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Esther Gets Ready for Second Term and Team Cruisetopia Face Eviction on #BBNaija Day 40



Hugs And Discipline

After every Eviction in the Big Brother Naija House, the Housemates display various reactions and yesterday was not an exemption.

The Pepper Dem Gang did not expect that Joe and Enkay will be Evicted and some of them who were lucky to escape Eviction seized the moment to clear things out among themselves. One of such Housemate was Venita.

A Warm Hug

Even though she appeared a bit calm during Ebuka’s chat with the Housemates at the Live Eviction Show, Venita was not actually happy that Khafi told others about their little misunderstanding.

Remember that there had been no love lost between the two and though they had a one on one chat some days back to iron things out, it is clear that Venita has not buried the hatchet yet. This was evident in her conversation with Gedoni where she vented her anger to him. Confused and short of words, Gedoni’s solution was to offer Venita a hug. Fortunately for him, this calmed her down a bit, but Venita was not done yet as she said, “If I decided to set my compass on you, she will not stand a chance.” With this statement, can we say that the palava between Venita and Khafi isn’t over yet?

1566177054 34 screenshot 2019 08 18 at 10.40.59 pm

A Gist in the Garden

At the garden, Omashola and Gedoni had a hearty chat about how much has changed about them since their arrival in Biggie’s House. On his part, Omashola said that if anybody had told him he could do without his phone for a moment, he wouldn’t have believed it. In his words, “I no fit browse, I no even touch anything and I dey okay.” Well, what can we say? When you are in Big Brother’s House, you abide by Biggie’s rules.

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What is a Sunday Eviction show without the dramatic moments that follow it? As we count down to another Eviction Show, we expect the Housemates to keep Peppering us in every way that they can.

A New Fitness Goal

It’s a new day after the Eviction and the Housemates were not prepared for what hit them.

The Big Brother Naija Housemates had a new twist this morning in the form of a new fitness trainer. Here’s all that happened afterward.

New Drill Sergeant

As usual, the Housemates have their morning workout session all by themselves and they thought today will be no different. Well, Biggie had a new twist for them – a new fitness instructor. As soon as the Pepper Dem Gang walked into the Arena, they came face to face with a trainer who showed them beneath the smiles was a tough demeanor they had to get used to. Apparently, the Housemates had been too relaxed in their morning workout and coupled with the way they consume food in the House, they had to burn those piling calories. One thing we observed from this morning drill was the expressions on their faces as they went through the routine and yes, they were quite funny?.

1566236249 34 my post 1

After the workout, ElozonamOmashola, and Frodd had a chat in the garden about what they thought about Biggie’s workout goals for them. In his carefree manner, Omashola said, “I sweat for the first time inside the gym and if this trainer continues for one week straight, everybody go dey fit.” Somehow, we think this is what Biggie has in mind and we shall see how they cope under the grueling workout schedule the trainer has in store for them.

Love Life Gist

This morning wasn’t all about fitness as SeyiSir Dee, Khafi, Gedoni and Omashola had a chat about their love life outside the Big Brother Naija House. From airing their thoughts on PDA to having long term relationships, these members of the Pepper Dem Gang sure missed their sweethearts?. In sharing their experiences with their girlfriends, Seyi said: “I no fit dey this House if not for my babe”. Sir Dee also talked about giving up to date information to one’s partner. In his words, “what people term reporting, I have become accustomed to it and it’s important especially when you are in a long-distance relationship.” Well, the love experts in the House have spoken and we hope you got all you need to make your relationship wax stronger and sweeter?.

Watch The Conversation Here

Esther Wins Head Of House

Esther has become the first female in the Big Brother Naija to sit on the Head of House throne twice.

For displaying her prowess in vocabulary, strategy, and speed, Esther has emerged the Head of House for this week. This is the second time that this Pepper Dem Housemate will occupy the position.

Spelling Bee

This week, the Head of House challenge was to test the Housemates’ vocabulary strength. In five minutes, the Housemates were required to spell as many words as possible and the Housemate with the most correctly spelt words will become the Head of House. As easy as this sounds, they were strict instructions for them to follow.

They were only allowed to pick a single tile on each trip and if anyone was caught cheating, the Housemate was disqualified. Venita, Diane, Mike and Tacha fell victim to this rule and they were disqualified by Biggie. Mercy also got her last word invalidated as she spelt it after the buzzer went off. In addition to Biggie’s rules, the Housemates were to avoid spelling proper nouns and repeating a word.

1566230250 34 spell

Several Ties

The game entered a second round as Seyi, Khafi, Frodd, Elozonam, Ike and Esther all spelt seven words correctly. The game became tougher as Biggie asked the Housemates to spell the longest word they could think of in three minutes. Though they tried their best, the challenge proceeded to the third round with Elozonam and Esther competing against each other. However, Esther won this round to become the Head of House as her word ‘Denominational’ was longer and correctly spelt.

1566230314 34 screenshot 2019 08 19 at 4.22.13 pm

A Shared Win

As Head of House, Esther has won the Immunity privilege for this week, 250 Bet9ja Coins and the Head of House Bedroom privilege. Her team, Cruisetopia also got a reward of 20 Bet9ja bonus Coins. When asked who she will share the Head of House bedroom with, Esther picked Frodd as her roommate. This win is sure an early birthday present for Esther as her birthday comes up on Thursday. Congratulations Esther!

1566230367 34 screenshot 2019 08 19 at 4.36.47 pm

The Pepper Dem Gang have had a taste of Esther’s rule, will her second term be any different?

Team Cruisetopia Face Eviction

The Housemates up for possible Eviction this week are Diane, Frodd, Jackye, Gedoni, Mercy, Mike and Seyi.

For five minutes, The Icons and team Cruisetopia were Tasked to a Challenge which involved each and every team member’s participation. Yes, even with her Immunity privilege, the Head of House – Esther, was involved.

The Mission

With two marked rectangular boxes for each team, each rectangular box had a large bucket of coloured water and ten small silver cups. The teams were required to fill as much of the silver cups as possible in the frame of five minutes. Oh, sounds easy? The Challenge involved the Housemates climbing Biggie’s ‘obstacles’. Yes, Biggie had some deliberate ‘steps’ obstacle on the course. The game just got tighter.

Using their carefully thought out strategies, each team had to fill the silver cups one at a time. Following Biggie’s rules, each cup had to be filled to the brim before the team could proceed to the next cup – all to be done within the marked box.

Trust Biggie’s Ninjas to come through with Task aids for the Pepper Dem Gang. For this Challenge, teaspoons were provided for the purpose of transporting the water.

1566240617 34 task

The Winning Cup

As the team with the fuller cup, The Icons won tonight’s Nomination Challenge.

For this reason, the Cruisetopia team are automatically facing Eviction this week, with the exception of Esther – as the Head of House.

1566240704 34 cup

The Save

Elozonam armed with the Veto Power Holder title was given twenty seconds to Save a Nominated Housemate and Replace with another.

Using this special power, Elozonam Saved Venita and replaced her with Frodd. Was his choice as a result of Diane not Saving him last week? We might never know.

1566240742 34 save

Having won the Nomination Challenge last week, team Cruisetopia is faced with the cold hands of Eviction this week. Will this change things in the Pepper Dem House or will they buckle up and aim for many wins this week?

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