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Venita is out of The House & Omashola unlocks a Veto Win on #BBNaija Day 70



Everywhere Pepper

What is the Big Brother House on Saturdays without the after-party drama? Here’s another part of it.

Saturday Night Party without drama afterward is like a bland soup and so the Big Brother Naija Housemates went on to give us the content we all signed up for.

Playing Mind Games

“Khafi is a low budget Tacha”- Mercy

As soon as the Party finished, Mercy and Diane had a conversation about how Khafi is playing mind games with all the Housemates. She ranted about how with four weeks to go, the Housemates are beginning to reveal their true colours. She wasn’t done yet as she said if Khafi survives tomorrow, she will tell her to be her true self. This was not the first time Mercy has had this kind of talk about Khafi as she once told Ike that Khafi is a slow poison.

Apparently, Mercy is pained because she trusted Khafi and even took her side against Venita which she regretted.  Elozonam on his part told Mercy that nobody in the House can be trusted. Some nuggets of wisdom there.

1567912664 34 screenshot 2019 09 07 at 11.08.32 pm

Who Said What

The reason behind Mercy’s heated conversation stemmed from Khafi’s ‘investigation’ on if the HoH suggested to Biggie the kind of punishment team Legends will serve. According to Mercy, Venita was the source of this gist which a little birdie (Khafi) whispered to her. As fate will have it, Venita heard the noise and she came in to defend herself. Khafi also made an appearance to clear the air on the matter but not before Venita shed some tears. Hmm, in the Pepper Dem House, nobody remembers who said what and this was a classic case.

It wasn’t over as Khafi was called out by Frodd in the garden which led to another heated conversation. Surely, a cup of Khafi got spilled and we wonder if the mess will be thoroughly cleaned.

Still Inconclusive

1567912746 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 12.05.25 am

The joy that we felt seeing Seyi and Tacha dance at the Saturday Night Party was cut short as these two couldn’t find a common ground while talking about their misunderstanding. Seyi told Tacha that her friend (Khafi) knew everything that led to their quarrel but chose to keep quiet. Tacha, however, said Seyi shouldn’t tag people as her friend. In her words, “I talk to everybody in this House.” On and on they went until Tacha walked out of the conversation. Later, Seyi told Venita that he regretted trying to have a conversation with her. Does this mean it’s the end of the road for Seyi and Tacha’s friendship?

It was a gbas gbos night in the Big Brother Naija House and with the way things are going, there’s more to come.

Before The Heat Comes

Here’s how the Pepper Dem Gang are getting set for the Live Eviction Show.

Today being another Eviction day, the Housemates up for Eviction were treated to beautiful hairstyles amidst interesting banter in the Garden.

The Beautiful Prep

Eviction or not, Frodd, Khafi, and Venita would like to have amazing hairstyles as they had their hair treated by the Darling crew. As the music played on, the mood in the Garden did not show that the Housemates cared a bit about what will happen tonight at the Eviction Show. Their mantra seemed to be, what will be will be.

1567946814 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 11.45.44 am

Cruise On

Trust Khafi to not dull herself at the sound of music. The girl was singing along the songs as her hair was being worked on. Sugar Daddy Seyi was there all along going from one Housemate to another like a supervisory officer who wanted to ensure the Housemates were treated nicely.

As Teni’s ‘Case’ came on, Seyi told Elozonam about how amusing it was for them when Mike was having difficulty pronouncing the lyrics correctly during their Pepsi Task rehearsal. We wonder why the resident Sugar Daddy wanted to sound very entertaining around Elozonam knowing well that he might have watched the video before joining them.

1567946655 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 11.34.35 am

Surprise, Surprise!

After team Enigma’s shopping session in the lounge, the Pepper Dem Gang got a surprise gift from MegaGrowth and Darling. The excitement on their faces showed how much they were grateful for the package. Thank you, Godrej. It feels great to see the Pepper Dem Gang in this mood despite the Eviction atmosphere.

1567946749 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 1.00.59 pm

Sundays in the Pepper Dem House come with all shades of vibes from the Housemates. But today seems a bit different, the atmosphere is that of excitement and fun. We wonder if that will continue as the Eviction verdict is served.

Live Show: Venita Is Out

Another Sunday in the Big Brother Naija House and it is time to find out who will be leaving the game.

The Pepper Dem Gang are bracing themselves to the finale but before then, let’s look at what tonight’s Live Eviction holds.

