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Many Nigerians say they Can Relate to this Trending Thread on Twitter



This may ruin your day, because it’s so real and so true.

Writer @DavidHundeyin shared a thread on Twitter about the current situation of Nigeria’s youth, and he wrote from the perspective of youths born into wealthy families.

Everyone is feeling the pain of the country’s current economic situation, and everyone of his schoolmates from one of the elite schools in the country are planning to leave the country for better opportunities for themselves and their kids, he says.

He reflects on how terrible the situation must be for everyone else, if people like him, from wealthy homes, who had really great education, are getting poorer daily and cannot afford to give their kids the life their parents gave them.

Hear from him:

I attended my secondary school alumni meeting yesterday and I felt really, really sad about Nigeria. Bear in mind this is Atlantic Hall we’re talking about, so pretty much all of us won the birth lottery to begin with. But EVERYBODY IS LEAVING NIGERIA. This is not a drill.

None of us is struggling. We’re all late 20s to early 40s. By Nigerian standards, we are *balling*. Everybody showed up in a nice car, we all have successful businesses and careers. No one would see us and imagine that we are anything but Nigeria’s elite. Then we started talking.

First of all, the common theme was “Why did I come back?” None of us could say with a straight face. Every single one of us regretted returning to Nigeria. Without an exception. We all left careers abroad to chase a Nigerian dream that has turned into a Jordan Peele horror flick.

Those of us with kids all said the same thing: “I’m leaving because of their secondary school.” None of us can afford to send our kids to the very school we are alumni of. N3.5m per annum? What if you have 2 kids. Totally unrealistic. So, Canada. UK. US. Germany. Australia.

Again I should stress that none of us is looking for bread. We’re all successful people in our own right. But Nigeria has taken the difficulty bar from where our parents met it and placed it somewhere far out of reach, even for its best and brightest.

Now my question is this: If people like us whose parents owned property and did well for themselves before they died can no longer afford to remain in Nigeria because we are getting poorer, then what about everyone else? Mr political elite, pls what is the plan? I don’t see one.

Ordinarily, we are the lucky ones that should be consolidating on what our parents achieved and building legacies. Instead we are disposing of the property they worked for and moving abroad because Nigeria wants to strangulate us. What is the plan?

Are you trying to run a country without a middle class? Do you want every kind of successful professional to move to Canada before you are satisfied? Who will fly your jets? Who will give you primary healthcare before you fly abroad? Who will manage your money? What is the plan?

Me I’m just saying o, because if people whose parents built houses in VI and Ikoyi are selling them and emigrating, you should know that something unprecedented is coming. These are not Masters degree hustlers. These are Nigeria’s silent elite. Leaving. In a stampede.

Me I don’t have any property to sell thank heaven, because my family is unorthodox so nobody should come after me in my miniflat in Gbagada. Hustle ni mo’n se l’owo. But I’m just saying. I feel like Nigeria is a TV series approaching the final episode. I feel real, actual dread.

That’s all I will say sha. As you were.

BNers, what are your thoughts?


  1. Tamuno

    April 17, 2019 at 1:45 am

    The truth is, I’m one of the diaspora’s Nigerian but still have the desire to get something back home in naija.
    I really hope, soonest our nation would be a home for us all. I just pray it happens in my time

  2. Tope Adekoya

    April 17, 2019 at 6:33 am

    The truth is most of your parents were not rich. They stole from the govt. Things have changed and the kids do not have the intelligence to start their own businesses or fluorish. What worked for your parents will not work for you spoilt kids under this regime. The real entrepreneurs who are ready to do the real work ate not conplaining. Go on instagram, you will see lots of start ups that are doing well. By the way, if you are complaining about paying school fees of 3.5M/annum, then you need to bite the humble pie, cos you arent rich as youve claimed several times.

    • godwin

      April 17, 2019 at 10:08 am

      Apparently you dont to hear the truth and now you are attacking the messenger

    • Mama

      April 17, 2019 at 10:35 am

      I don’t agree with you. Government patronage was much less in our parents time. People genuinely ran businesses and worked hard. The country was growing so there were plenty of opportunities. That growth is rapidly dwindling.
      I agree Nigerians find it difficult to cut their clothes according to materials but it is depressing when we have so much talent going to waste because of the lack of an enabling environment

    • Don

      April 17, 2019 at 12:07 pm

      Anybody who suggests that serious minded people should check Instagram to know who is doing well is heavily deluded. Instagram is mostly packaging. If you want to really find out whether businesses are doing well, then speak to bankers. They keep the money so will tell you how far.

    • Alake

      April 17, 2019 at 2:13 pm

      Tope Adekoya, Its pretty unfortunate that you have spoken with so little depth. How many of those parents owned businesses then? are you aware that a public servant could afford to train his child/children abroad without stealing? are you aware of the system that existed? I have a lot of questions but………………. Please don’t use the word ‘most’ because a good number of parents earned a honest living.

      Please Tope, get some education by reading up just incase you did not witness the good times in Nigeria. Have a beautiful day.

    • Mo

      April 17, 2019 at 3:50 pm

      I agree with you jare, the truth is such a hard pill to swallow. Yes, things are hard but in Nigeria things have always been hard. At least half of the parents who sent their kids to these schools at the time could not afford to do so on their true earnings,most supplemented their costs with someway somehow earnings. This cannot be the yardstick you use to measure your successes because it is false or flawed. These schools were not even prestigious in academia o, their claims to exclusivity were usually Air conditioning in the classrooms and co. There was a time fees were paid in US dollars and parents boasted that their kids schools didn’t enforce them to sit for NECO/WAEC, instead they all clamoured abroad after writing the British GCSE’s forgetting that after all said and done one will still slug it out with children that went to public schools. This crippled process has inevitably churned out entitled adults who grew up on a false sense of class. The funniest part is you would think these 3.5 million per annum schools hire teachers that went to Cambridge and Oxford o. Listen, until we are all ready to start cutting our clothes according to the fabrics we have, we are not going anywhere in this country. We must understand the doctrine of hard work and instil this in our kids.

