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Ella & KimOprah Have Been Evicted & Someone’s Heart is Shattered – Here’s what happened on #BBNaija Day 14



Leave My Man Alone!

Which was it, too much love or too much alcohol?

Whether it was from love or from alcohol, Mercy was sure intoxicated as she had an altercation in the garden with Ella after the Saturday Night Party.

Jokes Apart

The palava that happened between these Housemates started in the sitting room when Mercy asked Ella the man she truly likes in the House. Ella took this as an affront and warned Mercy to be careful. But Mercy was spoiling for a fight as she screamed in Ella’s face saying “Ella, I hope say no be my Ike you dey like oh”. When Mercy saw the expression on Ella’s face, she quickly told her friend that she was joking about her question. Joke or not, we will soon find out.

Pitch Your Tent Elsewhere

After the incident in the dining area, Mercy took the ‘beef’ outside as she told Ella to stand up from the mattress she was sitting on in the garden. Her reason was that Ike was sitting on it so Ella should place her butt somewhere else. Trust Ella, she quickly dished it to Mercy as she retorted “I don’t know the kind of alcohol you drank oh but you can’t touch me”. Mercy was unfazed by it all as her parting words were “find another man wey dey single”. Will Ella take this warning serious?

1563071451 34 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 1.52.21 am

Friendship Gone Wrong

The drama continued in the bedroom with Ike, Nelson and KimOprah as the audience. Ike’s queen told all who cared to listen that Ella is her friend and if she wants her man, they would have to stop being friends.

1563071567 34 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 1.56.40 am

Who will remind these two that fighting is against Biggie’s rules?

Wondering how the ‘gangsta’ Mercy was fighting over, reacted? Watch it below.

Shattered Heart

If you like someone, you talk to him or her right?

Well, we don’t know what to say but Frodd and Esther had some Peppery revelations in the garden that resulted in tears and pitiful resolutions.

Unrequited Love

It was not the first time Frodd has beamed his love light on Esther. But it is definitely the first time that the love situation has been truly analyzed by both parties. Frodd started by telling Esther that he understands that she was not reciprocating his feelings but if she likes someone else, he can handle it and she should be free to like anybody else. He went on to confess that he has fallen for Esther so deeply. Are we the only ones hearing this or is someone going to get a mattress so we can quickly catch him as he falls?

Milady Speaks

Frodd the gentleman has spoken about the intentions in his heart and the lady had to give her response. Esther started softly by saying that she likes him and feel they have a rapport but she loves her space. OMG, this landing was not a smooth one for Frodd. What will he do?

1563078954 34 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 2.46.47 am

Floodgate of Frodd

Esther bared her mind mentioning that if Frodd didn’t come on strongly, who knows? They might have started something. Our Pepper Dem Housemate could not take like a man, so, Frodd wept. He was so teary-eyed that Esther asked if she should supply him with tissue paper. Oh, before we forget, he also thanked Esther for making him cry.

Cards have been placed on the table, separate images have been revealed. What’s the next step for Frodd and Esther?

Eviction Vibes

The Eviction fever has helped us reveal quite a lot about some of the Housemates.

After their zanku and shaku shaku jerks at the party yesterday evening, the Housemates woke up late this morning. Nelson was the first to get up, of course, an HoH has to set the pace. Diane was a little reluctant to get out of bed, as she soon went back to sleep after waking up.

No Workout

For waking up late, the Housemates didn’t think it necessary to work out this morning. Besides, it’s the weekend. For some of them, the first thing they did was tidy up the environment. Khafi was seen holding a mop stick praying. Guess what her prayer point was. She was thanking God for not letting her succumb to her weaknesses. With the little we’ve seen between Khafi and Gedoni so far, it’d be natural to say that our lovely Khafi was referring to Gedoni.

1563110060 34 am khafi


Darling Housemates

After their morning routine, the five Housemates up Eviction were called to the garden where Darling and Mega Growth gave them a ravishing look. They are all looking lovely in their new hairstyles. Despite their beautiful transformation, they all seemed to have a lot going through their minds. Is it the Eviction?

The Real Player

Jackye went to Ike for a gist regarding the fire that sparked between Ella and Mercy yesterday. What we got from Ike was a shocker. Though said playfully, Ike was bold to say that he had earlier told Ella that he was already with Mercy. Now here’s the twist: he added that if Mercy eventually leaves, Ella stands a chance of having him all to herself.

As some of them go home today, what peppery moments do we expect in the coming days?

Live Show: Ella and KimOprah Evicted

Ella and KimOprah take their last steps in the Big Brother Naija race.

After a journey well spent in the Pepper Dem House, Ella and KimOprah said their goodbyes on the BBNaija stage – as the second pair of Evictees this Season. Did you see that coming?

1563129988 34 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 7.45.39 pm

Who They Will Miss Most

In their last Diary session with Biggie. The Evicted Housemates revealed to us what they will miss the most. For Ella, she stated that she will miss the House while KimOprah, told Big Brother she will miss the communal eating with other Housemates.

1563131891 34 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 8.15.34 pm

Parting Words

In her chat with Ebuka on stage, Ella told the Host that the other Housemates were out to get her. When asked who was going to win, she was not specific as she wished all the Housemates good luck. KimOprah, the second Housemate to be Evicted, cited Ella as her least favourite Housemate. In her words. “Ella is erratic”. She also thinks Jeff would win.

Their Spiciest Moments

The Evicted Housemates didn’t fail to give us some spice while they were in the House. Ella wasn’t a Housemate to be ignored as she showed us she could hold her own in any situation. KimOprah who was the first holder of the Veto Power badge, also Peppered us in ways we can’t forget.

