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The Pepper Dem Gang finds their Beautiful with Darling, Diane & Sir Dee talk about Deep Connections on #BBNaija Day 59



Nursing Grudges

Unsettled grudges, business ideas, and soothing hands, It’s just another day in the Pepper Dem House.

Away from combating malaria, Frodd still nursed grudges. One with Ike for Saving Omashola instead of him and another with Elozonam. Although he settled with Ike, It wasn’t going to be that easy settling with Elozonam.

Let The Hurt Go

Ever since Elozonam Saved Venita and put Frodd up for Eviction, there has been growing tension between the two. Which is quite understandable. Hardly will anyone be cool with that one person that tried kicking them out of contention for the grand prize. Although Frodd escaped Eviction, he wasn’t letting go of that grudge anytime soon and it didn’t help that he is once again back on the Nomination List. Some luck he has! An attempt by Diane to broker peace didn’t seem to yield any positive result as Frodd told Esther he wasn’t ready to talk to him. We wonder how long he will keep this grudge for.

Let’s Share Business Ideas

If they were going to be in the House for as long as they possibly can, they might as well share meaningful connections and business ideas. That was exactly what the Pepper Dem Gang did. From Mercy’s beauty and cosmetic idea to Sir Dee’s plan to turn his city to a business hub, the Pepper Dem Gang listed out carefully thought out business plans.

1566952770 56 screenshot 2019 08 27 at 11.15.00 pm

Soothing Hands

It was only just a few weeks ago that Nelson healing hands brought comfort and relief to the Housemates and now, Frodd has taken up that task wholeheartedly. Coincidentally, his client was Esther, Nelson’s close ‘buddy’. We are not sure Frodd will expand his clientele to other Housemates, but as long as Esther is his one and only client, he might be content. Frodd wasn’t the only one delivering satisfaction with his hands, Ike was also massaging spots on Mercy’s back that her hands couldn’t reach. Well done guys, we see what your hands are doing.

1566952840 56 screenshot 2019 08 27 at 11.38.23 pm

A Three-Way Friendship

A friendship with two ladies without any drama, how? Let’s find out from Sir Dee.

Sir DeeTacha and Diane have a friendship going on that makes us wonder how Sir Dee juggles it easily. Join us on this journey to get tips from Sir Dee.

Cheers To What We Share

Sir Dee and Tacha have always been comfortable around each other and that bond has continued to grow with each passing day in the Big Brother Naija House.

When Tacha returned to the Pepper Dem House after her fake Eviction, she made a speech on the Dining table where she praised her fellow Housemates and threw them into shock. For Sir Dee, she took it to an extra mile as she was seen pouring accolades on him in the bedroom. Nawa oh, how many of our friends will do this for us? Ouch! Who threw that stone?

As one who saw the good in her friend, Tacha revealed that Sir Dee is the reason she opens up and no one can dispute that he is a good person. Awww all this for Sir Dee? Tacha is making us jealous oh. Sir Dee acknowledged that it was difficult for Tacha to say all she said and so he told her, “Don’t you feel like a happier human being? God is happy with you and so am I.” So much positive vibes here. Well done!

1566997354 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 2.00.21 pm

Away From The Accolades

In as much as they like to praise each other’s good traits, there were times when Sir Dee pointed out Tacha’s wrongs. One occasion that readily comes to mind was Tacha’s second Strike.

Tacha tried to defend her actions by saying they were unconscious but Sir Dee was having none of it. He painted a scenario for her by comparing Big Brother to her father. Tacha got the point and accepted that she was actually disrespectful. Score one for both of them as only true friends can act the way they have done on this matter.

Watch Tacha and Sir Dee’s Moments Here

A Deep Connection

With Diane and Sir Dee, they have let everyone know that they are ‘siblings’. It doesn’t matter if their connection isn’t genetic but since they arrived in the Pepper Dem House they have been very close. Sir Dee and Diane both found out that they speak a mutual language – Hausa and this has helped cement their friendship. If these two haven’t been scolded by Biggie for speaking the language, we are certain that all of us who don’t understand the language would have been fluent in it. Yes, it was that deep.

Let’s keep their language connection aside. What about when Diane Saved Sir Dee with her Veto Power. As soon as Diane was called upon by Biggie to make her choice on who to Save, she didn’t hesitate to remove her brother’s name from the Nomination list because that’s what a great friend does.

We also didn’t forget what Sir Dee did for Diane when she was up for possible Eviction. In the Diary Room, Sir Dee had a one-minute campaign soliciting for people to Vote for his friend Diane. Who knows, his campaign may have struck the hearts of many because Diane is still in the Pepper Dem House.

1566997400 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 1.59.22 pm

Being the diplomatic person that he is, Sir Dee has created and maintained a balance in his friendship with Tacha and Diane. Don’t you agree?

Omashola: Everybody’s Guy

Unlike every other Housemate, Omashola’s friendship goal is with nobody in particular: he is with everybody.

When we talk about the most outgoing Housemates in Biggie’s House, we cannot omit Omashola’s name. From his funny reactions to events, to his regular hot gist and then his “Warri street!” mantra, Omashola can be described as everybody’s guy.

No doubt about it, the Warri guy has been seen almost everywhere with almost everybody in the House. Since stepping into the House, he has made a mark as the Housemate who has mingled the most, even though he remains single (no thanks to the cold hand of Eviction that snatched away Isilomo from him.) Also, he could have got lucky with Venita too, but the man could not control his love at first sight.

Now, let’s have a sneak peek into how he has been serving us his friendship goals in the House.

