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The Pepper Dem Gang trade Mantras and The Icons gain a Healthy Win on #BBNaija Day 53



Venita And Gedoni: What Lies Beneath

The members of the Pepper Dem Gang have been serving us friendship goals and Venita and Gedoni are not left out.

Venita, who joined the rest of the Pepper Dem Gang later in the season has struck a friendship with Gedoni. Let’s take a look at the journey that led to the closeness between these two.

Something In Common

Venita’s arrival into the Big Brother Naija House coincided with the 50s Task. With her experience in sewing, she proved to be an asset not only to her group but also to Gedoni. Gedoni, who is a fashion designer was seen taking sewing lessons from Venita as she taught him how to use the sewing machine Biggie provided for the Task.

Asides their love for things related to fashion, these two share a mutual friend outside the Big Brother Naija House. They made this discovery in one of their conversations. From the way they spoke, we felt the excitement in their voices as they swapped stories about the said friend. Still, in the ‘getting to know each other’ mood, Gedoni revealed to Venita that he had previously followed her on Instagram but unfollowed her at some point. When Venita asked him why, Gedoni didn’t have a concrete reason. Well, all that is in the past now as the House has given them the opportunity to rekindle their friendship.

1566474683 34 screenshot 2019 08 22 at 12.37.50 pm

Specs And Compass

In a fun moment with Ike, Mercy and Frodd, Venita confessed that Gedoni is her ‘specs’ but he is a married man. This statement made her audience burst into laughter. Venita, Well done oh.

We also can’t forget a recent conversation with Gedoni where Venita said, “If I decide to put my compass on you, Khafi does not stand much of a chance.” To which Gedoni responded that he is not here for anyone. Hmmm, is this Gedoni’s way of saying no weapon fashioned against their friendship shall prosper?

1566474580 34 screenshot 2019 08 22 at 12.38.27 pm

Watch Their Moments Here

We see all the playful moments, hugs and pecks between these two and we hope their friendship stand the hurdles that may arise.

What’s Your Mantra?

Imagine going through life without a personal mantra to motivate and inspire you?

In life, almost everyone has a motto that they live by and the Pepper Dem Gang are not excluded. Some of the Housemates talk to Big Brother about their mantra in the Diary Room and we picked up quite a few.


This simple and easy spoken Housemate revealed to Big Brother her slogan which is “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”. Who will blame Cindy for adopting this motto? considering what people go through in this continent on a daily basis one can only look for a blessing in every setback.

1566503775 34 screenshot 2019 08 22 at 4.05.18 pm


This Pepper Dem Housemate told Biggie that her motto which she uses to remind herself constantly in the House is “I never lose, either I win or I learn.” She also added another to the list “expectation is a killer of joy, so expect nothing from nobody.” Well spoken, Jackye.

1566503812 34 screenshot 2019 08 22 at 3.44.27 pm


“If you look good, you tend to walk in added steps” says the man who exude confidence in everything he does. Mike told Biggie he had several personal catch phrases he abides by but gave the impression that the above mentioned was his favourite. If Mike bottles his confidence as a cologne, it will be out of stock in minutes. Don’t you agree?

1566503926 34 mike


Trust this Big Brother Naija Housemate to go indigenous us. Omashola disclosed to Big Brother that his sacred text is “Ogoro no get reverse.” Don’t be confused as there’s a translation. According to the Warri brother, Ogoro means ‘frog’ and a frog never hops backward so, for Omashola, it’s all about going forward in life. Hmm, who is with him on this one?

1566503961 34 omas


For Tacha, the phrase that’s always on repeat in her mind is “Success is a must.” What more can we say? Maybe we can borrow a leaf from her mantra trees. After all, if we no succeed for this life, wetin we gain.

1566504009 34 tacha

Having read these Housemates personal motto, which one will you adopt?

The PPG Friendship Quiz: Mercy, Diane, Esther

Mercy, Diane, and Esther were surely created out of sugar, spice, and everything nice with, of course, a dash of pepper. From Mercy’s loyalty to Diane’s smiles and Esther’s toughness, these three have served friendship goals in the House.

Like the original Powerpuff Girls (PPG), Mercy, Diane, and Esther possess the super strength to stick together and their outfits seem to be indestructible (well, with Mercy in the picture, you can agree). Little wonder why they are often referred to as the Powerpuff girls by their fellow Housemates. Well, unlike the original PPG, these three humans have necks, ears, fingers, toes, and noses.


Although not the self-proclaimed leader of the group, Mercy’s evident personality ingredient is “everything nice” and her signature colour is… everything! We can all agree that Blossom’s ability to combine her pink outfit with her signature red bow, can be likened to Mercy’s super strength of combining beautiful outfit pieces.

Just like Blossom, Mercy is often seen as the most level-headed and the one who speaks freely and honestly to not only her resident sisters but to the other members of the Pepper Dem Gang.

Even when she was angry at Diane for not Saving Ike when she had the opportunity to, Mercy rode on the waves of friendship and forgave her friend. Talk about friendship goals!

