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 Omashola, Tacha & Cindy are Happy to Escape Eviction & Cupid’s Arrow hits Gedoni & Venita on #BBNaija Day 52



Feelings About The Nomination Outcome

Where else can the Pepper Dem Housemates be truly open if not with Biggie in the Diary Room?

The Big Brother Naija Housemates talked to Biggie in the Diary Room about the Nomination Challenge and how they feel about the outcome.

Let’s Talk About The Nomination Challenge

It’s no longer new that the Housemates in the Big Brother Naija House have to partake in the Nomination Challenge every week to decide their fate in the game. However, the reactions that trailed the outcome of these Challenges are something that can’t be hidden and they chat with Big Brother about it in their Diary session.

This week, Team Cruisetopia is up for possible Eviction and every member of the team except Venita felt displeased about the outcome of the Nomination challenge. Who will blame them? Eviction is a scary thing to face in the Big Brother Naija game.

While some were unhappy, others were enjoying the fact that they escaped Eviction this week. Omashola, Tacha and Cindy were visibly happy and they did not hide their excitement from Big Brother. In Omashola’s words, “thank God, I won’t stand on Sunday.” We can also add that his native attire which has become his Eviction costume will take a break this week.

Cindy who was overjoyed said she has been given another opportunity in the game and she was glad Elozonam didn’t use her to ‘Replace’ another Housemate. We can say that the outcome of the Nomination Challenge is a bittersweet feeling and the Housemates have confirmed that with their Diary Room confessions.

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Campaigning For Votes

Just like politicians soliciting for Votes, the Pepper Dem Housemates can also whip up a campaign when need be.

Biggie asked the Pepper Dem crew to do a one minute campaign for people to Vote for the Nominated Housemates. While this may sound like a very great idea, there was a catch to it as the Nominated Housemates could not campaign for themselves. According to Biggie, this was an act of kindness to fellow Housemates. Mercy solicited Votes for Diane and vice versa; talk about friendship goals. Esther also campaigned for her friend Diane and this raised the question – didn’t she think of Frodd?

The Housemates in the House unsurprisingly pushed for Votes for their resident best friends or partners; and while we find this endearing, we can’t predict what the future holds for the Nominated Housemates.

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The Fear Of Losing

After losing the Nomination battle to The Icons, team Cruisetopia spent the day preparing for an anticipated Wager victory.

Cupid’s Arrows

Khafi’s disclosure on how Venita makes her feel insecure in her relationship with Gedoni, ignited some sort of attraction between Gedoni and Venita, perhaps? Otherwise, we reckon it’s safe to say the Pepper Dem cupid has shot its arrow in the wrong direction.

As they prepared for their Task presentation, Gedoni and Venita shared some intimate friendship moments – from the kitchen to the lounge and we couldn’t help but wonder what the two of them might be up to.

The irony of this is that some minutes after their friendship shenanigans, Venita called Sir Dee and said, “can you please instruct your friend to relax? I’m tired.”

To this, Frodd responded said he’s happy for her and walked away. Almost as if pricked by a needle, Venita hurled some defensive words at him as she said, “I’m happy for you, you’ve got the ball in your net now; let’s see how Nelson feels when you get outside the House.”

Evidently, there’s some tension between these two and we can’t wait to see things unveil between them. In the meantime, we need a re-direction of cupid’s arrows in the Pepper Dem House. Don’t you think?

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Nomination Or Not…

Team Cruisetopia may have lost the Nomination Challenge but that doesn’t seem to be getting in the way for a big win in this week’s Wager Task. Determined to bag the Wager trophy, they started their day off early preparing for the Task ahead.

Interestingly, we saw Venita and Gedoni spend most of their time bonding through the Task preparation and we can’t help but wonder why she sent a warning for him, through Sir Dee.

On the other hand, The Icons had a slow day as only a couple of them got up to the Task preparation in the latter part of the day. Could this be overconfidence from not only winning last week’s Task presentation but also emerging winners of the Nomination battle?

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It’s been a great week seeing the Pepper Dem Gang work together to achieve the theme of healthy living and we can’t wait to see this act reflect in their dealings with one another. Especially with the Nomination jitters in the air.

