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From Mercy & Tacha getting Strikes to Gedoni & Jackye’s Eviction & Ike winning The VPH Badge | Highlights of #BBNaija Day 56



Cindy And Khafi: An Open Arm

To Cindy, Khafi is the go-to Housemate for a great gist and an opportunity to feel at home.

We have been looking at relationships in Biggie’s House and we have found out that Cindy and Khafi’s friendship is getting deeper each day.

It is important to remember that the coming of the new Housemates wasn’t expected by their hosts. But, can you blame them. Receiving five new additions to the House in a row was a burden the Housemates were not prepared to shoulder. In Mercy’s words, “I was expecting people to go and not coming back.”

While some of them still managed to welcome Venita, Joe, Enkay and Elozonam, they were already tired of the influx of Housemates when Cindy arrived. So her arrival was met with hostile faces, except Khafi, who received her with open arms and a smiling face. If this isn’t enough pointer to the budding friendship between them, we wonder what else is.

A Gist Partner

You can imagine how pretty cool it will be to find a friend to talk to in a House filled with hostile faces. This explains the bond between Cindy and Khafi and both are happy as gist partners. Little wonder we hardly see her around other Housemates. She felt so comfortable around Khafi that she happily discussed her music career and shared her upcoming songs with her in the kitchen in the presence of Elozonam.

1566705834 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 4.47.18 am

A Safe Friendship

During one of the Diary Sessions, Biggie asked the Housemates whom they would Save from the Nomination list if they had the power. When it was her turn, Cindy said that she would save Khafi. The same thing played out when Biggie Tasked Cindy and a few other Housemates with revealing a certain secret to only a trusted friend in the House. It is amazing to see a blossoming friendship getting deeper within a short time.

1566705784 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 4.46.50 am

Cindy and Khafi’s friendship in Biggie’s House has gradually blossomed into an experience we will remember for long. Can they keep on with it?

Party Gurus And Some Spice

The Pepper Dem Gang partied as if there was no Eviction and the drama that followed was not what we expected.

The Big Brother Naija Saturday Night Party always comes with much spice and vibes that make us clamour for more. Yesterday’s was not an exception. Trust the Pepper Dem Gang to come loaded with spicy dance steps, this time too, no disappointment. And oh, the after-party drama this time took a new turn. Now, let’s take it one by one.

Dressed in outfits courtesy of Hype and Steam, the Housemates stormed the party like legends. Thanks to DJ Switch’s great sounds, all of them gyrated their bodies to the beat. We could not get our eyes off Khafi who couldn’t stop whining her waist to the gbedu. She also tied the star she won from the Innoson Task and we wondered if winning a car added more energy to her dance steps. Later, Khafi was joined by Cindy who also set the dance floor ablaze with some great moves.

The Show Stealers

Whenever the Saturday Party draws near, we always look forward to one great moment – the twerk session. Of course, we know the president of the twerking Association is Lamborghini Mercy. But this time, she was not alone. Joining the twerking team was Venita and, surprisingly, Diane. She did not only twerk, but she also had a thrilling grinding moment with her boo, Elozonam. Even Frodd did not dull himself with Esther, as they too engaged in a grinding session. Omashola, Mike and Sir Dee were also spotted killing the beat. If we look at what they’ve been through during the week, we really can’t blame them for shaking off their worries with great sounds from the DJ.

1566694154 34 screenshot 2019 08 24 at 10.01.23 pm

After The Party

What is a Saturday Night Party without a little drama on the side? As usual, the Pepper Dem Gang never disappointed in this regard. This time it began with the resident sugar daddy, Seyi, whose regular after-party outburst is fresh on our minds. We really did not know what caused their fight, but he and Omashola were seen serving it hot to each other. It was a fight over soya milk and Omashola wasn’t going to take it easy while Seyi called him names like “mumu.” As a Warri guy na, Omashola didn’t dull himself as he immediately gave it back to Seyi.

