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Seyi is The New ‘Tor Tiv’ & Icons win The Wager Task on #BBNaija Day 46



Pomp, Feast And Pageantry

A magnificent show of pomp and pageantry as the Housemates threw a grand reception for Tor Tiv Seyi.

It was all pomp and pageantry as a grand reception was held in honour of Seyi’s new title as the Tor Tiv as part of Heritage Bank’s Task. The Pepper Dem Gang showcased a rich variety of cultural heritage as they all gathered in the well-decorated Arena to celebrate of Seyi’s Tor Tiv title. With each Housemates representing the different geopolitical areas of Nigeria, it was a reception worth remembering. Earlier on Seyi was installed as the Tor Tiv in an elaborate celebration and this grand reception marked the end of the events slated for his coronation.

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The Cultural Troupe

The grand reception had an amazing cultural troupe clad in the most colourful outfits in attendance. They displayed the best of dance moves to keep the Tor Tiv and his guests entertained on such a great occasion. An elated Tacha was so pleased with the cultural dancers that she immediately joined in the dance. Such moves! She was a natural.

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Special Dignitaries in Attendance

The Pepper Dem Gang showed up dressed as famous Nigerian royalties and had words of praises for the newly installed Tor Tiv. Not only did the Housemates play their roles quite well, but they also provided a chance to learn a bit about history. Mike came as the Alaafin of Oyo, Diane as Queen Amina, Esther as Moremi, Frodd as the Obi of Onitsha, Sir Dee as the Emir of Kano and representing dignitaries from the Niger Delta were Venita and Joe.

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 Eat Till You Drop.

It was a buffet with the best delicacies fit for such a royal gathering. A cross-section of local delicacies and fruits that made the grand reception look more like a food festival. The Housemates had to their full and at some point were scared by the large portions left. “I am trying to force myself to eat more, but I think it’s dangerous,” Ike said midway through his meal. Enkay voiced the same fear but still wanted more. “You know when you are full, but you still want to eat,” she lamented as she shortly made her way to the fruits stand.

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Free For All

Not knowing when next they’d have such sumptuous meals again, some of the Housemates secretly hid foods they planned on sneaking out. It was amusing watching Venita stuff food in her clothes as she carried on dancing as if nothing happened. Cindy also towed the same path, but a bit bolder. As usual, nothing gets past Biggie and being the generous Big Brother that he was, he gave the Housemates a free hand to pack as much food as they could, back into the House.

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Watch the Spectacular Grand Reception Here

The Calm Before The Storm

Just as they got ready for their Wager Presentation tonight, the Pepper Dem Housemates got up to what may seem like a lazy day.

While we had the sleeping Housemates, other members of the Pepper Dem Gang gave us some calm vibes this morning.

Couple Goals?

The Pepper Dem couple and cupid are definitely in the same group chat. They’ve seamlessly served couple goals to our screens in the past couple of weeks.

First, we had the Khadoni pair give us romantic goosebumps during their reconciliation session in the garden – where Gedoni helped Khafi take off her heels and gave her his slides for comfort instead, while he walked barefoot. Next, Frodd was found ironing Esther’s dress for her, while she went in to take a shower. Who else is loving their recent couple moments?

Earlier today, Ike revealed to Diane that Mercy’s fingers were sore, which made it difficult for her to wash her clothes. Just a second after, he was seen happily doing her laundry for her. Afterwards, Mercy came to join him to help rinse and spread the clothes, while she teased him about how his washing skills.

What’s your love language? In their relationship session with Esther, the new resident relationship counsellor unveiled what they both consider as their different love languages. According to Mercy, “it’s hard loving someone that doesn’t want to be loved”. In his defence, Ike said although he appreciates the fact that cooking for him reflects her love for him, it’s a little weird seeing someone love him this way.

“I want to love you and I do love you,” he said to seal the conversation about their tabled relationship matters.

There’s something amusing about listening to the Pepper Dem couples address their relationship issues, right? More like when food is prepared with love, everything seems better with a pinch of love in it and our Pepper Dem couple know this.

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A Repentant Omashola

In his conversation with Jackye, Omashola said the House has shown him his strength as regards restraining from his smoking habits. He went ahead to mention how he sees Ike and Mike with cigars every now and then but he’s been able to resist the temptation to smoke. In his words, “outside the House, no smoking or drinking for me.”

In addition, he revealed that most of the Pepper Dem Gang members have been frustrating him of recent. For this reason, he has been trying to keep to himself more. He also said that he has been more conscious about his shouting escapades in the House. This was his response to Enkay who teased him about a possible reason his ex-girlfriend left him, after seven years of dating.

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The Business Tycoons

Mike, Frodd and Gedoni had an insightful conversation about networking, creating business opportunities and everything that revolves around the business and entrepreneurial world. While at it, Gedoni did not fail to mention those who supported his business when he launched the brand and those who didn’t.

