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Khafi is Reborn and Sir Dee wins The Bet9ja Arena Games on #BBNaija Day 60



A Hard Knock Life

Losing is painful and some members of team Legends were in their feelings about it.

Team Enigma won this week’s Wager in the Big Brother Naija House and as usual, we had some bittersweet moments that accompanied the win. While team Enigma was making a racket about their victory, team Legends were in all shades of pain (which they didn’t bother to hide) especially as Big Brother prepared their minds for a punishment they will serve.

Someone’s In A Mood

Esther was really sad about her team’s loss though she didn’t open any floodgates of tears, her mood wasn’t upbeat either. Esther told Frodd that she couldn’t just snap out of it. Obviously, her misery was looking for company but Frodd anticipated this and encouraged her to move on. Anyway, one thing we know is that this tweet agrees that this is not a good time for Esther.

1567148700 34 ll

Rehearsal Is The Key To Success

While Omashola was schooling his team on the importance of rehearsals, Seyi was giving an appreciation speech to his team for presenting a performance that sealed their victory.

1567148751 34 l

More often than not, we have seen teams who thought they put in their best for a Task but it turned out that their best was not enough. After the Task comes the blame game which at that point is quite unnecessary but who will tell them?

Here’s what these tweeps thought about their presentations

Well, another Wager Task has come and gone, for team Legends, perhaps it’s time to buckle up.

The Rebirth Of Khafi

Standing right in the middle of what may now appear to her as an empty House is Khafi, following the loss of her resident lover. What next?

“Gedoni, you’ve just been Evicted from the House.” What followed this Eviction announcement were uncontrollable tears from Khafi. How will she recover from the loss of a loved one? It was then we realized that one does not only grieve for a dead friend and in the Pepper Dem House, an Evicted lover can also be mourned.

1567170391 34 tt

To the surprise of many, Khafi did not only move on successfully from Gedoni’s exit but also received it with a celebration of big wins. Winning a car in the Innoson Task was in fact, the beginning of her victorious songs in Biggie’s House.

What do you think about the new Khafi since the Eviction of her lover? Or is there really a new Khafi? From the tears to her first HoH win, she’s taught us how to handle a loss like a pro. Let’s take a look at her journey…

Stage One: The Mourning

As Gedoni walked through the doors, the overly cheerful Khafi got enveloped with gloom as she filled the House with her tears. This was followed with consolation messages from the other Housemates and a consolation gift from Frodd – Gedoni’s cap.

Days after, she was still seen sniffing his cap and holding on to his pillows. When someone is grieving the loss of a loved one, they tend to exhibit different reactions to express their emotions and this was evident with Khafi.

1567170195 34 t

A Big Win

What’s better than winning a brand new car? Winning the Head of House badge just after. In our opinion, Khafi got the perfect consolation gift for herself this week, winning the HoH Challenge. Interestingly, her reign has been one of the great ones in the Pepper Dem House, which makes the transition for her a really smooth one. Who would have thought she would be able to handle her post well? Considering her mood after Gedoni’s Eviction, Khafi has been doing a pretty good job in her role as the leader of the pack. What do you think?

1567170503 34 khafi

Still The Jolly One

Everyone gets a hug!

Eviction gloom or not, nothing can stop the ever cheerful Khafi from giving out free hugs and smiles. Still her jovial self, Khafi has made it a rule to give hugs to her fellow Housemates whenever she performs her HoH duties of changing batteries. While some appreciate the gesture, others like Esther do not find it appealing. The exit of Gedoni brought her closer to other members of the Pepper Dem Gang; distractions, perhaps?

Nonetheless, the majority of the Pepper Dem Gang have acknowledged her ability to remain cheerful and bubbly in the House.

