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No Girl should Miss School due to lack of Menstrual Products



MyMenses hosted a period conversation and cocktails event at Picollino, The Exchange Square, London on the August 21st, 2019. The event brought together period poverty charities, campaigners, activists, menstrual educators to have a conversation and create more awareness on period poverty, period equity, menstrual education for girls, menopause and the global issues, barriers, shame, and taboos around menstruators in the UK and Africa.

The panelist and speakers highlighted the need for the Government globally to be involved in the eradication of period poverty as it’s one of the fundamental rights of any girl reaching puberty all through to their late teenage years. No girl should miss school because of their period due to lack of menstrual products. They should not feel ashamed because menstruation is a natural thing and Menstrual Education is vital to alleviate the stigma, cultural and socio-economic barriers.

The evening also highlighted making period green, the move to alternative cheaper menstrual products like the re-usable menstrual cups and cloth pads for countries where sanitary pads are a luxury due to the cost. is a girl’s initiative created to tackle period poverty, advocate for accessibility to free menstrual products, promote menstrual hygiene and provide menstrual education to adolescent girls and empowering women through social enterprise in Africa.

To get involved by donating, volunteering or partnership email [email protected]

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