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Get Ready to Slay That Perfect Summer Body with These Shaving Tips from Veet!



Smooth skin is an asset, without it, how would any of us be able to slay in those killer high slit dresses, summer shorts or bikinis?

The only problem is that keeping a smooth and clear skin can be way much trouble than we wish for. From acne to inflammation and dryness, skin problems are so many and there’s hardly anyone who’s never faced it.

However, sometimes the reason you experience very little results even when you seem to be giving your skin a lot of attention could be due to a few petty mistakes you’re making when it comes to your skincare routine.

One commonly made mistake is using razors to remove body hair, and in this post, we’ll be addressing how this could be ruining skin health.

Skin Dryness

The first reason razor shaving is inadvisable for hair removal is that it strips off moisture and oils from the outer layer of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and exposed. Moisture softens your body hair making it easy to remove. It also nourishes your skin helping it recover quickly from the moisture loss caused by hair removal. Unfortunately, the jagged edges of a shave stick is simply not friendly to your skin and that is why you feel itchy or sore after using razors.

Razor Burns and Cuts

Razor burn is a discomforting burning sensation you experience on a reddened, tender and sometimes itchy patch on your skin. Razor burns are caused by shaving over unmoisturized skin using dull razors and lack of gentleness when shaving. Many times, razor burns lead to infections like tiny boils. Razors also expose you to cuts should you make any mistakes while shaving and many times this cuts eventually get infected and inflamed.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is shaven hair that begins to grow underneath the skin instead of shooting upwards to the surface, causing inflammation. This usually happens when dead skin blocks the skin pores disallowing hair underneath from growing out freely. Ingrown hairs are not only embarrassing but can also be painful. They lead to pus-filled bumps and sores and sometimes boils. Ingrown hairs can be prevented if your skin is exfoliated before hair removal.

What Makes Veet Hair Removal Cream Different?

Veet works very differently from a shave stick or shaving razor. It softens your skin and body hair while making it easy for hair to gently come off skin. Veet does not just remove the hair on your skin but keeps it healthy by nourishing it with essential ingredients.

Here are five important ways Veet cares for your skin:

  1. It exfoliates dead skin cells allowing your pores to be open for new growth.
  2. It visibly brightens.
  3. It adds moisture to your skin.
  4. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and aglow.
  5. Veet soothes your skin leaving it feeling freshened.

To be happy and comfortable in your skin, you not only need to TREAT it right, you’ve also gotta VEET it right.

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