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Seyi becomes 2-time HoH Winner, Tacha, Ike, and Joe receive Strikes on #BBNaija Day 43

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Salvaging The Ship

Saving the ships in the House takes a lot.

The ships in the House are having a little trouble with miscommunication and as expected, when there is miscommunication, there will be misunderstandings. Some took the big step to iron out issues.

Clearing The Air

After experiencing what it was like being between two men in the House, Venita took it upon herself to clear the air with Khafi about what was going on between her and Gedoni. “I don’t want to be in the middle of you guys and go through what happened between Omashola and Frodd,” she explained.

She didn’t just stop there, she had a conversation with Gedoni explaining some of the issues Khafi had with him. “She felt at some point you were spending more time with me than with her,” she added.

“I think both of you care for each other,” she told him, just as Joe came by and also urged him to go talk to Khafi.

1565593270 34 ven

Finding A Resolution

It didn’t take too long before Gedoni pulled Khafi aside to have that talk. It took a while but Khafi finally got around to expressing herself. “I feel like I am having this conversation because you’ve been treating me differently because you heard what I might or might not have done,” she said, opening up. As it turns out, the major cause of their disagreement bordered on trust issues. According to Khafi, “Trust is a big deal, if you think I am a liar then it’s like building a House on the sand and it will end up crumbling.”

On his part, Gedoni expressed that he never at any point felt she was lying. He only had a problem with her sharing their business with other people. “If I have issues, I will come and talk to you, If I want to share with someone, I will come to you,” he said as they made further attempts to an amicable solution.

1565593320 34 kha

The Business Man

Apparently, Sir Dee has been caught lobbying to buy the Veto Power from the holders. Seyi revealed this to Tacha during their discussion to which Sir Dee admitted to. “It’s business,” he yelled. But as a shrewd businessman, he found the price too expensive to pay. Earlier on he was seen making amends with the new winner of the Veto Power, Diane. Could he be lobbying to buy hers? It’s just a weird coincidence he chose the moment right after her victory to resolve their differences.

1565593361 34 dee

We reckon that the absence of Eviction yesterday prompted the Pepper Dem couples to resolve their differences and work out situations in the House. How long will they be able to maintain the salvaged ships? We’ll find out.

Seyi Retains HoH Title

Seyi has broken a record as the first member of the Pepper Dem gang to win the HoH title twice in a roll.

The Task for the Head of House contest for this week was tagged the impossible line. But unlike the previous challenge, only eight out of the eighteen Housemates were allowed to participate. Remember Biggie decided to make a scapegoat out of some members of the Pepper Dem gang for their disobedience. For this reason, Elozonam, Enkay, Frodd, Jackye, Joe, Mike, Sir Dee, Omashola, and Tacha did not participate. Here’s another twist: Biggie’s Ninjas were on strike and so Omshola and Jackye stood in for them.

As a reputable position, the HoH title attracts a luxurious room, immunity from Nomination and 250 Bet9ja coins.

Smart Walk

Blindfolded, they had to walk the line from the beginning to the end without stepping out of it. In the first round, Cindy, Diane, Mercy, Seyi, Venita, and Gedoni gave it their best shot. For their lack of balance on the line, Esther, Ike, and Khafi lost the challenge.

1565632156 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 4.00.49 pm

No More Feet-dragging

In the course of the Task, some Housemates got smarter than the others by dragging their feet to have a feel of the line. This made the challenge a piece of cake to them. So in the next round, Biggie ruled out feet dragging and the blindfold was thoroughly checked for any possible opening. Also, they had to start where had ended in the previous round.

The second round saw Diane, Mercy, Gedoni, Venita leaving at the first attempt. They couldn’t even move past three steps on the line.

Last Wo(man) Standing

The last two Housemates were Cindy and Seyi. But this time, they were timed, so the fastest person to get to the finish line became the winner. Cindy was so swift on the line that we thought she might win. Little did we know that Seyi’s determination would push him to become a cheetah on the line with the way he moved his legs on the line. Beating Cindy’s record of one minute, Seyi got to the finish line in just 45 seconds. What a remarkable feat!

1565632191 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 5.11.23 pm

The Reward

For finishing within the shortest time, Seyi, who is the incumbent HoH retained the title. This is a giant leap as he has broken a record as the only Housemate to win the lofty position twice. Great job, guy! He is now 250 Bet9ja Coins richer and has also won for his team, Cruisetopia, 10 Bet9ja coins each. As the runner-up, Cindy’s Icons also went away with 20 Bet9ja coins each. Seems Biggie was on a good mood!