No Ike Without Mike

The unique male bond between Ike and Mike cannot go unnoticed in the Pepper Dem House. In fact, we can’t deny the fact that they’re serving ‘bromance’ goals in the House and we’re here for it.

Oh and in case you missed it, ‘bromance’ is a combination of the words – brother and romance.

Do you have that one friend that just gets you? Well, like the dynamic duo, Ike and Mike have stuck through thick and thin in Biggie’s House and we can’t get enough of it.

A Friend Indeed

The right occasion to test the friendship of the Housemates is at their time of need in the Pepper Dem House. For Ike and Mike, the moment they walked into the House and bonded over their common living space, the duo have constantly been found looking out for each other.

An evident display of this was seen after Ike’s second strike dished out to him as a reward for his fight escapades. In Mike’s words, “follow my steps to avoid fights in the House; I need to start watching your every move to make sure of that.”

We also can’t forget when Mike was put up for possible Eviction by the Housemates and Ike gave him a piece of advice, “you do what you do and the Housemates can see the light in you; stop being nice to them, they don’t deserve you,” he said while trying to comfort his friend. Get yourself a friend like Ike!

1566404195 34 ike

Business Barons

What’s better than having someone you can bounce ideas off of? We’ll leave you to answer that.

In a discussion where they discussed what the outside world had in store for them after the Pepper Dem game, Mike advised Ike on getting an agent that’ll help in organizing his business life amidst every other thing life may throw at him. An overly excited Ike listened with keen interest as Mike went on about how getting an agent helped him before getting into the House.

In addition to this, the pair take conscious efforts to have insightful discussions about the business world and in the process of doing so, they throw ideas and bits of advice to each other. What more speaks bromance goals? (*side note, we need a name for them, suggestions please).

1566404879 34 mike

Campaign Managers

When put up for Eviction, Ike and Mike do not fail to give Biggie (and the world) a reason or two on why either of them should be Voted for.

Citing the time when all the Housemates were put up for Eviction, Biggie asked them to reveal who they would like to Save, if they had the power to. In his response, Mike said he would Save Ike because “there’s no Ike without Mike and vice versa in the Pepper Dem House” and we can’t help but drool over this brotherly love.

Earlier this week Biggie also asked the Housemates to do a one-minute campaign for the Nominated Housemates; one Nominated Housemate each. We found it quite entertaining seeing Ike play a smart one as he split his campaign between Ike and Mercy. How cute!

1566404337 34 mike

This friendship sure looks like it will go beyond the House. Should we look forward to a Mike and Ike show? Something to ponder on.

Friendship and Peacemaking

We had a look at some of the friendships in the House and here is what we found about Jackye and Khafi.

Jackye and Khafi fell into the friendly zebra category in our Pepper Dem fable story. This is not by accident as they both merit making this list for their good rapport with the other Housemates, especially in how swift they are in making peace during quarrels. They have developed a friendship since stepping into Biggie’s House, let’s take a look.

Common Traits

In a way, these two share a similar attribute – being the only Housemates who have related well with almost all the others in the House. This isn’t surprising considering how free-spirited they have been. And whenever fights broke out, these two never slacked to broker peace. But when the two eventually locked horns, we had a second thought.

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The Peacemaker Clash

Even peacemakers do sometimes quarrel and Jackye and Khafi were no exception. But unlike other Housemates, their little squabble did not happen until almost a month into Biggie’s House. As usual, they were on a mission to settle the dispute between Gedoni and Mercy after the Saturday Party. After trying her luck, first with Gedoni then with Mercy, to no avail, Jackye felt that going through someone dearer to Gedoni would help. But Khafi preferred to hear the issues from the horse’s mouth, so she was not ready to hear whatever she had to say. This didn’t sit well with Jackye, who left immediately.

The next day, being the peacemakers that they are, the two later heard each other out and resolved the matter amicably. Talk about a sign of maturity. Since that incident, both of them have been on good terms.

Biggie’s House is filled with all kinds of relationships, but the one that exists between Jackye and Khafi is unique. It remains to be seen if they’ll be able to maintain these cordial vibes as the pressure of the same gets to everyone. They are after all, in different and very competitive teams – Jackye in Cruisetopia and Khafi in the Icons.

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