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Studio Imo’s debut Collection has the Coolest Crotchet Pieces we’ve seen All Season!



Edwin Okolo-led crochet brand Studio Imo has unveiled its debut collection inspired by fictional character Jane Rosenthal of the “Girl’s Guide To Hunting And Fishing”.

In a statement following the release, the brand stated:

For Studio Imo’s debut collection, we looked to literature for inspiration. We are fascinated by the parallels between writing as an expression of thought and crochet as a medium; especially how craftsmanship has elevated both into enduring art. The dress is a marker of identity and this idea, expressed in fiction forms the mold for the collection’s themes, and characters given life by words the collection’s muses.

Our SS20 collection draws inspiration from one hero, in particular, Jane Rosenthal of the “Girl’s Guide To Hunting And Fishing”. As the protagonist in the designer’s most beloved novel, Rosenthal chronicles her adolescent and adult struggles with beauty and identity with great wit and whimsy, even in the face of great personal tragedy. Studio Imo examines each pivotal event in The Girl’s Guide, creating ideal ‘armor’ to suit each moment.

Hesitant flirtiness and assertive sensuality of are the two extremes to which the collection swings, mirroring Rosenal’s ambivalence. Textured motifs of shells and waves contrast parallel lines and lattices, metaphors for the immutable principles of fluidity and structure that guide her turbulent life. Wool is chosen for its durability, crepe for its texture, twine for its sheen and silk for its pedigree.

Detail and routine, repeated with intent, build to a spectacular whole.

White dresses bookend the collection, each connected to the other only by colour and the journey they transverse. The Studio Imo girl who wears them will have the perfect dress for each moment.

See the full lookbook below

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Brand: @studio.imo
Photography: Oluwaseun Osipitan
Creative Direction: Edwin Okolo
Beauty & Grooming: Inglot Studios
Model: Temi Egunsola


  1. Fife

    August 3, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    Absolutely stunning. Art direction. Model. Clothing line. Gorgeous.

  2. joy

    August 5, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Its really beautiful,could it be thicker?

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