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Veet shares How You can Totally Change Your Hair Removal Game



There isn’t a more empowering feeling than in that care-free moment when you let the wind blow through your hair, and feel the sun kissing your skin.

But these moments can be ruined if you have skin blemishes like razor bumps, ingrown hairs or unappealing body hair that you are embarrassed by. While skin problems can be linked to different reasons, improper shaving is one of the fastest ways your skin can get irritated or inflamed.

Here are five ways your hair removal routine could be damaging your skin health.

  • Shaving Without Moisturizing

Razors are very harsh on the skin. Their direct contact with your skin exposes your skin to razor burns, after-shave itching or redness. It is recommended that before any form of hair removal, the skin should be moisturized. This makes it easier for the blades to stroke smoothly over the skin’s surface. Moisturizing also softens the hair follicles for easy removal and provides soothing relief to the disturbed skin.

  • Leaving the Skin Dehydrated

After shaving, your skin is most sensitive. Firstly, the protection provided by body hair is missing, also the skin’s surface has been stripped of oil and moisture, and new skin cells have been exposed. So when your skin is left unmoisturized after shaving, it can cause redness, burns and even bumps. For a healthy, smooth and glowing skin, ensure your skin is never left dry and dull after hair removal.

  •  Shaving With Blades

The sure ways to ruin your skin with cuts, burns, and bumps are by using old and dull blades. It is difficult to get a smooth and neat shave with worn blades. Old shave sticks are likely to breed bacteria and can leave you with infected cuts. Your skin needs the best it can get, and dull razors are the worst.

  • Shaving Unexfoliated Skin

Dry dead skin makes shaving rough and difficult, it clogs your shave stick, preventing close shave. Exfoliating is necessary to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Beyond removing unwanted hair, you should also be concerned about the overall health of your skin.
A good recommendation is choosing a hair removal product that removes body hair while exfoliating the skin. This is one advantage Veet Hair Removal Cream has over razors and other regular depilatory products.

  •  Placing Pressure on Skin

Your skin will suffer severe irritation and even abrasions if your shave stick presses down too close or too hard on the skin. If your hair removal routine leaves your skin feeling sore, worn or tender, then there is something you are doing wrong. A healthy depilatory method should soften the skin, leaving it feeling revitalized, fresh and healthier.

The Veet Alternative

You are best dressed in your perfectly healthy skin. So why let razor burns, cuts, ingrown hairs and scars prevent you from showing off blemish-free melanin?

That’s why Veet does more than just hair removal, it also keeps your skin feeling smooth, soft and radiant.

Veet Hair Removal Cream is pain-free, gentle and cares for your skin in five important ways:

  • Exfoliates
  • Visibly Brightens
  •  Moisturizes
  • Smoothens
  • Freshens


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