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Here are all the Highlights from #BBNaija Day 9



Day 9: Clash of Words

The spicy verbal match between Thelma and Esther.

Thelma and Esther locked horns today in the Big Brother House. Pepper Dem Housemate Thelma did not take it kindly when Esther tried to correct her about using an appropriate tag for people with Down syndrome and things escalated quickly between the two Housemates.

1562669274 34 screenshot 2019 07 09 at 11.14.36 am

The Root

The origin of this dicey matter started from their discussion on the Wager Task Big Brother gave them to do. During their brainstorming session, Thelma made a statement about people with Down Syndrome. This prompted Sir Dee and Esther to correct Thelma about calling mentally challenged people “imbecile”. They felt she should have been very considerate in her statement about these people.  But it seemed like Esther’s correction pissed Thelma off because she flared up like a fuel induced flame.  According to Thelma, Esther corrected her in a mannerless way and she wasn’t having any of it. “You don’t know how to correct somebody” she screamed in Esther’s face. She went on to tell Esther that when next she wants to correct her, she should do so like a human being. Wow! someone is really spicy.

Apparently, Thelma has been counting the number of times Esther had offended her in the House as she said this was not the first time Esther was stepping on her toes. Is there something we should know about these two?

The Peacemakers

Sir Dee, Ike and Tuoyo settled the matter temporarily by telling Thelma that she was wrong for her actions and they should learn to be sensitive to these issues because they are entertaining a diverse audience and should put that into consideration all the time. Ike was of the opinion that the ladies should conserve their energy for something useful instead of fighting.

1562669794 34 screenshot 2019 07 09 at 11.49.11 am

Missed out on it? watch it here.


All seems well now but for long?

Day 9: Beyond Nominations

After their toys were seized, the Housemates explored interesting ways to entertain each other.

Beyond Nominations that seemed to be the highlight of the day, we explore the rest of our Housemates day.

Say Goodbye to Your Toys

If there’s one thing the Pepper Dem Gang know how to do well, it’s creating games and turning unusual items like bottle covers to toys. In a strict twist, Biggie decided to raid the House and confiscate all their toys. What started off as an order for the Housemates to Freeze ended with Ninjas thoroughly raiding the House and taking every play object the Housemates had while they remained still.

The Art of Storytelling

Nothing beats good old harmless late night banters especially when you don’t have toys anymore and the Housemates rode that horse into the early morning.

Share Your Dirt

In the mood for light-hearted banter after an emotionally draining Nomination exercise, the Housemates took turns to share their most embarrassing moments. Frodd’s had the rest of the Housemates in stitches as he shared the tale of how his pants ripped open and exposed him to the public.  From sharing embarrassing moments to showcasing hidden talents, the Housemates were intent on making the most of the night. Tacha showed quite an unusual Talent as she twerked her ears.

Wooing My Love

Determined to keep the conversation going, the Housemates reminisced on how they initiated the relationship with the loves of their lives. Seyi held sway as he narrated the escapades of the rumoured ‘Yoruba Demon’ he claimed he wasn’t. Later joined by Omashola, Tuoyo, Jeff and Frodd, the story quickly moved to that of heartbreaks.

1562640254 56 screenshot 2019 07 09 at 2.56.44 am

Are the Housemates letting their guards down as they explore fond moments through their stories or it’s just another strategy to get each other to be at ease as they plan their next line of attack?

Day 9: Lights, Camera, Action

The stage is set as the Pepper Dem gang prepare for their first Wager.

Big Brother has asked the Housemates to put up an elaborate play as their first Wager. Each week, throughout their stay in the House, Thursday Nights have been set aside for Wager Task Presentation Night. In addition, the Housemates performance will greatly influence the following week allowance.

