Miracle popping champagne, and she said she just knew she wasn’t going home that night. Alex was honest (she always is) and said she wasn’t happy to see Cee C back into the house on that night. She said she even went on her knees to pray that Miracle emerge the winner when it was just him and Cee C in the top 2.

Both Nina and Alex felt Teddy A would make it to the finals, and both of them said it was because of the way he carried himself in the house. Alex said she expected Khloe in the final also because Khloe always talked about having celebrity friends. While Tobi said it was the people he expected to get to the final who did (except Nina), Cee C said she thought Rico would make it because he was humble and Nigerians enjoy humble stories.

Cee C talked about how the final week was exhausting for her, how she felt alone and didn’t think she’d be cool with anyone. Alex and Nina had different reactions. Alex said while she felt pity for Cee C because Cee C was always alone, she also felt Cee C deserved every attitude she gave her. Nina, on the other hand, said the final week enabled her to settle her differences with Cee C.

The housemates also talked about the final fight that saw Cee C call Tobi several names in the final week. It seems that fight was even more epic than what we the viewers thought.

Alex revealed that she’d been having a conversation with Cee C the night preceding the fight and she felt they’d talked things out and everything was fine. But then the fight started and she noticed Cee C was throwing jabs at her with the things she was saying to Tobi, calling Alex his gossip partner.

Tobi said he just let Cee C speak her mind because he felt she needed to vent. And that’s exactly what Cee C said the fight was: an outlet for her to vent.

Cee C said although she regrets the words she used, she didn’t regret the fight because it let her release all the anger and hurt inside her and she said everything she needed to.

The juiciest thing of the night was probably when Nina revealed that herself and Miracle traveled to Ghana together in 2018 and although they never did make things official, she decided to let him go because they both needed to explore their individual worlds.

Alex ended the episode by extending her lunch invite to Cee C again, and Cee C said it has to be Chinese. Then Nina invited herself!

And that’s all for the episode, guys. Seems like Sunday’s will be hot! with the 19 housemates taking polygraph tests. Can’t wait!


  1. innocent

    March 30, 2019 at 9:33 am

    everything ends in the houses that’s the game

  2. Asekun oyinkansola

    March 30, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    it all ends in the house but Tobi was surprised to see Nina at the final she was happy that she made in the finals while Alex was not happy to see Ceec back in the house well they all started everything in the Bigbrother house and ended it there


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