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Bridge Clinic Port Harcourt is celebrating its 500th IVF Birth to mark 20 years of Great Service



Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, the renowned clinic for IVF services, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and along with the many new families it has helped, the milestones of pioneering and leading the practice of fertility medicine in Nigeria.

Since 1999, Bridge Clinic has grown to become Nigeria’s most fertile fertility centre recording more than 2,580 live births. That is one baby every three days since 1999 and in 2017, the live birth record shows an average of one baby born every 41 hours.

In 2003, Bridge Clinic opened its second Fertility Centre in Port Harcourt, which was the first IVF focused clinic in the region. The following year, Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Port Harcourt recorded its first live birth in 2004, helping the clinic gain immediate traction in the southern part of the country which its team of qualified specialists has only strengthened in the years to come.

The Port Harcourt clinic, with a gold standard success rate of 59%, is celebrating an additional milestone with the live birth of its 500th baby, a girl, born in April 2019. To ensure that all numbers that are being presented are factual, Bridge Clinic audits all birth records by international audit firm, Alexander Forbes to ensure the accuracy of the information and is also ISO accredited as guided by Quality Austria.

Providing one of the highest standards of fertility care in Nigeria, Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Port Harcourt offers a range of services for both men and women including comprehensive gynecological assessments, as well as specialized services including IVF, IUI, Blastocyst culture, Surgical sperm collection, and Oocyte freezing, in addition to various support services, such as Surrogacy and Cryo-preservation.

Bridge Clinic has marked a number of successful milestones for new techniques that the clinic adopted and successfully established locally. Among these are:

• The first conception and birth by ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) in Nigeria
• The first conception and birth from surgically collected sperm in Nigeria
• The first conception and birth through IVF surrogacy in Nigeria
• The first conception and birth from Oocyte freezing in Nigeria

Bridge Clinic is committed to transforming healthcare in Nigeria and giving Nigerians the hope that there are healthcare facilities that patients can trust with their safety and get offered quality care by doctors that are competent and compassionate.

Bridge Clinic believes that trust is earned.

To find out more about Bridge Clinic and how it helps couples solve fertility challenges, visit their website or follow their Facebook community, Aspire.

You can also call +234 1 631 0092 or whatsapp +234 810 460 7791


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