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Datari’s Tea Themed Bridal Shower in Dubai Was Utterly Stylish



Datari and her girlfriends took over Dubai for her tea-themed bridal shower and trust us it was pretty interesting.

All her girls came out in style and certainly had a good time as they gathered together to send off their friend to married life. They were able to capture her British roots, hence the tea-themed bridal shower.  She also had her aunties come all the way to give her some marriage advice as she struts into forever with the love of her life, Mayowa. Let’s just say Dubai certainly was not ready for #theMADAwedding bridal shower.

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Here is how the Bride-to-be describes it;

My girls came all the way through with the most beautiful tea party, they totally captured my British roots and brought England to Dubai. My aunties were also there to give some crucial advice for marriage. Such a beautiful start to the wedding festivities!



Photography: @bedgepictures

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  1. Loadedmp3

    July 11, 2019 at 12:04 am

    Waooo I really love this cloth it looks so mature

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