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Mike is HoH & the Pepper Dem Gang prepare for the DStv Thanks Campaign on #BBNaija Day 94



A Sunshine Party

For impressing Biggie with their Lipton Task, the Pepper Dem Gang had a lit Party and Mike became the HoH.

After completing their Lipton Task in which Frodd and Mike emerged victorious, the Pepper Dem Gang got a special treat from Biggie.

Still in the atmosphere of Independence Day celebration, Biggie came through for the Pepper Dem top five. The Lipton Ice Tea sponsored Party gave us the glitz and glam that come with an elaborate owambe.

The colourful decoration lighting up the Pepper Dem Garden, the band and of course the buffet, are enough to show Biggie means business with this Party.

The Grand Entry

The Pepper Dem Housemates entered the Party in style, looking takeaway in their aso ebi styled agbada and iro and buba. It’s a complete transformation as the last time we saw the Housemates in such an attire was at the Tor Tiv celebration.

1569955152 34 screenshot 2019 10 01 at 4.07.58 pm

Eating Galore

With the kind of buffet treatment Biggie came through with, we can say it’s nothing short of a lit Party. One by one, the Housemates treated themselves to spicy food. The entrance of the Naija music star Adekunle Gold brought so much heat to the dancefloor. Thank you Adekune Gold, this will be a memorable moment.

Spending Spree

With cool music from the band, the Pepper Dem Housemates sprayed Big Brother currency in the House. If you didn’t know them, you might think they were richer than Dangote and Otedola. The joy that shone on Mike’s face as he sprayed the money on the other Housemates was noticeable.

1569954877 34 screenshot 2019 10 01 at 4.41.24 pm

A Lit Performance

To spice up the already lit atmosphere was Adekunle Gold. His splendid performance got the Housemates shaking what they gat to the cool sounds. Mike was spotted giving us some Yoruba dance moves while Frodd, Seyi and Omashola were busy spraying Pepper Dem notes. Of course, Mercy was not left behind as she came through with an electric twerking that got us asking for more.

1569954950 34 screenshot 2019 10 01 at 5.09.23 pm

A Sweeping Victory

When the Party ended and Biggie’s voice came out, the Housemates quickly took safe positions thinking it was a freeze order. Sorry guys, Biggie was in a rewarding mood today. It was time for Seyi to hand over the mantle of leadership to someone else. We were surprised when they unanimously selected Mike as the new HoH. However, his reign will last only one day. On top of that was his announcement as the winner of the Lipton Ice Tea Sunshine challenge with a one million naira reward and an all-expense paid trip to the island of Mauritius. Congratulations Mike!

Isn’t it nice to see the Pepper Dem Gang loosening up after losing their best friends to Eviction. With this party, we can tell that the atmosphere in the House is blissful. As the Game draws to an end, we hope they keep up with it.

Banter And Reminisce

After a fun time at the Lipton Party, the Pepper Dem Gang bantered about issues in the House.

With just five of them left in the House, it’s only natural that the Housemates had enough time for gist. While the other Housemates were either in the lounge or in the bedroom, Seyi and Omashola were seen in the garden serving us hot gist.

In Their Shoes

When you are missing someone, you could go to the extent of imagining what they could have done if you were together. This formed the basis of Omashola and Seyi’s discussion. Omashola wondered where the ex-Housemates were presently and  Seyi’s quick response was that they were probably still held in a place watching them.

1569983604 34 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 3.12.39 am

The chat got a little more interesting when Omashola tried to picture what the recently Evicted Housemates might be thinking. He said it was possible some of them were wondering about their wrong moves in the House. Seyi’s reaction to this was that they might even wish they could come back to right those moves.


The Housemates spent the later part of the day recalling past events in the House. As they did this, some of them revealed what they liked or not about certain Housemates. Knowing that Khafi and Omashola bonded before her Eviction, it was normal she was first on his lips.

In his usual Warri pidgin, he said that Khafi was showing good vibes until Venita and 21 came into the picture. He had hardly finished before Seyi agreed with him. Well, it’s not a surprise as Seyi and Tacha (who as we later found out was 21 here) once acted the Tom and Jerry role in the House. But what we weren’t sure of was their notion that Khafi’s attitude changed the moment she became friends first with Venita and then with Tacha.

1569983659 34 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 3.12.14 am

With the way the Pepper Dem top five finalists always talked about the ex-Housemates, it is obvious they are missing them a lot. But as the Game gets intense and the tension is heightened, we wonder if they shouldn’t be more concerned with positive vibes capable of earning them plenty of votes. Lord knows they need that badly!

The DStv Thanks Campaign

There’s another Task in the House and it’s up to the final five Pepper Dem Gang to tackle it.

It might be their final week in the House, but the Tasks keep coming like it’s the first week. Today, courtesy of DStv, the Pepper Dem Gang have not just one but two Tasks to take on. The first Task which was announced earlier requires the Housemates to put on their creative hats and come up with something compelling and captivating.

1570015368 56 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 12.13.22 pm

The Brief
The first Task in the brief is an art challenge to celebrate the ‘DStv Thanks’ campaign. The DStv Thanks is a loyalty programme that rewards loyal customers for choosing DStv. Subscribers that pay their DStv subscription on time and by on time, that means before their disconnection date get rewarded. The rewards include discounts on flight tickets, electronics, fast food, cinema tickets, groceries and more! Additionally, customers on select packages who pay their subscription on time get one week of extra sports channels.

1570015419 56 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 11.25.22 am

Now, To The First Task
Using the promotional information in the brief Mike read to them, The Housemates are to develop a single piece of promotional artwork for the ‘DStv Thanks’ campaign. The Pepper Dem Gang have been tasked with making their promotional artwork exciting, concise, yet carry specific messaging that will do justice to the ‘DStv Thanks’ campaign. This is a collective task for the House, so all five of them are expected to come together to develop and present a single art piece. They have just three hours to agree on the idea and execute it.

Mercy Reads Again
The Housemates have never failed to give us a moment to laugh. Shortly after reading the brief, Frodd had to have Mercy read it again. It was quite a long brief and Mike’s heavily laced American accent didn’t exactly make it easy for them to grasp.

1570015474 56 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 12.17.30 pm

The Jigsaw Puzzle

The second Task was the jigsaw puzzle. Apparently this was the last puzzle for the season and it was supposed to be the toughest they had ever encountered but they completed it in record time. This puzzle had no reference picture, but they were able to find clues to solving it in the details of the DStv Gotv Step Up campaign.

1570035127 56 screenshot 2019 10 02 at 5.40.17 pm

The DStv Gotv Step Up campaign is a BOOST campaign that upgrades subscribers’ packages to higher packages. It basically allows customers to enjoy premium entertainment for less by providing access to more exciting channels and shows at the price of a lower DStv package.

The Pepper Dem Gang have started preparing and going by how well they executed other Task, they look like they have this in the bag. They have already completed the jigsaw puzzle. All that’s left is the art challenge. Let’s see how well they do.

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