The Icy Revelation

The Icy pair had their own moment in the garden. We couldn’t tell if it was too much booze, an overdose of love or the fear of the pending Eviction, but the duo spent the best part of the after-party pledging undying love to each other. The unusual display of affection from Ike, especially when he told Mercy he was in love with her, brought tears to her eyes. We won’t lie, we were also close to shedding a tear or two. At that moment, she revealed her fear about leaving the House to which Ike responded that he will also walk out if she does. Hmmm, this kind of love ehn.

The Fight

If at any point we ever doubted such a thing as a thin line between love and hate, We are now believers. What started off with Elozoman explaining his Veto Power choice to Mercy and random discussions about Diane’s use of her Veto Power soon turned into a vicious fight between Mercy and Ike. In a subtle attempt to switch the topic of conversation as Diane approached the group, a response from Ike got Mercy pissed and they immediately turned on each other. The quarrel was really intense as they hurled mean insults at each other. “You only care about the 60 million, you are selfish,” Mercy yelled at him and as she walked away from him, her parting words were, “Go and sleep before you catch a strike and start crying like a little p*ssy.”

Watch What Happened Between Icy Here

Prying into the cause of the fight, Elozonam found out Mercy was offended by the statement that Ike made about leaving if she leaves. “Does he look like someone that will leave with me,” Mercy remarked obviously hurt that Ike would think she’d actually be Evicted.

1566694308 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 12.40.18 am

Burying The Hatchet

The reconciliatory move started with Elozonam and Diane. As Diane and Elozonam tried to pacify her, they made her realise it was a classic case of miscommunication. “This is a definition of tough love,” Elozonam explained. He said that what Ike meant was that he was going to stick with her till the end. For Diane, she felt Mercy went too far, she could have listened and let him explain himself. They seemed to have both done a good work because shortly after their intervention, Mercy and Ike ironed out their issues.

Seyi also added his bit to ensure the matter was properly settled. He reminded Ike on why Mercy really needed him. “Make her realise she will be here next week,” Seyi said. Ike owned up to the situation and promised to help restore Mercy’s confidence.

1566694380 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 1.02.47 am

Know why we always look forward to Saturdays? The interesting dance moves at the Party coupled with the after-party drama that serves us memories we don’t forget in a hurry.

Tacha And Khafi: BFF Goals

Tacha couldn’t resist the bubbly energy that Khafi exudes and as such, the two have become buddies.

Tacha who most times likes to keep to herself has built a friendship with Khafi. The journey to being friends hasn’t always been smooth as Khafi once had a misconception about the ankle bracelet Tacha wears but she later apologised to Tacha and they wiped the slate clean.

The Counsellor

Tacha drops it like it’s hot and maybe this was why Khafi seeks counsel from her on her relationship and on other matters. In times when Khafi has voiced her fears (sometimes about her dreams), Tacha has been a strong voice and supportive shoulder for her. We remember a situation when Khafi felt Venita was sent by Biggie to upset her in the House. Tacha was that friend that diffused that thought as she told her she should stop having such thoughts. When she complained about her boo, Tacha said, “if she is tired of being the one running after Gedoni, she should stop having conversations about him and call it quit.” What a way to bring her friend back to reality.

1566745743 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 3.51.34 pm

A Friend Indeed

A friend who wants you look good is one that you should keep closer because they can prove to be a great asset. On occasions, both of them have been seen assisting with each other looks. From fixing Khafi’s eyelashes to helping with her hair, Tacha has shown that she wants her friend to stay beautiful and Khafi has also reciprocated this gesture.

Also, these two are not stingy when it comes to complimenting each other. If Khafi spots a beautiful wig on Tacha, she praises it and vice versa. In a sisterhood moment, Tacha told Khafi that she was a beautiful and strong woman and if she decides to end things with Gedoni, she should do so on her own terms.” Shout to you Tacha for telling Khafi to respect herself.

On friendships that will survive outside the Big Brother Naija House, Khafi told Biggie in the Diary Room that her friendship with Tacha will go beyond the House. She confessed that she is very close to Tacha and what they have is not something that will fade when they leave the House.

