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Bolanle Olukanni and Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu open Nigeria’s First Focused Salon, Wash & Go ?‍♀️



TV Host, Bolanle Olukanni and Actress, Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu have teamed up to launch Nigeria’s first focused hair salon, the Wash & Go Hair Salon. The establishment offers a brand new hair-styling experience focused on providing exceptional hair care in a timely manner.

The idea for the salon was inspired by the growing need for a faster salon alternative for standard hair maintenance. The duo wanted to create an environment where women, men, and children could receive routine hair maintenance treatments from professional hair technicians, in a fraction of the time it takes at traditional full-service salons.

The salon primarily gets its name ‘Wash & Go’ from its focused services. Clients can look forward to an all-inclusive ‘Wash’ followed by a quick ‘Go’ style. The washing package includes gentle detangling and a moisture/protein steam treatment, after which, clients choose one of seven stylish weaving and plaiting options. The salon’s main goal is to save clients time, by ensuring they get in and out of the salon quickly, with healthy, refreshed hair.

“We love all types of hair;  permed, natural and texlaxed,” said Balogun.

“We decided to focus solely on taking care of our clients’ real hair. We don’t call ourselves a natural hair salon, but a healthy hair salon with a twist. Our business model further leans on improving the experience through technology.”  she added.

Wash & Go has a user-friendly website where clients can easily book appointments, and communicate appointment needs through their phones. This provides clients with a simple and stress-free check-in process upon arrival at the salon.

In addition to efficiency and effectiveness, the Wash & Go salon prioritizes client comfort and experience. Balogun commented,

“our eclectic 50s style salon, takes our clients back in time through music and our Afro-vintage themed decor, ensuring that all clients have a pleasant and relaxing experience.”

Due to the salon’s mission of providing quality and timely services, Wash & Go does not provide elaborate hair attachment services or styles that extend beyond washing, treating, and plaiting hair, which allows them to be specialists in their streamlined treatments. Balogun and Olukanni went through months of research to identify the best treatments and techniques for different hair types. This, coupled with their hand-picked and thoroughly trained hair technicians, ensures that Wash & Go is equipped to give its clients an excellent, hassle-free, and speedy salon
experience at the best price.

Olukanni noted,  “a lot of customers are used to spending three to four hours at their hair salon and that’s never enjoyable! Fortunately, we can get our clients in and out much faster, within two hours, because of our streamlined services. Whether you want a quick wash or a breezy french braid, or you just need to refresh the weaving under your favorite wig, you don’t have to deal with the long wait times that exist at regular full-service salons. We’ll take care of you in no time!”

Wash & Go celebrated their 1950s launch event on Sunday, September 29th. Supported by Lancome and Veet, the event was attended by a host of celebrities, family and friends.

Wash & Go is the first salon of its kind in Nigeria, and it opens officially on September 30th, 2019. The salon is located at (Esteek Plaza) 40b Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1, and will be open 7-days a week.

To learn more, please visit here or call, message or WhatsApp Wash & Go at 0805 475 5962.

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