What Biggie Wants

To ensure that the Housemates are clear on the Wager, Biggie highlighted certain elements that should be in the play. First was the duration of the play. “Ain’t nobody gat time,” Biggie said so their play should last 1 hour. Also, housemates must fully partake in the preparation and presentation of the play. Furthermore, the play must feature elaborate costumes, makeup, musical acts and necessary props. No be small thing oh.

1562676356 34 screenshot 2019 07 09 at 10.48.16 am

Time to Get Busy

As soon as Nelson the HoH for this week read the note from Biggie, the Housemates began brainstorming for what their play should be centred on. Seyi was quickly appointed by fellow Housemates to be the producer and director of the play. Ella, Sir Dee and Khafi are going to provide music to accompany the play. Kimoprah suggested that another person be selected to assist Seyi so that ideas will be equally represented. Can’t wait to see what the Housemates come up with. We hope we are thoroughly entertained by it.

1562676459 34 screenshot 2019 07 09 at 10.49.15 am

Divided House

One of Big Brother’s requirement was that the Housemates must come up with a theme for the play. Diane suggested a focus on pressing issues in society like depression. Sir Dee suggested they perform a play about the danger of a single story with the aim to change people’s perceptions of the tribes in Nigeria. On and on they went until a verbal fight broke out between Thelma and Esther on the former being insensitive in her referral to people with Down Syndrome.

With less than a day to present their Wager Task, will the Housemates set aside their differences?

Playing Dress Up

Unpredictable Biggie is at it again.

Earlier today, Big Brother asked the Housemates to prepare an ‘elaborate’ play for their Wager which will be presented on Thursday. But what’s with the Housemates and animal costumes?

Be Something

Asides the play that will be presented on Thursday night, Biggie sent the Housemates animal costumes to wear. This is quite complicated because first, the Housemates cannot decide on a theme for their play and second, they don’t understand what they are supposed to do with their costumes. Biggie, on the other hand, left the Housemates to figure that out. Let us remember that the theme for this week is ‘Be Something’ and we are wondering if Biggie is prepping the Housemates towards that direction.

The Art of Storytelling

From Bears to Bunny, the Housemates all looked cute in the costumes especially as they settled in the sitting room to plot a story. Taking the lead was Seyi who cooked up a plot that could be performed as a play. Jeff, Frodd, Kimoprah and Tacha all added one or two spices that could make the play interesting.

Though they don’t know the significance of their costumes yet, they have taken to wearing it well and going about their activities. Is there a reward attached to it?

What is Biggie up to with these animal costumes?

Budding Love?

Nomination or not, the Pepper Dem Housemates find comfort in affection.

For a couple of days now, BBNaija Pepper Dem gang have been spicing up our days with hot gist, peppery verbal clashes and controversial romance, amongst others. Isn’t this what they signed up for? As with relationships we’ve seen the Housemates do what we might call “free crossing.” Among the Pepper Dem ladies, crossing from one male crush to another in the House seems normal, a mere show of attraction. But, who knows. Maybe it could also be a Game. Well, it’s just one week in the House, we have lots of pepper yet to be unleashed.

Earlier today, we witnessed something different about some Housemates in love. Unlike the other Housemates who were known from the outset to have a thing for other male Housemates, Khafi’s sudden jack into the reality of affection has added spice to the House today. Seeing the British-accented Khafi under the sheet with Gedoni was a total game-changer from the norm.

From a glance, it didn’t look like just talk under the duvet, there seems to be more going on between the two. With Khafi placing a soft peck on Gedoni’s cheek and her confiding in Jackye about her feeling for him, this seems to be more than just a show. The question is, how would Kimoprah react when she later finds out what’s going on between the two? Would she just fold her arms and let Khafi have her way or would she devise a strategy to oust Khafi from her space? Would the lucky Gedoni eventually have to choose between the two pretty Pepper Dem ladies? We shall see.

The affection atmosphere does not revolve only around Gedoni, Khafi and Kimoprah, we also see it between Mercy and Ike. From the way Mercy has been going on touching and moving close to Ike these past few days, we have an idea that both Housemates probably have a thing going on. Could it be love? Time will tell

A Peppered Diary

The Dairy Session today has the Housemates reveal a lot about the goings-on in the House so far.