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Watch them serve all shades of calm vibes this morning

We can’t wait to see how their Wager Presentation goes. Hopefully, the announcement of an anticipated win lifts up the spirits of the Housemates.

A Battle Of Talents

With just nine hours left to the Wager Challenge, the Pepper Dem Gang had to prepare to showcase their talents. Which team will earn Biggie’s thumbs up and which team will starve all week? We’ll find out.

The Icons and Cruisetopia teams were Tasked to present a talent show, with every member of each family fully participating. In Biggie’s words, through the brief read out by HoH – Seyi, the talent show should be an entertaining and elaborate one.

With this in mind, the team with the most elegant, creative, diverse and unique showcase wins the presentation and by extension, this week’s Wager; in other words, no hunger strike for the winning team.

The Talent Warriors

Trust the Pepper Dem Gang to give us some drama while going through their Wager preparation.

First, the Cruisetopia team had to deal with Seyi and Mike’s inability to settle things amicably. As they brainstormed on what approach to take for the Task ahead, Seyi seemed to be uncomfortable with Mike’s unwillingness to follow his orders. On the other hand, Mike seemed to find Seyi bossy and commanding in the way he communicated to the team.

This prompted an angry Seyi to storm out of their rehearsal room and Mike who wasn’t fazed by this did not fail to tell the other team members, “I can’t work with overly sensitive people; if he wants to work out on the team, so be it.”

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Again, the Icons gave out some drama just before they happily agreed on their Task direction for tonight. Cindy who felt she wasn’t being put into good use in her team, was quick to voice out her concerns. Unlike the heated argument between the members of the Cruisetopia team, the Icons quickly resolved Cindy’s worries and gave her a singing role for her to handle. This birthed a brighter-looking Cindy as she went about the preparation with the rest of the team.

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The Naturalists

Like every other play, it was no surprise seeing those who would easily take the spotlights during the Wager presentation. These Housemates did not struggle to showcase their talents to the world even before presenting them to Biggie.

From Joe’s drawing and painting capabilities to Khafi, Elozonam and Enkay’s dancing skills, we reckon they’ll keep us glued to our screens with their talent presentations tonight. Oh did we mention Frodd’s cultural movement as he swiftly danced to Enkay’s drum rhythms?

Oh, we can’t wait to see the winning team get rewarded for their efforts tonight. May the best team win!

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The Icons Win The Wager Task

After putting up a brilliant performance in the talent showcase Task, the Icons won their Wager for the week.

Having put up a colourful and entertaining coronation for their Tor Tiv in yesterday’s Heritage Bank challenge, Housemates were yet faced with a more daunting Task – the Wager presentation. As is with every Thursday Task, the two teams – Icons and Cruisetopia had to come up with creative acts in any form and contest for the Wager. The losing team will be denied of their provisions for the week.

The Drills

In this Task, every member of each team must participate. The performance could either be done individually or in a group or even both. Also, unlike the previous Tasks in which Biggie always supplied the Housemates their props, this Task saw the Pepper Dem Gang creatively using available materials in the House.

Let The Show Begin

The Icons opened the floor with a beautiful acrobatic display. Then Sir Dee, Elozonam, Frodd and Ike impressed us with their chest-puffing and humming. It was dramatic. Next was the eloquent and lively Khafi who put up a spoken word performance about self-love. Then Elozonam came on board with some flexible dance moves amidst a little dramatic performance. And the most exciting of all was Frodd’s rap, and then at the point of his using an “F” word, we heard, “Housemates, freeze!”

1565909353 34 screenshot 2019 08 15 at 9.12.47 pm


Cruisetopia were the patriotic team as they stormed the stage with a national anthem. As usual, Mr Anchor Seyi set the tone for the presentation. Throughout their acts, Joe was seen in front of the stage drawing on a white cardboard. No one knew what he was up to until the curtail call when he displayed the result of his work which turned out to be the Nigerian coat of arms. To be able to come up with such a drawing within the shortest time was commendable. Isn’t that the talent Biggie wanted to see with the Task? There were moving spoken words by Venita, songs by Esther and Jackye and Mike’s tap dance. Despite the little fall out between Seyi and Mike, the Cruisetopia still did their best.

After the performance, Biggie asked each team to select a representative to defend their presentation and tell him why they deserved to win. Enkay and Seyi came forward for both teams and each explained how they were able to incorporate in their presentations all the ingredients required by Biggie.

1565909441 34 screenshot 2019 08 15 at 9.48.57 pm


In the end, for their exceptional blend of comedy, drama, songs and a great deal of teamwork, Biggie declared the Icons winner. The Icons jumped for joy knowing that they will have the privilege to shop and enjoy the week’s Wager. In addition, each member also got richer with 20 Bet9ja coins. Congrats to the winning team!

1565909494 34 screenshot 2019 08 15 at 10.08.41 pm


Cruisetopia won the Wager Task last week and this must have triggered the Icons to put in their best in this one. But we wonder if the Icons will sustain the win or give in to their ego and let Cruisetopia beat them to it.

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