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Cindy becomes HOH & Mike takes on The Title of Savage King on #BBNaija Day 71

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Another One Bites The Dust

Shortly after Eviction, The Pepper Dem Gang bore their minds on how they truly felt.

Whenever Eviction takes place, the mood in the Pepper Dem House is either one of relief at evading Eviction or the pain of losing a close Housemate. Last night, the atmosphere was really more of relief than sadness. No tears were shed because of Venita’s exit, but a few words were said.

Venita’s Exit

Even Venita saw it coming as she kept a solemn mood all day. Her conversation with Biggie during the Diary session almost felt like she had made peace with her impending exit and when her name was called, she didn’t seem shocked. Neither were you guys.

Khafi and Cindy while discussing, were certain Venita would be fine seeing as she isn’t new to the limelight. Tacha believed she achieved her aim of getting her name on every lip. “You can’t make a sentence without making calling her name,” she said. Although she was shook at the Eviction, she was glad she was gone.  On his part, Ike couldn’t shake off the feeling that Venita thought he didn’t like her. Surely, Venita finding out he put her up for Eviction won’t make her like him anytime soon.

I Am Clout!

Tacha’s running altercation with Seyi took a nastier turn during the Live Eviction Show as she went for the jugular. Responding to Ebuka’s question about the growing tension between them, she didn’t hold back and described Seyi as being void of sense. A statement that left viewers utterly stunned.

While discussing with Khafi after, she expressed further shock at why Seyi thought she was using him to garner clout. “How could he say I am using him for clout, I am clout,” she replied totally bemused at Seyi’s utterance.

With feelings being aired and the game getting tighter in the House, we can’t wait to find out if it’s truly the end of Seyi and Tacha’s newly built ship.

Savage Moments With Mike

When we think about it, what better time is there to drop savage responses like it’s hot than in the Pepper Dem House.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen dramatic responses, squeals of petty sessions and a revolt of a red band led by Mike.

In case you missed it, here are three times Mike went savage on his fellow Housemates. Strange right? Now imagine his calm and collected face as he cruises through the train of pettiness. Don’t worry, we still love you, Mike!

Let Me Sip My Tea, Honey!

With the Eviction of a majority of the Housemates, the Pepper Dem Gang have been able to connect with themselves better than before; fights and drama inclusive.

We think it’s safe to say that drama is better when you are not involved and according to Mike, it’s better when it’s two members of the Pepper Dem Gang who are going at it.

Why not just sit back, relax and grab some popcorn for the drama; or better still like Mike, drink water, mind your business and watch the fight. One would expect that he would stand up for his Khafi when she was being ambushed in the Garden during a confrontation session with Venita and Frodd.

1568035866 34 video to gif 65

Take A Seat

“If I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it. Goodnight!” Mike said to Omashola.

The feud began when Omashola threw Sir Dee’s “team Legends” band into the bin. Truthfully, Mike asked the team members if they wanted the band and got no response. Trust his savage mode to become activated as he didn’t waste a second before trashing it.

Of course, this unleashed an angry Omashola who did not fail to make his feelings clear. After the back and forth shouts, Mike pulled a chair for Omashola as if to calm him down. Then walked away from him as soon as Omashola took a seat. It’s safe to say the resident classic man had already made his point.

1568032783 34 video to gif 62

A Classic Response

When asked by Ebuka on Frodd’s attitude in the House, Mike spared no words as he told anyone who cared to listen that Frodd is usually too quick to instigate things in the House. What left the viewers with open mouths was the way he casually and calmly described Frodd as irritating.

When it comes to being able to kick butts of table shaking moments with Ebuka, no one does a better job than Mike. Especially when he does so with a straight face and the calmest voice.

1568032674 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 12.14.21 pm

If we had a Bet9ja Coin for every time Mike went savage on the Housemates, we would be able to buy a moment in the secret room with the savage king. That would be nice though, don’t you think?

Cindy Cruises To HoH Position

The Pepper Dem Gang are anticipating an exciting week ahead with Cindy as the Pepper Dem Head of House.

For the Head of House position, 250 Bet9ja Coins and the immunity privilege, the Pepper Dem Gang were Tasked to a challenge of hula-hoops and test tubes.

1568043487 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 3.57.44 pm

How Sticky Is Your Name?

