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Give Your Kids The Holiday They Deserve | Catch the Best of Kiddies Entertainment on DStv



Remember when you were a Kid and you were always looking forward to the long break from School? Flash black to the end of the School year and all you could think about as you wrote your end of term exams, was the fun you were going to have for the next three months.

For most adults, that feeling might be a bit fuzzy but for your Kids, it’s the best feeling in the world.
What better way to give them a long vacation they will always remember, than to reward all their academic hard work with the best of Kiddies entertainment only on DStv.

This long holiday, entertain and educate your kids with the variety of Children’s entertainment on DStv. Encourage them to explore the world through their imagination with “Pinkalicious and Peterrific” on the brand-new channel PBS, DStv Channel 313 showing weekdays at 6.40pm. Teach them about teamwork and being a leader as they hang out with the “Supa Strikas” showing weekdays at 3.30pm on Cartoon Network, DStv Channel 301. They can also learn about positivity, determination, compromise, and generosity as they join Sponge Bob and his friends in their numerous underwater adventures in “The Adventures of Sponge Bob Square Pants” showing weekends at 3.15pm on Nickelodeon DStv Channel 305.

Stay connected to DStv from as little as N2,000 per month and find many more ways to feed your Kids imagination this long holiday.

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