The Housemates were in the lounge this afternoon rehearsing for their Wager play when suddenly Biggie’s husky voice called out: “This is Big Brother!” It was Diary time and one by one the Housemates went into the Dairy Room.

A Shocker!

Starting with Jackye, Biggie asked to know how the play the Housemates were working on was going. After sharing their different roles in the play, Biggie wanted to know if they knew what each of their costumes represented. Prior to the Dairy session, none of them had any idea why they had to put on the costumes until Biggie instructed that they mimic the costume representation as soon as the buzzer went off.

When it came to relationships, the Housemates revealed to us who they thought were interested in them and who they were interested in. This seems very interesting as some of the revelations caught us by surprise. While Frodd revealed her affection for Esther, Omashola, Nelson and Jeff said they liked Jackye. Interestingly, the techie Jackye said she wasn’t interested in any relationship in the House. As for Khafi, “I like him, but I think I’m scared.” She was obviously referring to Gedoni whom she said was interested in her. Finally, Ike opened up about his affection for Mercy: “I have interest in Mercy.”

A Bribe Offer

While the Housemates felt relaxed during the relationship aspect of the Diary session, they, however, seemed to feel the heat of the other part. It was a smart question about whether the Housemates would disrupt their play were they offered Bet9ja Coins as a bribe. While some Housemates thought Biggie was only playing a prank on them by settling for Coins as low as 100, others saw it beyond a mere prank, making them mention as much as 1000 Bet9ja Coins. The former includes Thelma, Jeff and Khafi while the latter are Jackye, Tacha and Khafi. However, some Housemates would rather let the play go on however enticing the bribe.

With what was revealed in the Diary Room today, can we expect to see in the coming days some peppery relationship gossips, jealousy and, some cry over love? Perhaps.

Watch the Diary Session below.

Animal Task

As instructed by Biggie, the Housemates act like the animals matching their different costumes.

In the Diary Session today, the Pepper Dem gang were asked to carry out a Task: each Housemate should act like the animal represented by their costumes. This should be done as soon as the buzzer goes off.

So shortly after the Diary Session in which the Housemates peppered us with some surprising relationship tales going on in the House, the buzzer was sounded and then the Show began. Immediately, the Housemates started to act like a bunny, lion, monkey amongst the different animals representing the costumes each Housemate was wearing.

Mike appeared to be having fun with the Game as he was seen really acting like a dog. At first, he was backing cuddling a sheet, at other times we saw his mouth wide open revealing his tongue as dogs do. A moment later, Mike, the dog version was seen holding in his mouth a sachet of MunchIt. A hungry dog perhaps.

Seyi, Khafi, Diane and Omashola too were seen hopping about the room acting like the animal their costumes represented. Though Seyi acting as a fish had no water to swim in, he too had to improvise by merely using his hands like fins as fish do. Khafi’s flamingo had her wings flap about as she moved from one corner of the room to another. Omashola, as a monkey, had to improvise with MunchIt in the place of banana as he enjoyed each throw in his mouth for a while, before moving to the other part of the room. Amidst other Housemates, a bunny Esther was also seen hopping about the room like a real bunny.

After the buzzer was sounded again, the Housemates stopped immediately, with most of them happy the Task had ended. From the look on their faces, with many of them perspiring and some showing a sign of exhaustion, the Housemates didn’t seem to find the Task easy at all.

It’s Not Over Yet

A few minutes later, when the Housemates had already relaxed and rested and were rehearsing their play, the buzzer went off again. Of course, they all went back into action instantly.

The question is, for how long will they have to do this? With the way some Housemates beginning to respond slowly to this herculean Task, do we see some of them getting tired and opting out of it eventually? Time will tell.

Watch the Housemates mimic different animals here.

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