Given a three-minute countdown, the Housemates were given the challenge to stick as many plastic balls as possible to any hula-hoop aside the ones with their names on it. For this Task, they were allowed to move around and throw their balls on any of their fellow Housemates’ hula-hoop. Basically, each Housemate was given the freedom to throw their balls at all times. Sounds easy? We’ll find out.

1568043546 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 3.58.53 pm

The Twist

The Housemates with the least balls on the hula-hoop sticky tape by the end of the timer emerges as the Head of House.

1568043684 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 3.58.14 pm

A Tiebreaker

…And we have a tie!

Frodd, Diane, Cindy and Mercy got the least balls stuck on their hula-hoops. For this reason, they were Tasked to a simple challenge of filling the test tube.

The four qualifiers were provided with a teaspoon and test tube each. For this challenge, they were only required to use the teaspoon provided to fill their test tubes.

For this tiebreaker, the Housemate who fills a test tube to the brim fastest wins the tie.

1568043633 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 4.06.04 pm

Congratulations, Cindy!

For filling her test tube to the brim the fastest, Cindy emerged as the winner of the Head of House battle.

What better time to win immunity privilege and a guaranteed week in Biggie’s House? Congrats, Cindy!

She did not only walk out of the Arena with 250 Bet9ja Coins in the bag, but Cindy also left with Mike as her chosen HoH roommate.

1568043944 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 4.43.24 pm

It’s getting hotter in the Pepper Dem House and the survival games are getting more intense. Let’s see how well Cindy’s position plays out in the House, as leader of the Pepper Dem pack.

The Nomination Showdown

Khafi, Mike, Omashola, Seyi, and Tacha have been Nominated for Eviction.

It’s another Nomination Monday and the Pepper Dem Gang did not slack to show us that the Game is getting intense. Tonight, most of their Nominations seemed on a mission of revenge.

The Diary Room Heat

Seyi went into the Diary Room first where he Nominated Khafi and Tacha. Considering what has transpired between the trio, his Nomination did not come as a surprise. But we wonder why Diane Nominated Omashola and Mike. But then we remember her telling Biggie how competitive he is.

As for Frodd, his Nomination of Ike was understandable. During his VPH moment, he had replaced him with Venita and that scars still hurt the resident slow tiger.  As for his Nomination of Mike, well, that’s to tell us the Game is getting intense.

Give And Take

Quite naturally, Tacha Nominated Seyi and Mike. Talk about serving it hot to each other. And the resident sugar Daddy had no option but to reciprocate. Call it tit for tat. For Mike, Nominating Omashola and Tacha was quite normal, both have got means to keep themselves in the House. Isn’t that what the cruise man has always told us?

1568056907 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 7.26.52 pm

When it was Mercy’s turn, she Nominated Omashola and Khafi. Well, she has her reasons! But when Elozonam chose Frodd and Tacha, we were like oh yes, the guy wanted to live up to his promise to Ebuka on the Live Show yesterday. Also, he and Frodd are not on good terms.

As an open-minded person that she is, Khafi explains her Nomination of Seyi and Mercy. She said that She Nominated Seyi because of his vendetta against her and Mercy because she was unhappy that she wasn’t Evicted.  Then Omashola Nominated Mercy and Tacha while Ike Nominated Diane and Khafi. Cindy capped it with her Nomination of Diane and Ike.

A Dramatic VPH Moment

When it was Omashola’s time to use his Veto Power, the look on his face showed how very disturbing it was to bear the VPH badge. His displeasure was so obvious that besides the streaks of sweat that shone on his body, he also had to be reminded by Biggie he had 10 seconds to decide. In a confused state, the resident Warri guy had to choose Seyi. From the way he let out a scream after the decision, it was clear that he was not proud of it. In short, he stormed out of the room immediately wondering about what he had just done. It took Biggie’s summon before he returned to the Lounge where he later confirmed his Nomination.

1568058006 34 screenshot 2019 09 09 at 7.26.07 pm

Up For Eviction Are!

After Omashola’s Safe and Replace Power, we now have Khafi, Mike, Omashola, Seyi and Tacha Nominated for possible Eviction on Sunday. Hmm, with this set of Housemates Nominated, we can’t wait to see what happens at the Live Eviction Show on Sunday.

While tonight’s Nomination might look like the most dramatic ever, we feel (in an American accent) we ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s why we can’t wait for Mondays.


Source: Twitter – @chillyanaliyon1.


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