Outfit On Fleek

Ebuka the Host is never to be caught unfresh and tonight was no different. Dressed by David Wej, Ebuka looked peng in his shimmering suit. When the mantle of always looking fresh is in your hands, you have no option than to deliver anytime, anywhere. Keep it up Ebuka, we sight you and will continue to ‘stan’ with the way you pepper us with your bespoke clothing.

1567965909 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 7.01.50 pm

Daz How Star Do

With Skiibii on the Big Brother Naija stage, we had no choice but to party just like stars do. His incredible performance was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd that for a moment, we felt everyone was transported to a planet meant for stars alone.

1567966219 34 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 7.05.48 pm

Closing the Live Show, Skiibii returned for another fire performance on the stage as he gave us Sensima. Thanks, Skiibii, the Big Brother Naija stage noted your entertaining performance.

Let’s Have That Talk

The chat many of us look forward to on Eviction night is that of Ebuka with the Housemates. Why? Because carefully wrapped secrets are exposed and Housemates involved are put on the hot seat to clear things up. Tonight was such night.

Starting with Ike, Ebuka asked him why he didn’t argue with Mercy’s decision on the immunity privilege to which the resident ‘gangsta’ replied that, “I never claimed to be a gentleman.”

The table shaking began properly with Seyi and Tacha’s quarrel. Seyi told Ebuka that Tacha pulls up a gangsta act which doesn’t suit her. According to him, she is a sweet little girl who should drop the tough act demeanour.

Tacha didn’t let this slide as she commented that achieving a certain age doesn’t mean the person is wise. She broke the table completely by saying, “What I achieved at 23 years, Seyi wouldn’t have attained such at that age.” Wawu! Shots fired there we must say.

Omashola also had to clear the air on his closeness with Khafi. He told Ebuka that Khafi is his ‘padi’ and he enjoys Khafi’s hug the same way she enjoys her conversation. To those of us thinking if a ship might be loading here, there you go.

Take A Bow

Venita’s journey in the Pepper Dem House came to an end tonight as she became the fifteenth Housemate to be Evicted from the show. Her Eviction spelt relief for Omashola, Frodd, Khafi and Elozonam as they get another shot in the game.

On stage with Ebuka, Venita was shown a clip of the Housemates who Nominated her and she expressed shock. Nevertheless, Venita stated that she still loves the Housemates who put her up for Eviction.

1567970929 34 venny

Wrapping up her chat with Ebuka on stage, Venita told us that she was open to what the world has in store for her.

Watch Venita’s voyage in the Pepper Dem House

“Person wey dey sell egg for market, no dey find trouble,” Ebuka’s parting words. We hope the Pepper Dem Gang got the gist.

Omashola Unlocks A Veto Win

Omashola gets another week in the Pepper Dem House as he wins the Veto Power Badge.

In the fastest Veto Challenge ever, Omashola has won the Veto Power Game of Chance. He heads back into the House with 100 Bet9ja coins and the ‘Save and Replace’ privilege which comes with the position.

Table of Keys

The week’s Veto Power Challenge was a simple one of unlocking a padlock from one steel wire mesh and placing the unlocked padlock on a stool next to the table of keys. There were 33 padlocks locked on the steel wire mesh with their keys placed randomly on the table. All the Housemates were asked to do was pick one and open a padlock. The Game didn’t go long as expected as Omashola unlocked a padlock in record time.

1567979783 56 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 10.10.22 pm

The Top Three

Although Omashola was the first to unlock his padlock, he was closely followed by Mercy and Ike. The Icy pair have been doing quite well in these games recently. It’s almost been a week ago since they both competed fiercely to jointly win the Head of House title. As the race gets tighter, we can only count on them to bring their A-game during the forthcoming Challenges.

1567979841 56 screenshot 2019 09 08 at 10.33.54 pm

What This Means For Omashola

“I get another week in the House,” he shouted in his typical boisterous manner.

After getting put up for Eviction this week, Omashola was quite pleased to know he won’t be up for Eviction in the coming week and even if he gets Nominated, he gets a chance to Save and Replace himself with another Housemate. He also adds to his stash of Bet9ja Coins.

Ike saved Omashola quite recently with the Veto Power and now that Omashola has the Veto Power Badge, we wonder who he will be Saving if he doesn’t get Nominated.

Source: Twitter – @19teensavage, @betek_mina, @HarzeezBabatun2

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