    • Aare

      April 17, 2019 at 3:55 pm

      It was implied that parents are upper class but what he did imply about himself was that he was successful by nigerian standards. His writing just conveys something close to pride.

      He does have a point, a quick breakdown; our upper middle class should be around 8 million a year for a family of two. If you budget for food and rent/mortgate. Then those school fees are really for top 1%. But the problem is that in many countries the upper middle class should be able to have access to a good education and generally a good standard of living. I think that is what I understood him saying that to enjoy the country you have to be in the top0.5% or a crook.I do not care about the hustler economy, it is one of the reasons we are in this position, our companies and businesses have cheated and taken alarger share of income not commensurate with the quality of service and product.

      Also nigeria is complicated, I used to follow this new start ups until I figured, in years past a large number of investors in nigerian businesses are our leaders. Money is not laundered in property alone but also in investments.

    • Mercy

      April 17, 2019 at 4:10 pm

      Thank you very much, truth is always very bitter

    • by_stander

      May 3, 2019 at 5:05 pm

      I like this thread, and i will go on to address points raised in a new thread, cause i have something to say on this matter i think everyone here is missing.

  3. nkechi

    April 17, 2019 at 10:19 am

    so true my brother, may God help and save us all.

  4. Dolapo

    April 17, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Civil servants have been stealing since 1880, please take a deep look and wonder how some parents could have afforded what they had. The private sectors cannot escape this accusation, reports of the kind of racketing that went on at Siemens and John holt are being circulated. Men just got greener and corruption became less exclusive.

  5. D

    April 17, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    All those coming for Tope are jokers!mention 10 old money who are very much alive and wealth is still in theitr generation that can proudly say they didn’t benefit from Government either through contracts or using their position to is not just a Nigeria thing it is everywhere in the world .I doubt if most of you had farmers kid or gold merchant kids back in the days as your classmate in so called elite schools (maybe 1 or 2 cocoa merchant kids).though she missed it with awon instagram people *side eye*.truth is the economy is bad but you and your cliques are plain broke.if they had something doing and really making money from there won’t be any need to sell Daddy’s properties. Tell them to get a good financial planner and start living within what they can afford.travelling abroad is no longer a luxury most people can afford ,buying errthing designer is not luxury people can afford it as a matter of fact people raised by poor parents still send their kids to expensive school cause they did what some of your father’s did then.they can’t afford to steal from Government so they save up to give you the best.

  6. by_stander

    May 3, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    I find the posts on this article interesting actually.

    but what everyone is missing here is the truth about Nigeria, which is slowly coming out – alot people might not even see or understand it. but it all started with lawyers and accountants.


    The Writer @DavidHundeyin is simply coming to face reality. a lot of your so called “Rich Parents” never created any value in society, they never had any exceptional skill or contributed anything, they never even worked for or built a successful company that really created value.

    they only benefited from a Renk Seeking system which has lasted this long because of Oil. And probably still ongoing to get to the point of its worst kind of human enslavement as Oil becomes more and more less relevant in the world or if Nigeria never discovers another natural resource the world wants.

    The signs should have been obvious when parents needed to/fundamentally had send their kids overseas to get a good education. that should have been the first sign that the perceived wealth isnt being generated by creation of value – think of where the kids of the wealthiest people in the US or UK school, and if there is a fundamental need for them to send their kids overseas.

    I dont know if you are getting poorer (because an education is the best investment your parents can give you), but your legal tender is definitely getting weaker – apart from Oil i don’t know anything made in the Nigeria the world absolutely needs.

    However Rent seekers have ensured that nobody in Nigeria (at least competitively) can come up with and develop an idea that works like it does in the west.

    If you dont know, you currently live in a country where infringement on your inalienable rights has been written into law by people who do not have any value to add to society.

    The system is designed specifically to kill businesses, and perpetuate rent seeking. what people don’t understand is that this is Nigeria’s biggest industry and it all started with Lawyers and Accountants writing laws that benefited themselves financially.

    This administration claims to be fighting to make doing business easy blah blah, and i trust the good faith of the President that is what he wants to achieve – but will the lawyers and accountants around him tell him that they have laws in place soo complicated that you can not do anything without them or risk losing your business? or that you have to hire atleast 2 accountants to count your money and pay unregulated 3rd party fees?

    While everyone here has an interpretation of what they think is going on. this is as plainly as its gets.

    Every single law since independence day needs to be reviewed and all rent seeking laws that infringe on the inalienable rights and right to earn a living of Nigerians, needs to be scrapped.

    because even news media have started pushing their own rent seeking agenda via “digital right and freedom bill” – if approved (thank God the President declined), you now have to pay “Newspapers” in 2019 to inform your customers as business. It means like Lawyers & Accountants, they will have no requirement to improve their “Newspaper” business, whether they sell a single piece of paper or not – the rest of us will have to fund them sending their children abroad so they can start calling themselves elite.

    It’s all becoming a big joke really, at the expense of prosperity of Nigerians and it’s about time people started working for a living as opposed to getting paid to do nothing.

    These rentseekers (jokers) want to make facebook money, without having to go through the process of learning how to build a facebook, so that someday their child will come and make a trending post on twitter.


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