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Ayishat Olanrewaju: 10 Ways to Make Instagram a Personal Branding Tool

Your ideal audience already has a perception about your personal brand. What you need to focus on is how to shape those perceptions to be in line with what your brand stands for.

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Instagram is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms out there, with over 1 billion users worldwide. However, one of the things most people don’t know is that Instagram can be a great personal branding tool, if effectively utilised.

A great personal brand can be a huge instrument in winning contracts, getting a new job, getting a promotion, getting a speaking gig, etc. When it comes to owning a personal brand, you should remember that you already have one; the only issue is this – are you controlling the narrative around your personal brand?

Your ideal audience already has a perception about your personal brand. What you need to focus on is how to shape those perceptions to be in line with what your brand stands for.

It is time to put your social media to good use. Here are 10 different ways to utilise Instagram as a personal branding tool:

Get clear on what you want to be known for
The first thing to building a sustainable personal brand is knowing exactly what you want to be known for. You need to decide on a niche and the market to focus on. This would be an area you want to focus on, and one that people can identify with your brand.

Revamp your bio
Let your Instagram bio reflect what you want to be known for and the value you are adding. Think of your bio as your business card, think of it as something your target audience come in contact with before deciding to follow you. Your bio must be a reflection of what your brand is about.

Use a great profile picture
Your profile picture (preferably a headshot) should be sharp and reflective of your personal brand. Even if you don’t have a headshot, you should use a hi-res picture that shows your face clearly and exudes your brand.

Create a content calendar around your expertise
Your content is how people connect with your brand. It is a major aspect of your brand that can either make or mar things. It is how we know the value you add, your knowledge, as well as experience around a subject matter.

Post quality content
It is not enough to post content, you need to ensure you are posting quality content that is value-oriented and shareable. Each time you post on your platform, you are giving us the opportunity to understand your brand and the value you add.

Engage with your target audience
You also need to create a list of your target audience, and consistently engage with them online. Find out the accounts they engage with and connect with them there. Like their posts, leave thoughtful comments, and create visibility for your brand.

Use Instagram Stories
You can make use of the Instagram Stories feature to share behind-the-scenes clips and present your brand in an authentic way. This gives your audience the opportunity to connect with your brand on a personal level, and have an idea of your brand personality.

Use hashtags the right way
Think of hashtags as a visibility tool and filing system for your posts. It helps you get your posts seen by the right people, if effectively utilized. You don’t have to #HashtagEverySingleWordOnInstagram

Be consistent
You need to keep showing up and show up consistently, so that your target audience will have your brand on their minds.

Pay to play
Invest in your personal brand by utilising adverts to get your content seen by more people among your target audience.

Ayishat Olanrewaju is a Brand Strategist, Digital Marketer, and a Professional Writer. She is the Founder of Corporately Lucid, a Content Marketing Agency in Nigeria. Ayishat is passionate about helping brands communicate their values, position themselves, and attract their ideal audience online. Reach her via [email protected] or @ayishat on Instagram.

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