1567172506 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 9.39.45 pm

Distractions: A Blessing in Disguise

We’re not sure if it’s therapeutic or just a source of distraction but Khafi has taken it upon herself to drown herself with cleaning duties every now and then. Asides the hugs, she has also developed a close bond with Omashola within the past few days. From helping her with her nail polish to listening to her thoughts about Gedoni, Omashola has been a shoulder to cry on. Well, with their friendship, this goes both ways. Make way Housemates, there’s a new friendship on-board!

The Cure Called Friends

Picking Tacha as her HoH room partner was a second choice and left to Khafi, she wanted to mourn Gedoni’s Eviction alone in the room. Asides being resident best friends, we remember seeing Tacha console her friend on Sunday after Gedoni’s Eviction so it was no surprise hearing her selection.

From sharing pranks to sharing plans on how to win the HoH badge again and of course, sharing a bed, one cannot deny that Tacha and Khafi’s bond has waxed stronger in the House since they became roommates.

1567172939 34 screenshot 2019 08 30 at 2.47.11 pm

The Pepper Dem Housemates are not the only ones experiencing a new Khafi

How do you like your new cup of Khafi?

Sir Dee Leaps To Victory

Taking his time while showing off, Sir Dee made victory at the Bet9ja Arena Games look so easy.

In a race against time, Sir Dee hopped with style to win the Bet 9ja Friday Night Arena Games. Edging out Ike and Venita, Sir Dee made light work of the 3-course challenge in one minute, 39 seconds.

Off to Egypt

Just like all the Friday Night Arena Games, this one also took the Pepper Dem Gang on a trip to a unique place and time. This time, it was a trip to ancient Egypt to search for gold while putting scattered skeletons together and solving a complicated puzzle.

1567212042 56 screenshot 2019 08 30 at 9.22.05 pm

The Challenge

The course had only 4 challenges, but they only had to complete three. Challenge One and Two were compulsory while the Housemates had the choice to pick either three or four. Although the challenges seemed less when compared with previous Friday Night Arena Games, these challenges had the Housemates pulling out all the stops to complete each one. As usual, time played an important factor in tonight’s Games. Not only did the Pepper Dem Gang have to finish each challenge right, but they also had to finish on time.

Buzzer Off

Frodd was the first to go and as expected of all the first contestant, he was jittery. A regular phenomenon during the Arena Games is that the Housemate or team to have the first go at the challenge are fond of losing, so Frodd’s fear was quite understandable. The fact that he eventually lost the challenge also made his fear even more valid.

1567212098 56 screenshot 2019 08 30 at 11.34.26 pm

Getting Penalised

A few infringements saw a couple of Housemates getting penalized and having a minimum of 30 seconds added to their total finish time. Frodd, MikeMercy, Elozonam, Tacha and Khafi all had time added to their finish time for flouting the rules. From adding sand to their gold nuggets to not completing their puzzles and not waiting for the approval from the officiating Ninja, Housemates ended up feeling the wrath of Biggie.

1567211972 56 screenshot 2019 08 30 at 10.17.55 pm

Winning In Style

Up until Ike had a go at the challenge, it looked like Venita was on course to be the first female Housemate to win the Friday Night Arena Games, unfortunately, Ike came around to beat the record she set. If things had stayed the way they were, she probably would have snagged the second price, but Sir Dee came jogging in record time to seal victory in style.

Score Board

See how your favourite Housemate did in the Friday Night Arena Games.

Housemate Finish Time
Cindy 06:17
Diane 7:20
Esther 5:19
Elozonam 3:34
Frodd 4:28
Ike 02:19
Khafi 05:43
Mike 5:21
Mercy 5:41
Omashola 2:54
Sir Dee 01:39
Tacha 05:33
Seyi 03:38
Venita 2:40


Sir Dee smiled to the bank with a reward of 400 Bet9ja Coins, but he wasn’t alone, Ike also won 200 Bet9ja coins for being the first runner-up.

Congratulations to Sir Dee as he takes winner’s baton from Elozonam and puts himself on the map as the race to the final 2 million naira cash prize continues.


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