1566745949 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 3.52.40 pm

Thoughts And Twerking

On a lighter note, Khafi and Tacha have been seen having chits chats about their lives, what they think and what they could have done better. They also love playing

What about the twerking competition? We don’t know what inspired that thought but we saw Khafi and Tacha engage in a twerking competition. No need to say much, you already knew who won.

1566743063 34 video to gif 4

Friendship takes a new meaning with Khafi and Tacha. We hope they stay friends.

Pre Eviction Confessions

The Cruisetopia Team and Frodd are up for possible Eviction today and that talk about how this affects them.

On Eviction day, the Nominated Housemates are cast into a mood that reflects the fear they feel about what’s to come. The Icons with Frodd tell Biggie what’s on their mind in the Diary Room a few hours before the Eviction.

A Change In Strategy Perhaps?

“If you survive tonight, will you change how you play the game?”

This was one of the questions that Big Brother asked the Nominated Housemates. While most of them said they will continue with the way they have been playing the game, Gedoni and Diane had responded differently. Gedoni told Big Brother that if he survives tonight, he will be making a lot of changes in his game plan. According to Gedoni, he will be shuffling a lot of friends in his circle. Diane, on the other hand, said she will be more strategic.

1566750379 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 3.46.59 pm

How Prepared Are You?

No matter how they try to put up a bold front, facing Eviction is not an easy thing to face and the Housemates feel the heat whenever Eviction time draws near. In Gedoni’s words, “I don’t know if I am prepared.” Mercy, Diane and Frodd also said they are not ready for tonight but one thing they all agree on is that they are hopeful. Well, that’s all they can be right now because no matter how much they worry, they can’t do anything about who will go home.

1566750418 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 4.40.36 pm

No Regrets

Getting an opportunity to be in the Big Brother Naija House is an experience that should be cherished and the Housemates talk about theirs. For Mike, the House has been a roller coaster and the experience, hilarious and exhilarating. He wasn’t the only Housemate who felt that way as Seyi, Mercy, Diane and Jackye also confirmed this in the Diary. Simply put, there are no regrets from them and every day they had spent in the Pepper Dem will be treasured.

1566750454 34 screenshot 2019 08 25 at 4.02.58 pm

The Live Eviction Show will happen in a bit and we are ready for the tension and drama that will accompany it. Are you?

Breaking News: Mercy and Tacha Get Strikes

For the acts of inciting violence and an attempting to disrespect the authority of the House, Mercy and Tacha receive Strikes.

Barely two weeks after getting addressed on the many infringements in the House as well as receiving Strikes and warnings as a result of their inability to follow Biggie’s House rules, the Housemates get issued Strikes again.

Mercy’s Act Of Provocation Gets Her A First Strike

Two weeks ago, Mercy was issued a warning for damaging Big Brother’s property and as a result, got the long talk on why being Biggie’s guests involves them being of their best behaviour. It may seem as if she forgot that breaking the rules will lead to punishments which may be Strikes or straight disqualification from the Big Brother House.

For going against the rule book which clearly states that provocation and violence are not permitted in the House, Mercy was given a Strike – her first Strike in the game.

Last night, Mercy tried to physically harm Ike during their lovers’ fight and for this, she broke Biggie’s rules.

Two more Strikes and she’ll be automatically disqualified from the Big Brother House.

1566755975 34 mer

Tacha Gets Her Second Strike

In Big Brother’s House, when you are called and you do not respond immediately, this is disrespect. Also, when called and instead of responding immediately, you whisper a sly comment, this is also disrespect.

As a consequence of her disregard and insolence towards authority, Big Brother issued Tacha her second Strike in the game. In simple terms, Big Brother found her guilty of disrespect as well as undermining the world of Big Brother.

For her continuous disrespect and rudeness to the Authority, like when asked ‘why’ and thinking it was witty to describe the letter ‘Y’, Tacha was issued her second Strike.

One more Strike and her dream of making it to Day ninety-nine will be cut short.

1566756019 34 tach

Housemates, remember that Big Brother is always watching.

Live Eviction: Gedoni And Jackye’s Eviction

From Harry Song’s gyration to Ebuka’s perfectly threaded three-piece suit and the double Eviction, here’s how packed tonight’s Eviction was.

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