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‘We provide Fine, Quality Fashion Wear & Accessories- CEO of Pretiwomannn, Lisa Ogunrobo



CEO of Pretiwomannn, Lisa Ogrunrobo

CEO of Pretiwomannn, Lisa Ogunrobo

The Chief Executive Officer of Melisakim Clothing Limited, (the owners of the Pretiwomannn brand) Lisa Ogunrobo has said that the fashion brand’s main goal is to empower Nigerian women through affordable fashion.

Pretiwomannn is an Abuja-based fashion outlet focused on women fashion. Since launch in 2015, it had set out to promote affordable luxury in women fashion, while meeting the fashion aspirations of every class of Nigerian women.

Speaking on the growth of the brand, Ogunrobo said the outlet has sold over one million foreign-sourced fashion items through its offline and online store, as well as through the Pretiwomannn Instagram handle since it opened its doors to the public four years ago, indicating the wide acceptance the brand has enjoyed among Nigerian women.

She said: “Pretiwomannn is a fashion retail store that sells affordable luxury fashion items. We pride ourselves in providing fine, quality fashion wears and accessories and ensure that our customers have the best value for their money. We cater to women all over the world who desire to make a statement anywhere they show up at; whether it’s at a lunch with friends or even at a MET Gala. Our customers vary across many sectors, from your everyday working lady at the office, celebrities and even to entrepreneurs and women in power,” she added.

On why the brand has earned the trust of millions of Nigerian women over the years, she said: “Two words; “Affordable Luxury”. People patronize us because we put our customers first. We go the extra mile all the time, doing everything within our power to ensure that we satisfy our customers.

Star actress, Tonto Dikeh on a Pretiwomannn outfit

“Even in instances where there’s an item that isn’t readily available, we make sure to go out of our way to make sure that the customer gets it and on time.” She said this has remained the brand’s way of making an effort “to support Nigerian women’s fashion aspirations” in the absence of local alternatives.

Ogunrobo also noted that a key component of what has made the brand a success is its leverage of Instagram as a distribution channel. Over the past four years, the retail outlet has leveraged the picture sharing platform, through its handle @pretiwomannn, to drive its distribution, growing its followership to over 26,000.

Ogunrobo said, “A platform like Instagram has become the new brick and mortar. For us, with over 26,000 followers, it has provided us with a global marketplace, proving that Instagram has become the holy grail of fashion retail in Nigeria.”

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