A Man Of The People

If you wonder why we didn’t pair Omashola with any particular Housemate as we look at his moment of friendship in the House, it is only due to his good rapport with everybody. Is there really any Housemate our Warri guy has never related with? Yes, he is such a nice guy. But to consider whether or not those relationships are palatable is another matter entirely.

1566987970 34 screenshot 2019 08 01 at 2.33.13 pm

The Anger Moments

Like every other member of the Pepper Dem Gang, Omashola has had his own time of anger in the House. If we have forgotten other fiery moments he has been involved in, we really can’t forget his outburst after is coins were stolen. His “I no dey okay o!” is still fresh in our memories. He has also had a fight with Frodd (little wonder he told Biggie he would want him Evicted) and has ruffled feathers of a few other Housemates. But overall, Omashola does not appear like a trouble maker. His loud voice just seems to land him in trouble sometimes.

1566997150 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 1.21.48 pm


Buddies And Gist Partners

Despite the difficulty of identifying his real friends, we still believe he has a few Housemates he consistently relates with. Among the guys, he tilts towards Mike, Sir Dee and Seyi the most. But when it comes to the ladies, we really don’t think the Warri boy has a way with the girls in the House. But at least he has been seen around Khafi, Diane and, recently, Cindy. As expected, his relationship with Khafi does not pass the gist moments they shared. With Diane, he once served as a good adviser (if we can remember his epic relationship adviceto her in the garden about the love triangle.) With Cindy still trying to know the other Housemates well enough, we can’t really see anything deep in her friendship with him.

1566988277 34 ta

Bubbly, friendly and ever lively, Omashola has served us friendship goals in the Big Brother House like no other. Unlike any other friendships in the House, his relationship with Khafi, Mike and then Cindy will remain memorable for long.

Find Your Beautiful

With one million Naira and six months’ supply of Darling hair product, the Pepper Dem Housemates go on a journey to create amazing hairstyles.

Thanks to Darling, the Big Brother Naija Housemates are going to discover a lot more about hair. From an image given to them, the Housemates are to get inspiration for their styles, create their own hairstyles and showcase them tonight on the Darling Runway Show.

1567006358 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 4.09.49 pm

Let’s Get To Work

For this Task, the Housemates were to work in pairs. Without wasting much time, they quickly selected their partners. Here’s how they worked:

  • Omashola and Khafi
  • Venita and Sir Dee
  • Elozonam and Diane
  • Ike and Mercy
  • Frodd and Esther
  • Tacha and Seyi
  • Mike and Cindy
1567006404 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 4.24.10 pm

Braids, Curls And Weave-on

There were four themes to this Task. Avant-Garde (Braids), Nigeria in the 60s (Crotchet), Big Hair Don’t Care (Naturals) and Here Comes The Bride (Weave On).

Housemates were provided with five boxes. Four large boxes containing the necessary materials needed to achieve the desired hairstyle and a smaller box that contained the hair themes written on them.

After the Housemates picked their themed hairstyles, they proceeded into the garden to begin styling each other’s hair. So far, we have seen various hairstyles, some coming out good and other’s looking quite odd (check out Mike and Cindy style).

1567006319 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 3.58.52 pm

We can’t wait to see how these hairstyles will turn out on the runway show coming up tonight.

Showcasing The Darling Beauty

How well will you “Find Your Beautiful” for a reward of one million Naira and six months supply of Darling Hair products?

In the bid to “Find Their Beautiful”, the Pepper Dem Housemates were Tasked to work in pairs and showcase their hairstyle on a Darling Runway Show.

The Darling Fashion

The Housemates were asked to be dressed in formal attires for tonight’s runway show. Adorned in their different hairstyles, the Pepper Dem Gang brought all shades of beautiful to the Darling runway stage. To add icing to the cake, Big Brother supplied them with branded “Darling” sashes and even the men were not left out.

1567030786 34 fash

The Darling Carnival

Showcasing the different themes of the “Find Your Beautiful” Challenge, each pair mounted the stage to display their hairstyles to the Darling judges – Idia and Ugo. Showcasing Avant-Garde (Braids), Nigeria In The 60s (Crochet), Big Hair Don’t Care (Naturals) and Here Comes The Bride (Weave On), each pair not only wowed the judges but kept the internet buzzing with their electrifying parade.

With the varieties of styles and colours displayed on the Darling stage, it was quite evident that the judges had a hard time selecting the Darling champion. This was obvious when the judges had to call Khafi and Omashola, Ike and Mercy, Venita and Sir Dee to go through a final round of display on the stage.

1567030918 34 run

The “Froster” Smacker

Okay, we sure didn’t see that coming. Frodd and Esther sealed their show on the stage with a long kiss. Did that earn them a win? No. Did that cause screams and cheers from everyone? Of course! The ship has officially sailed, or has it? We’ll see how that goes.

1567030987 34 video to gif 32

Outstanding Beauties

Without any doubt, the Pepper Dem Gang brought their A-game to the Runway Show. However, some of the pairs kept us glued to our screens with their gorgeous looks and presentations. Did they position the brand as the leading fashion hair brand and go-to for all hair extensions? Yes!

1567031398 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 8.09.11 pm

Our thoughts in tweets

And The Winning Pair Is…

For putting in their best in displaying Nigeria in the 60s theme, team four consisting of Sir Dee and Venita emerged as the winning pair in the Darling Task.

What more screams “Finding your beautiful” than this?

1567032538 34 screenshot 2019 08 28 at 8.10.00 pm

It’s refreshing seeing the Housemates unleash different skills through the Pepper Dem Tasks and we can’t wait to see them wow us some more in Biggie’s House.

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