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The Housemates share Their Fears for the New Nomination Process on #BBNaija Day 37 | Watch



The Fear Of Nomination

No one fears Nomination like the Housemate whose fate lies in the hands of another.

It’s never easy adjusting to new things and this must be why the Pepper Dem Gang found the change in the Nomination process surprising and reacted differently. Mike was quick to state he loves the element of surprise though, but what about the rest of the Housemates, what do they think?

Fate In The Hands Of Others.

Gist sisters, Diane, Esther and Mercy were a bit bothered that their fate was in the hands of their teammates. The fact that their Nomination for Eviction depended on the success of their team scared them. All three have only been up for Eviction once and the thought of going up again should their team not succeed in any of the Nomination challenges unsettles them. They claim to be happy with their team but will they feel the same way after their first Challenge?

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The Happy Usual Suspects

Housemates fond of making a feature on the Nominations’ list were super euphoric for the change. Tacha and Mike were particularly excited. This was a welcome development from having to be put up every week for possible Eviction. They all seemed confident about their Team and loved the fact that they had a shot at working to keep their name off the dreaded list. Omashola who had been Nominated twice was also excited for this twist. He reason was that most of the Housemates who were always hiding under the radar and putting up the others for possible Eviction will also get a taste of their own medicine.

We’ve Got This

They clearly have nothing to worry about as they each believe in the strength of their teams. From Frodd to Gedoni, Ike, Jackye, Khafi, Seyi, and Sir Dee, each was certain that their team had Housemates with strength and brains to get the job done. Now that they have expressed confidence about their teammates, it will be quite interesting to see how well they will fare in the challenges to come.

Separating The Strong From The Weak Links

They did say they were confident in their teammates, but if given the option, which of them would they readily swap for another? Who did the Housemates think were the weak link and who would they rather have on their team? Frodd, Omashola, Khafi, Ike and some of the new members of the Pepper Dem gang (Cindy especially) were a few names that readily came to the lips of the Housemates as the weak links. Seyi, Joe, Mike, Sir Dee and Ike were some of the strong Housemates other team members were keen on drafting to their teams.

The First-Timers

The new Pepper Dem gang had their first-ever Diary Session and boy, were they excited. “It’s been a long time coming,” Cindy remarked. Venita was the first to go and she walked in excitedly with high expectations. Sharing her time in the House so far, she disclosed she was still wary of the Housemates and made mention of the fact that she had gotten into altercations with a couple of the Housemates. Asked if she deserved to be in the House, she answered in affirmative. Joe loves how he has been able to explore his creative side while Enkay has found the rest of the Housemates welcoming. Cindy and Elozoname also had nice things to say about the Housemates, especially her teammates.

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As the quest for the final spot in the House continues, one thing is certain, the recent changes will turn up the pressure in the House. Which Housemate will be able to bear the weight of the pressure, who will cave in? The coming weeks will reveal a lot.

The Priceless Babies

What looks like an egg to you is a cherished baby in the arms of the Pepper Dem Housemates.

Following the division of the Housemates into two teams in the House, Big Brother has given each team member a responsibility – to take care of their eggs like a responsible parent.

A Game Of Responsibility

This week in the Big Brother House is about ‘Acts of Kindness’ and ‘Fun’. But before all of that, Biggie had a Task for them. The Housemates were provided with an egg each to nourish and care for. They were to personalize the eggs and care for them like committed parents. Say what Biggie?? Big Brother wasn’t done yet as this was their first assignment towards winning or losing their team Wager challenge. Oh, they were also to take care not to break their eggs. For those who thought of replacing their eggs should anything happen to them, here’s the gist – the eggs in the kitchen were marked, so it’s either they are careful or they go childless. Talk about a very delicate baby.

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Doting Parents

While this may sound like a ridiculous Task, the teams are taking it very seriously. From bathing their babies to singing nursery rhymes and feeding their eggs, the Housemates showed us their parental skills. In addition to this, the teammates named their babies, yes you heard right. Names like Omelette, Egg knot, Sugar, Jewel, Blue and Tacha made their debut in this Task. While some of the names sounded okay to the ears, we couldn’t help but wonder if some of the parents were nursing secret intentions to have their babies end up in a pan. We won’t be surprised since there’s likely to be hunger games this week.

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Keep Your Babies Safe

No one but the Housemates can drum it into their heads the consequences of something bad happening to their eggs. To avoid stories that shatter the hearts, team members were seen carrying their babies everywhere they went. In Venita’s case, she put her egg under the bed! Hmm, what a careful mother.

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No matter how careful they think they are, a mishap is lurking in the shadows and we are bidding our time to see whose baby shall be hit first.

An Act Of Kindness

Housemates were tasked with showing kindness to one another in different ways. The result was loads of entertainment.

In line with the theme of this week, the Big Brother Naija Housemates perform an ‘act of kindness’ on one another.

Asides performing their parental responsibilities, Big Brother gave the Housemates an exercise. The activity was to spend the rest of the day practising the ‘act of kindness.’

The Magic Hat

To kick start the process, Housemates were to pick a name card from the magic hat. They were not allowed to peep into the hat. Once that was done, it must not be returned nor be exchanged. With this in mind, each picked a name and kept it close to their chest to await further instructions from Biggie.

After an interval, the magic hat resurfaced in the House and this time, they took turns to pick their ‘act of kindness’ from it. At the sound of the buzzer, the Pepper Dem gang had to act out the role each of them had earlier chosen.

The Act

Gedoni started by advising himself on the best way to survive in the House. But for Khafi, singing a soothing lullaby to Elozonam was her kind gesture. The pedicurists like Enkay and Tacha gave Jackye and Venita a lovely treat respectively. Seyi wouldn’t deny enjoying Venita’s smooth touch on his face, call it facial spa treatment. Also, Joe gave Cindy a great spa experience.

For Frodd and Mike, no better act of kindness than making a lady’s hair beautiful; Enkay and Esther had their hair treated by these guys. Since there can be no Ike without Mike, treating a brother to a delicious salad was Ike’s idea of kindness.

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In case you don’t know, Biggie’s House can now boast of two professional counsellors – Jackye and Esther. While the former’s session with Ike sounded motivational the latter appeared wooing. In short, Esther’s session with Frodd gave us the impression of someone seeking a reconciliation. “You should always go after what you want, whether you get it or not,” she said. In his usual Warri swag, Omashola extolled Mercy’s doggedness so much that we thought that, if her head were soaked garri, it would swell up!

Mercy and Sir Dee’s ‘act of kindness’ was a long hug. While Mercy’s hug with Joe was understanding (that’s if Ike is cool with it anyway), Sir Dee’s awkward cuddle with another guy – Omashola – was a sight to behold. Even the Housemates couldn’t help supplying the moment with a series of love songs.

Diane acted a happy mother lullabying her egg-baby to sleep. Then in the kitchen, Elozonam felt on top of the world treating Khafi to a sumptuous sandwich and a cup of tea. The handsome guy even had to put up a mini-performance as he mimed T-Pain’s tunes. Of course, Mike was his supporting artiste.

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All in all

So far, the Pepper Dem gang have done their own part in the ‘act of kindness’ Task. But the final decision is left with Biggie. Who will win: The Icons or Cruisetopia? Fingers crossed.

See how it went down.

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