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Watch Akah Nani, Noble Ezeala, Tamara Aihie & Bayo Oke Lawal get “Shady” on Accelerate TV’s Shade Corner



The Delightful Nut Job, Side Eye Ambassador and Knight in Shading Armor Welcome the Unapologetic Baby-girl in Season 3 of Shade Corner

It’s about to get really shady in these parts! Our queen and Kings of shade-throwing Akah Nani, Noble Ezeala, Tamara Aihie, and Bayo Oke Lawal are back like they never left.

Accelerate TV renews its shadiest talk show, the Shade corner after two successful episodes.

They are bringing back the craziness, the fun, the controversy and ultimately, “The Shade”, alongside some of your favorite celebrities.

Watch the full trailer here.

Catch up on past episodes of Shade corner and other exciting shows on Accelerate TV’s Channel.


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