Watch KimOprah’s journey in Biggie’s House here.

Beginning of A New Race

Second Evictee – KimOprah revealed that her next steps outside the House would be to further her education and expand her business. Ella, on the other hand, told Africa to get ready for her as she is going to wow them with her music and dance moves Watch out, Kaffy!

Watch Ella’s journey in the Big Brother House here.

Buckle up Africa, another set of spicy queens have been unleashed.

Mercy Takes The Lead

How Naija voted for their favourite Housemates.

Naija sure does love their Pepper Dem Housemates and they made their votes count when they needed it the most. Mercy, Tacha and Sir Dee have a lot to be thankful for as they amassed the votes they needed to stay on. The same couldn’t be said about KimOprah and Ella. Here’s how Naija Voted:

1563134831 35 how nigeria voted week2 social post

Mercy, Tacha and Sir Dee got 29.26%, 28.77% and 21.77% of the Votes respectively making them the trio with the highest numbers of Votes. KimOprah and Ella had the least number of Votes with 14.82% and 5.38% respectively. This poor showing in the polls had both of them Evicted from the House.

The journey to the Voting started when the Housemates were Nominated for Eviction by their fellow Housemates. Mercy who was put up by Frodd who saved himself had a cool demeanour in the days leading up to the Live Eviction Show and now we know why the unbothered queen didn’t break a sweat all week. Amassing the most number of votes, Mercy has shown us that she is a strong contender for the final spot. Tacha who had always been very confident about her stay in the House till the final day showed us how well she could do when her clout comes to question. Although she came second to Mercy, the difference wasn’t much.

The Eviction of KimOprah and Ella brings to four the number of Housemates that have been Evicted from the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Gang. Isilomo and Avala were previously Evicted.

Niniola on the Mic

Niniola leaves everyone dazzled with a stellar performance.

Nothing leaves a crowd cheering for more than an amazing performance and Ninola did just on stage at the #BBNaija Live Eviction Show. Breathing life on stage with a captivating voice and stunning dance moves, Niniola had the Live audience in a state of euphoria as they watched her deliver a medley of chart-topping hits.

Headlining the Eviction Show, Niniola showed us why Drake made a special request for her song on live radio. It was everything we wanted and more as Niniola, the Queen of Afro House stepped opened the Show with an electrifying performance of ‘Designer’ before making a smooth transition to ‘Bana’.

Right from the moment she stepped on to the Big Brother Naija stage flanked by her energetic dancers, it was quite obvious Niniola was going to take the audience on a sensational ride and leave them dazzled.  Her choice of opening with her hit single ‘Designer’ had the fans erupting in cheers and singing along excitedly.

Watch the Opening Performance

What’s better than one performance from Niniola? Two!

And that’s what the audience got as Niniola hit the stage for the second time leaving everyone gasping for breath as they danced along. If we asked for Pepper, Niniola came with a variety to serve us all. The Switch from ‘Broda Sodiq’ to ‘Maradona’ was the extra spice to stir up the audience after the second Eviction announcement by Ebuka. For a moment, Naija almost forgot two of their favourite Housemates just left the House.

Niniola’s performance is definitely one for the books. We can’t wait to see the next artist that will grace the #BBNaija stage.

Watch Niniola Light up the Stage.

All Hail Seyi

Seyi wins the Veto Power Game of Chance.

Seyi’s luck came through for him as he not only made it past the first round of the Veto Power Game of Chance, but also went on to win the Veto Power in a game of ‘Spin the Wheel.’

The Lucky Five

The Game of Chance which was in two rounds. The first saw the Housemates dashing to stand next to the pedestal of their choice. Each of the 17 pedestals had a card on them and five of the cards had a green sticker that gave the holder the chance to make it to the next round. The hard part was identifying which pedestal had the card with a green sticker so the Housemates had to rely on luck. Unfortunately, most of the Housemates’ Lucks were off duty. Only Ike, Tacha, Omashola, Seyi and Gedoni’s luck showed up for work and that’s how they made it to the next round. They were the only ones who had the green sticker on their card as they revealed it.

1563153373 56 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 11.01.21 pm

Take a Spin

When your fate is left to spinning a wheel of fortune, there really isn’t much you can do than spin and hope for the best. This round had the Housemates spinning a wheel of fortune with hopes of it landing on the ‘Veto Power.’

1563153277 56 screenshot 2019 07 14 at 11.26.15 pm

The Unlucky Gangsta

Ike’s luck seemed to have taken a nap after the first round as he ended up not getting anything on both occasions he got to spin the wheel. He had to settle for ‘Oops’ Instead.

Cluck Cluck

When Tacha had to crack an egg on her head at the first spin, we didn’t think much of it, but when she had to cluck like a chicken on the second try, we knew her luck was definitely in the mood for some chicken.

Not Close Enough

Omashola came close twice and you could see the hurt in his eyes on both occasion. Having to come so close to your target and watch it slip away. In the quest for Veto Power, close doesn’t cut it.

Cupcake will do

Gedoni didn’t get the Veto Power either, but he got a cupcake on his second try spinning the wheel and he seemed fine with it.

And the Winner is…

Seyi! He also had to spin twice and fortunately for him, luck smiled on him on his second try. Seyi takes over from Frodd who won the previous week. As usual, the Winner of the Veto Power Game of Chance has the power to save and replace a Housemate nominated for Eviction, the right to wear the Veto Power Badge and also smile to the bank with 100 Bet9ja Coins.

Watch the Veto Power Game of Chance

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