A Little Disappointment

Remember the last time Seyi won the title, we were surprised when he chose Esther over Tacha with whom we have noticed a bond as his bedmate. This time, Tacha rejected the offer when Seyi felt it was time to reward her. Disappointed, he had to go for Venita instead.

Will Seyi’s HoH win change the dynamics of the game or will it be business as usual? We shall see.

Watch how Seyi did it here.

The Icons Are Up For Eviction

Cindy, Elozonam, Enkay, Frodd, Ike, Joe, Khafi, Omashola and Tacha are up for possible Eviction on Sunday.

A few minutes after the HoH challenge, the Pepper Dem gang returned to the Arena for the Nomination Task. Yes, this time, there was no Housemate Nominating one another. Since the Housemates have been grouped into Icons and Cruisetopia, the race for who will be put up for Eviction had to be contested. With this, we reckon the games just got heated.

The Balloon Challenge

To determine who got nominated, the Housemates had to contest in two challenges. The first was the balloon one. Jackye and Joe contested on behalf of Cruisetopia while the Icons were represented by Cindy and Omashola. The Task saw each team blowing up the balloons and sticking them on the boards using adhesives provided. Within the specified time, Cruisetopia scored eight points while Icons got nine. Then the second challenge began.

1565643046 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 7.20.07 pm

Lace Tying

The second challenge required each representative to untie shoelaces and tie them firmly to the upper part of the beam. For each lace tied, there was a point. This Task started and ended at the sound of the buzzer. Sir Dee represented the Icons while Mike stood for Cruisetopia. In the end, the former scored six while the latter got seven. As it was a tie, they had to do it again. The second time, Mike was faster.

In the end, Cruisetopia won the challenge and that automatically put all members of the Icons up for possible Eviction.

1565643092 34 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 7.32.02 pm


Veto Power in Action

As the VPH, Diane had to use her power to save and replace a Housemate. She saved Sir Dee and replaced him with Joe, putting him in the list of those up for Eviction. While this looked like a tough decision for Diane, Joe who must have thanked his stars for their win did not see this coming. He couldn’t his shock even though he didn’t say a word.

No doubt, the new Nomination exercise has woken up the Housemates to the reality that they are in for a serious game. As the race for the prize became heated day by day, we look forward to more doses of drama.

Watch the video here.

Breaking News: Tacha, Ike, and Joe receive Strikes!

‘Judgement delayed is not judgment denied’ bellowed Biggie as he issued three Strikes.

The Pepper Dem Housemates seem to have become too comfortable in Biggie’s House with a growing list of infringements. Tonight Biggie reminded the Housemates that he is always watching as he issued two warm-up warnings before he got to the business of the day and issued three Strikes for violence and threats thereof.

Biggie issues Tacha and Mercy their final warning

Biggie gave Tacha a final warning to constantly being involved in fights in the House. He warned that such hostility would only get her into more trouble as his House is not a fighting ring. He advised Tacha to take better control of her reactions when angry.

Mercy received a final warning for damaging Biggie’s property when she broke the Oppo Mobile phone at a Saturday Night Party. Biggie warned Mercy to be in control of her temper and reaction regardless of other people’s actions towards her.

1565649318 56 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 11.00.00 pm

Biggie issues Joe and Tacha their first Strike

Joe received his first Strike for provocation for making a volatile situation worse. Joe got into a verbal argument with Tacha and left his couch to sit next to Tacha to provoke her. He then removed her duvet agitating an already irritable Tacha. Biggie asked Joe if agitating an already provoked person was a wise decision? He cautioned him to promote peace, happiness and fun during his stay in the Pepper Dem House.

1565650940 56 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 10.54.49 pm

After receiving a warning for other bursts of anger, Biggie issued Tacha her first Strike for serving it back as e dey hot to Joe when she hit him. He advised that she should have handled herself better and diffused the situation by walking away. He warned all the Housemates to control their temper or they will lose their place in his House. If either Joe or Tacha receive two more Strikes they will be Disqualified from Biggie’s House.

1565649392 56 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 10.57.25 pm

Biggie issues Ike his second Strike

Ike learned the hard way that actions have repercussions in Biggie’s House. Ike received his second Strike for intent to attack as fellow Housemate (Seyi). If he recieves a third Strike he will be Disqualified from Big Brother Pepper Dem. Biggie told Ike that he should use this opportunity to develop his self-control skills and cautioned all of the Housemates that in times of tension it is their responsibility to behave in a way that makes the House safe for all.

1565650673 56 screenshot 2019 08 12 at 11.03.45 pm

Big Brother is always watching.

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