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Durex believes Sex is a Celebration of Love & Freedom and Here’s why

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Sex, the most loved activity in all of human existence, yet the most taboo topic among all of humanity’s conversations.

Seriously think about it, we’re over 7 billion people in the world. Even if you subtracted the possible number of disguised aliens or ghosts that you believe exist, there would still be a lot of the rest of us left.

You see, the undeniable fact is, each one of us is a product of a man and woman who “did it”. So if each one of us is public evidence that sex happens and more often than we’d like to admit, then why do we seem to talk in whispers about sex topics when we secretly celebrate it behind closed doors.

Well, at Durex, we believe that sex is a celebration of love and freedom and is a beautiful part of what makes us human. So join us as we explore ways to shatter the silence and bend unnecessary cultural rigidity so you can boldly celebrate sexuality, pleasure and freedom while staying safe.


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YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! It’s time to OWN IT! #OWNIT #DurexNG #durex

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Here are five ways to own your game and wave goodbye to shame.

  • Your Body; Your Choice

Sex is like ice cream. First of all, it’s very yummy. Secondly, everyone likes it different. Some like it with toppings, some without toppings. Some like their ice cream flavoured with Baileys, some just regular vanilla. However, whatever your choice is, nobody should judge you. It’s your ice cream. A great way to boldly rock your sexuality is knowing what you like best and not being afraid to tell your partner.

  • Get Adventurous

Sex is not mathematics, so can you relax a bit, cross those mental boundaries and just give yourself the best treat for the moment. Find out about new positions to explore. What about new locations? If no one’s looking, who says the kitchen counter is a bad idea? Oh, don’t also forget you can spice it up with some role-playing.

  • Get Consent

There’s nothing sexier than when two adults decide they want to give each other pleasure. So don’t ever be afraid to ask for consent.Wait, we don’t mean asking if she’d like to visit you at home, nor do we mean that she has no reason to say no just because you took her out on an expensive date. What we mean is asking her or him in plain terms if he’s ready to HAVE SEX WITH YOU. Sure it’s very possible your shot goes wrong and you get rejected. But it’s no big deal. Shake it off, move on and find your kind.

  • Say Your Mind

Do you like her? Ask her out. It’s better than acting creepy in their DM and asking them what they ate for dinner the night before. Even worse is claiming you just want to be friends while secretly hoping that one day they fall in love with you too. Guys, Ladies, it’s as simple as three steps. One, think of what you want to say. Two, open your mouth. Three, talk. It’s human to crave for affection and love, so say your mind.

  • No Shame; Play Safe

Do you really want to own your game? Then start by playing safe. With Durex condoms, there’s nothing stopping you from having the fun you deserve. Quit acting like a criminal when you visit the store to purchase a pack of Durex. It’s your game, and it’s your responsibility to play safe.

So what do you say? Ready to let go of the restrictions that we’ve put on the beautiful thing called sex? If that’s a yes, then it’s time to #OwnIt because with Durex, ain’t no shame in your game!

Join the conversations today on our social media pages @durexng on Instagram and Twitter. And don’t forget to get a pack of any of Durex condom variants online today.

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