1566532258 34 mercy gif


Considered as the sweetest and softest of the three, Diane is also capable of fighting the Pepper Dem villains just as well as her sisters.

The original Bubbles often acts as the mediator in many situations and has evidently been the one to calm her friends down when in such situations. Citing the time when Esther was angry about her team’s Wager loss and broke down in tears, Diane spent some time trying to cheer up her spirits.

How can we forget this, like Bubbles, Diane is tiny with enormous blue eyes.

1566531490 34 diane dances 2


The original Buttercup was known at school for being the most athletic girl and especially good at soccer due to her strengthened determination. Likewise, Esther’s proven drive and determination to always succeed in Tasks undoubtedly make her a good fit for this character.

Her superpowers – strength, exception, energy blast and super speed all make her the Buttercup of the resident Powerpuff Girls and this has been displayed in the way she handles her friendship with them.

When Elozonam Saved Venita instead of Diane as the other Housemates predicted, Esther was quick to call Diane aside and give her bits of advice regarding the ‘betraying’ move. Also, she took the same energy and told Elozonam how she felt about his action.

In addition, similar to the original Buttercup, Esther takes things more seriously than her resident sisters and spends more time frowning than the other two. See why we call her Buttercup? Oh well, this strength has earned her the title of the only female Head of House to sit on the throne twice. Go Buttercup!

1566531821 34 esther reaction smiley

Let’s have fun. Which of the Pepper Dem Powerpuff girls are you? Before you answer, take your time to answer the following questions:

  1. Pick a fight move – If you’re at the party with your friend and someone is taking a picture of your tipsy friend, would you: A. Take the phone and smash it B. Frown at the person to express your disapproval C. Calmly ask for the phone
  2. Choose a special power – A. Ability to breathe fire and ice B. Super strength C. Ability to read minds
  3. Choose a flavour –  Your favourite food flavour is: A. Spicy B. Savory C. Sweet

If your answers are leaning towards option A, you’re most likely Mercy a.k.a Blossom: You’re a loyal friend and you constantly make the effort to show how much you value your friendship.

If you mostly chose B option, you’re most likely Esther a.k.a Buttercup: You plan to make your friendship last a lifetime and you should start looking at joint retirement packages now

For option C pickers, you’re most likely Diane a.k.a Bubbles: You’ve really clicked with your friend and maybe you need to practice being more vulnerable in the relationship to show that you really care.

1566532971 25 trii

…and once again, spicy friendship is served in the Pepper Dem House, thanks to… The Powerpuff Girls.

A Healthy Win For The Icons

In line with the theme of the week, the Pepper Dem Gang were Tasked on three elements around the subject of healthy living. The Icons left the Arena with this week’s Wager trophy and a bonus of 20 Bet9ja Coins for each team member.

Judged on creativity, participation and holistic messaging, The Icons and Cruisetopia teams each displayed elements which reflected the three features around the subject of healthy living.

Recycle and Reuse

Is it possible for anyone to recycle and reuse certain items that would ordinarily be considered waste?

For the first segment of this Challenge, the teams were required to contribute to a cleaner environment by recycling items otherwise considered as waste in the House.

In this element, three members of each team took turns as they presented he recycled projects accomplished by the team.

For The Icons, taking into consideration the non-availability of some items in the House, the team presented a bunch of recycled items in the form of a television set, a chessboard, a teddy bear and an hourglass.

1566515559 34 art

While team Cruisetopia displayed their reused items in the form of an aeroplane, a mosaic painting and a car.

1566515609 34 artt

Healthy Relationships

For the second presentation, both teams explained how relationships can be nourished and also how a healthy space for all to thrive can be created. To this end, the teams were Tasked to develop two separate talks on Healthy relationships in seven minutes.

With Jackye and Esther representing team Cruisetopia and Elozonam and Cindy for The Icons, each team gave insightful points as they individually took turns to present separate talks on healthy relationships.

1566515712 34 ar

A Happy Mind

The third element tonight challenged the teams to present twelve yoga poses as a means of creating a happy mind.

How do you find peace in the middle of chaos? The Pepper Dem Gang took us through how to live in harmony with one’s mind through yoga poses.

On this Challenge, Sir Dee and Frodd represented Cruisetopia, while Mercy and Diane displayed on behalf of The Icons.

1566515747 34 aa

What’s Your Originality?

For the final Wager presentation, Khafi (for The Icons) and Mike (for Cruisetopia) each had five minutes to present a single illustrated original positive and uplifting quote for both teams.

We’ll let you be the judge.

1566516149 34 my post

Rewards and Punishments

Trust Biggie to give rewards to the losers and winners.

For the quality of their individual talents on showcase, Frodd, Sir Dee, Ike, Tacha, Mercy and Diane were given verbal awards. For overall teamwork and performance, team Cruisetopia got a handshake from Biggie.

Meanwhile, for the simple act of losing this week’s Wager Challenge, Biggie announced that team Cruisetopia will be awarded a losing punishment reward.

1566516667 34 lost

Three times in a row, The Icons have celebrated major wins in the Pepper Dem House and today, they won their second Wager win. Is this the sign of team strength from The Icons? We’ll find out.

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